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As it’s Fairtrade Fortnight, we thought we would highlight why Fairtrade should matter to your business. With the growing awareness around becoming more sustainable in the way we live our lives, many companies are now taking steps to minimise their ecological footprint.

Why Fairtrade?

There are many different certifications, such as Organic and Rainforest Alliance, so why should Fairtrade certification in-particular be important to your business? Since Fairtrade launched in the UK 25 years ago, it has come one of the most trusted certification marks. With 89% of people trusting the Fairtrade certification, by supporting the values that Fairtrade represent, you are gaining the trust of your customers.

Why is Fairtrade good for my business?

Whether you are an office manager offering coffee to your staff or you are in the HoReCa industry offering the best quality coffee to your customers, there are many ways using Fairtrade coffee and other products is good for your business.


As a society, we are becoming more aware of the need to take responsibility for our impact on the earth. Consumers are increasingly caring about ethical business practices. So by using Fairtrade products, like coffee, tea, sugar and chocolate products, you are showing that you actively making ethical business choices. Not only will you have great quality products, but you are displaying to your staff and your customers that you are a fair and ethical business. Consequently boosting your reputation.

Social & Environmental Commitments:

Coffee was one of the first products to be certified as Fairtrade and is now widely available from a wide range of origins. By offering Fairtrade coffee to your customers or to your staff, you are contributing to any Environmental Management System (EMS) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) commitments you have made.

Not only will you have great quality coffee for your customers or staff but you will also be helping to reach your sustainability goals. When it comes to claiming to be a sustainable company, seeing is believing. By using Fairtrade products, it is a testament to your claim.

Staff Morale:

A business’s ethics are becoming increasingly important to staff as Millennials become the fastest-growing population of employees. Many surveys have shown that Millennials place value on working in places where ethics and values are important, increasingly even over the financial rewards. With work life and personal life becoming more and more intertwined, 9 out of 10 Millennials stated that they would consider taking a pay cut to work at an organisation which aligns with their personal ethics and values.

Latest studies show that fewer Millennials than ever believe that businesses act ethically. In showing that you take ethical matters seriously and that they are important to your business, you may even find morale amongst your staff begins to improve. By reflecting the issues regarded as important by your staff, you will create a closer working relationship with your workforce.

Taking the time to source Fairtrade products is a simple way to reflect your company’s ethical values. With over 4,500 Fairtrade certified products, buying Fairtrade has never been easier.

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Since Fairtrade launched in the UK 25 years ago, it has come one of the most trusted certification marks.

Who does Fairtrade benefit?

So we have established the ways in which using Fairtrade products can help your business, but how does buying Fairtrade products benefit the people and places where the products are grown and cultivated? Fairtrade focuses on three main areas of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.


The Farmers:

By using Fairtrade products you ensure that the farmers are fairly benefitting from selling their commodity. By receiving a fair living wage for their labour and produce, the farmers are able to improve their lives and business. In response to struggling Mexican coffee growers following the collapse of coffee prices in the late 1980s, Fairtrade started by introducing a Fairtrade Minimum Price to ensure the costs of producing the coffee were covered. This safety net ensures that the farmers will always cover their costs when the price of coffee falls below a sustainable level.

Find out more about the economic benefits:

The Communities:

The cost of Fairtrade also includes a social premium to help the communities where the coffee is grown. The social premium is able to help to pay for services within the wider community such as healthcare, education, clean water and encourages organic farming. A proportion of the social premium goes back into improving the growing methods of the produce, therefore improving the quality of the product you receive.

Find out more about the social benefits:

The Environment:

As a percentage of the premium goes into improving farming methods, the environmental impact of coffee growing is reduced. By using methods such as organic composts and bio-fermentation, the impact on the land is minimised. The premium also funds climate change adaptation so that the growing coffee can continue through changing climate conditions.

Find out more about the environmental benefits:

The social premium is able to help to pay for services within the wider community such as healthcare, education, clean water and encourages organic farming.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2019:

Fairtrade fortnight runs for two weeks through February and March (25th February- 10th March 2019). This year the focuses are on the cocoa trade, women and living wage. Typically a cocoa farmer in West Africa lives on just 74p a day. Women are often worse off than men with fewer working rights. Fairtrade is campaigning for a living income of £1.86 to become a reality for cocoa farmers in West Africa.

If you want to get involved and show your support, sign the petition. Or if your business is already proudly supporting Fairtrade, show your support by sharing a snap of your Fairtrade products using the hashtag #SheDeserves.

To find out more about buying Fairtrade coffee for your business take a look at the Fairtrade’s Buying Coffee page.

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