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National Coffee Day 2018 – Don’t Miss Out On September 29th

September 13, 2018

Coffee gets us out of the bed in the morning, it boosts our energy when we’re falling asleep at our desks first thing Monday morning and provides us with the opportunity to socialise with friends all year round. Coffee is great, and I’m sure many ofyou will agree we sometimes take it for granted, with the above being just three reasons why we should celebrate national coffee day. Here at Bibium we love all things coffee, whether it’s our range of ethically sourced coffee or our wide variety of commercial coffee machines, we are proud to work within this industry and do what we love everyday.

Since its national coffee day we thought it’d be great to look at trends within our industry and share with you some of the most interesting coffee trends of 2018 showing you why we are cuckoo about coffee.

The Rise of Cold Brew Coffee

Many would associate this way of serving coffee with the traditional iced coffee, however the way in which cold brew is made is very different. Iced coffee is espresso based drinks being served over ice, whereas cold brew coffee is made by soaking coffee grounds usually for 24 hours in cold water, later being diluted and chilled before being served. Brewing coffee in this way is said to release a different combination of flavours, and helps highlight differing beans origins. It is also argued to make the coffee stronger with the manufacturing process removing the acidic and bitters flavours commonly associated with hot brews. So if you’re not a fan of traditional hot brews why not give the new sensation cold brew coffee a go, with it being available for purchase in many stores including high street coffee shops such as Starbucks. However, if you fancy something a bit stranger you should try the next coffee trend of 2018.

Cold Brew and Tonic?

I know we do enjoy a gin and tonic, but coffee and tonic? Well according to reports it’s become a 2018 coffee craze with its popularity soaring. Despite the rather random combination, it  is proving popular amongst speciality coffee consumers, particularly in the summer months with consumers craving a more refreshing take on traditional espressos. The drink has been referred to as delicious with citrusy flavours, with the tonic and coffee satisfying the consumers taste palette. With it being quick and easy to make, venues are able to satisfy the high demand for this speciality drink with ease.

Nitro Coffee

Sticking with the ice cold lineup that has been present so far in this article, it would be “cold-hearted” of us to not include Nitro Coffee. When we think of nitrogen our first thoughts are probably those jaw-dropping science experiments you would see in primary school, but not its being incorporated into coffee! The coffee is infused with nitrogen gas, giving it a creamy texture and carbonating the beverage in the process. However, this is not the only benefit of nitro coffee, as the process is said to also make coffee stronger than its warm counterpart, satisfying consumers that are caffeine crazy.

Boozy Brews

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? We certainly do and we suspect changes within the industry will show that others do too, with a few new coffee-themed additions appearing on our cocktail menus. We all know the classic coffee cocktails; ‘espresso martini’ and ‘Irish coffee’ to name just a few, however new and innovative cocktails are always being brought to market. What is driving all this change? One word: Millennials. Millennials are becoming coffee lovers from a young age, with the increase within this age cohort being reflected in data collected from surveys suggesting many places are looking to target generations Y & Z with these wacky creations. The way in which they’re targeting these generations is not just through boozy coffee creations but also through eye-catching coffee designs and the promotion of superfood coffee.

Coffee Aesthetics & Superfood Coffees

Innovation within the coffee industry is what National Coffee Day is all about, and it’s vital if you wish to survive. Every aspect of the coffee industry is highly competitive, which is why ensuring you stand out is a top priority. This has led to some fairly wild innovations within the coffee industry. Many people have decided to focus on the aesthetics of their coffee, with the rise of Instagram users snapping pictures of their food and drink it’s a great way for free publicity whilst impressing consumers. But what gives these crazy coffees their whacky colours and designs? Some are using a combination of milk and a selection of food colourings, allowing people to create the famous rainbow latte as well as a variety of other colour combinations and designs.

However others are taking a healthier approach, incorporating superfood powders within their coffees, changing the appearance of traditional coffee. The rainbow lattes you see taking over instagram don’t contain caffeine and instead contain ingredients such as beetroot , matcha and charcoal. These all have health benefits including aiding digestion, clearing your body of toxins and also helping with a hangover, which is something we all need help with from time to time.

Future Coffee Trends

So! What should we expect for National Coffee Day 2019? Well, reports are suggesting that cold brew coffee will carry over into the New Year, with it showing no sign of decreasing in popularity. Another trend carrying over into 2019 will be the use of superfood coffees, with Cascara being a new trend that is already being offered in large chains such as Starbucks. For those that don’t know, coffee beans are found in a small fruit called a Cascara, this is usually disposed off after the coffee bean has *bean* (excuse the coffee pun) extracted. But people are loving it; with it supposedly containing high amounts of iron, antioxidants, fibre and protein. However, completely new to this list is ‘butter coffee’. We know what you’re thinking ‘did I read that wrong?’. Nope, you read it correctly. Adding butter to coffee is supposedly a great way to prevent a caffeine crash, providing you with high mental awareness for hours.

I’m sure within the next few months we shall see many new coffee crazes taking over the internet, but one thing’s for sure. Here at Bibium we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Happy National Coffee Day everyone.

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