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The Best Coffee Blogs of 2015

June 6, 2015










We’d prefer you only read the Bibium coffee blog. 24 hours a day. Over and over again (lots of coffee helps). But we’re realists; we wander off-site ourselves sometimes, and there’s lots of great stuff out there. Below you’ll find some of our favourite coffee-related blogs. They are full of interesting, informative and timely content about our beloved bean. They also confirm that there are other folks in the world who are, in fact, more obsessed with coffee than we are.

So in no particular order, please find below our (totally biased) list of the best coffee blogs of 2015:

1. From Coffee with Love


From Coffee with Love

From Coffee with Love tracks Lameen’s coffee journey, where he riffs on all things coffee (from a love perspective, of course). He’s a strong advocate of coffee’s health benefits and speaks a lot about the various coffees he’s drinking and the cafes he’s visiting around the world. You’ll also find the odd bit of coffee art.

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N/A Best Coffee Moments of 2014





Coffee is everywhere, but great coffee is a rare combination of farmer, roaster, and barista each building on each other’s work in a transnational process fraught with potential for failure. When you taste great coffee, it’s the result of a chain of people doing their jobs with great skill and attention to detail. That’s unfortunately rare. Aaron’s goal with his blog is to find the people making great coffee all around the world, and tell you how to get there, while sharing the experience.

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N/A Where does coffee come from? A Colombian case study


3. Pure Coffee Blog


Pure Coffee Blog

The Pure Coffee Blog exists to help people find tremendous coffee and tea, both in their backyard and in their travels. Sure there are tons of sites that boast to help you find good coffee, but most of these sites are driven by an ever-unpredictable “user rating” and some simply go off the recommendations of others. Bill personally visits every venue on his blog, and he’s sampled each coffee/tea/product featured.

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Like Any Loving Creator, Bill Has nNo Favourite Posts Hebrews Coffee Review


4. The Speciality Coffee Chronicle


The Specialty Coffee Chronicle

The Specialty Coffee Association of America’s flagship publication, the SCAA Chronicle is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of content, but it’s all good. The Chronicle covers topics far and wide from sustainability the the coffee business to coffee science and culture. They post job vacancies as well; a dream come true if you’re a coffee-swilling journo in Orange County!

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N/A SCAA Barista and Roaster Compensation Report Shows Correlation Between Certification & Higher Salaries


5. Coffee & Conservation


Coffee & Conservation

The huge worldwide surge in demand for coffee has resulted in a shift from traditional, sustainable coffee growing methods (with coffee plants grown in the shade of a diverse understory) to intense monocultures that require large inputs of fertilizer and pesticides which bring about a loss in biodiversity and quickly deplete the land. The purpose of Coffee & Conservation is to provide information about the connection between coffee and the environment — especially bird habitat.

Why does July blog about coffee sustainability and conservation issues?

I was familiar with the shade coffee concept, so I started looking around for guidance on how to buy coffee that didn’t damage the environment or negatively impact biodiversity. I couldn’t seem to find a one-stop assemblage of information on the web, so I thought I’d do it myself. Well, I found out why it’s not all in one place! Sustainable coffee issues are very complex.

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When Birders Drink Folgers Top 5 Indicators of Sustainable Coffee


6. Daily Demitasse


Daily Demitasse

Jennifer created Daily Demitasse to share her experience and educate coffee enthusiasts, like you, to learn more about your favorite beverage, brew better coffee and learn about the industry, in a simple engaging way. Over time, the blog has evolved from a personal journal into a place where coffee enthusiasts can learn about pour-over brewing, Barista basics, recipes, History, Coffee Culture, and other tools to improve your favorite beverage, in a simple, engaging way.

According to Jennifer:

 I started the blog to share my Barista career experience of how great coffee can be. Now, it’s a resource site for coffee enthusiasts who was a non pretentious approach to specialty coffee.

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Chemex Iced Coffee Recipe Could you Be a Barista?


7. Coffee Scholars


The coffee chain is extraordinarily long, from the cherry to the café, and Daniel specializes in understanding all sides of the business, and helping people broaden their understanding of coffee. From the café owner who is looking to learn roasting, to the barista who wants to become a manager, to the roaster who needs to understand coffee farms better, it’s his constant goal and my joy to help people better understand coffee.

Daniel Says:

I write Coffee Scholars because I like making the connections up and down the chain. My hope is that what I do is helpful for producers *and* roasters/baristas. Plus it’s just a lot of fun. 

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

Word Clouds for Different Varietals How Close Are the Margins in Quality Between the Very Best Coffees?


8. The Coffee Heretic


Mark Overy is a proud coffee heretic. According to him, “specialty Coffee has evolved its own orthodoxy that increasingly disparages critique. I have been around just long enough to remember that what we now call Specialty Coffee initially struggled to differentiate itself from cheap, commercial coffee. Many helped create this niche, forging new paths to quality. Some of these voices have since been marginalized. I am a product of those voices.”

Mark says:

The reason I began writing the blog in the manner that I do stemmed from my ongoing frustration with developments within the Specialty Coffee community, particularly online. Most of my posts are really directed to Specialty Coffee insiders, they know who they are, but the information is important to the general public as well since many of us now get our information online and I could find few sources that were not parroting the same line.

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Seasonal Coffee Green Coffee Buying


9. Nordic Coffee Culture


Nordic Coffee Culture

In the Nordic countries, they love their filter coffee and prefer to drink it black. The coffee maker is the first thing they turn on in the morning and the last thing to be turned off when visitors have left. This blog celebrates and promote the Nordic coffee culture and shows the entire world how proud they are of it.  In addition to sharing their vocal preference for black filter coffee, the Nordic Coffee Culture blog is a great insight to one of the richest coffee communities in the world.

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N/A Takk: An Outside Perspective on Nordic Cafe Culture


10. Coffee Contrarian


Coffee Contrarian

Kevin is a semi-retired veteran of the specialty coffee and tea industry and writes a super honest–and at times scathing–account of what’s going on in the coffee industry. A real industry insider, he’s not afraid to take onbehemoths like Starbucks, Nespresso or Keurig.

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11. Homebrew


Home Brew

Home Brew is a wide-ranging blog about all things coffee – brewing techniques, roasting, bean reviews and much more.  They focus mostly on coffee reviews, and — somethig  we like a lot — Hank lets you know precisely how he’s prepared each coffee so you can reproduce it yourself.

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

N/A Coffee Break – The Peoples Pennant


12. I Need Coffee


I Need Coffee

The goal of INeedCoffee is to not only celebrate excellent coffee, but to empower the coffee fan to make better coffee at home.

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

Coffee Brewing Guide Top 7 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee


13. I Love Coffee


I Love Coffee

I Love Coffee is full of infographics, facts, quizzes, and other fun visual stuff about coffee and sometimes sushi written by Ryoko: a caffeinated Japanese lady living in Seattle.

According to Ryoko:

I Love Coffee is a place for me to share my new findings about the most awesome beverage on earth!

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

Honeybees Love Coffee Too Men v. Women on Coffee


14. Barista Magazine Blog


Barista Magazine Blog

The super active and always informative blog of one of the best coffee magazines around. The posts in the Barista Magazine Blog are wide-ranging and include loads of info about the coffee scene you might not otherwise have insight into.

According to Sarah, from Barista Magazine:

Barista Magazine started publishing a blog way back in 2007 in order to give up-to-the-minute coverage of that year’s World Barista Championship in Tokyo. Since then, we’ve dedicated our blog to covering news happening between our print issues, editorials that may fit better online than in print, and coverage of as many coffee and barista events around the world — from big competitions to small throwdowns and cuppings — as we can. Our blog exists solely to inform and serve coffee people in all their interests, capacities, and aspirations.

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

Medellin’s Growing Specialty Coffee Scene Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Opening a Cafe


15. Coffee Review


Coffee Review

AS its name suggests, Coffee Review specialises in…reviewing coffees. They taste a diverse range from super niche roasts to the latest dishwater from the high street chains. What you wouldn’t expect, though, and what we really  like, is their resource section. It’s a super comprehensive guide to everything you might want / need to know about coffee.

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N/A Growing and Harvesting Coffee


16. Exploring Coffee


Exploring Coffee

Exploring Coffee is a blog devoted to great coffee and the culture that surrounds it. John is relatively new to the coffee scene, but he’s developed a passion for exploring coffee and loves to share photos and thoughts about it. His interestes range from the origin of the beans and processing methods to the different brewing methods and coffee equipment.

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Our favourite post

N/A Coffee Shot Wafflegato


17. KC Coffee Geek


KC Coffee Geek

KC Coffee is a blog about coffee, based in Kansas City but extending well beyond the borders of the City of Fountains.  The author grew up in Rome, where he was surrounded by Gaggia coffee machines and coffee 24/7.

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

N/A Coffee Board of India Arabica Plantation – A Review


18. Chicago Coffee


Chicago Coffee

Everything you could possibly want to know about the coffee scene in America’s Second City, Chicago Coffee is a super useful blog full of local reviews and other useful info. Wyatt got his MBA in Chicago, so this site has a special place in our heart!

Their favourite post

Our favourite post Indie Coffee Passport


19. CRS Coffeelands


CRS Coffeelands

The CRS Coffeelands Blog is situated at the intersection of coffee and development, where they have been working with smallholder coffee farmers since 2002.  The content for the blog comes from their contact with the farmers and farmer organizations they accompany through our coffee projects, as well as  interactions with other actors in specialty coffee chains.

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Our favourite post

N/A How Can We Encourage Direct Investment At The Base of The Coffee Supply Chain?


20. Cups of London Coffee


Cups of London Coffee

London is becoming one of the world’s best cities for coffee. With new coffee shops opening left and right, there’s never been a better time to learn more about a bean that’s directed much of world history since the 18th century. This blog is an attempt to help you find local spots, keep you up to date with events hosted at coffee shops and help you avoid high-street chains when local independents can offer so much more.

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Our favourite post

N/A 20 Great Coffee Shops in London


21. Coffee Nate


Coffee Nate is Nate Smith’s baby. His love of coffee and subsequent journey to seek a better cup of coffee is documented is a resource for coffee drinkers to learn how to love coffee, by providing easy to follow video tutorials, commentary, and product reviews. Great coffee doesn’t require expensive equipment, it requires an understanding of the product and the roasting and brewing processes.

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N/A How to Make Coffe with a French Press


22. Coffee Stylish


Coffee Stylish

The goal of coffeestylish is to encourage and inspire readers to make & enjoy great coffee at home. To help with that, Danijela shares a lot of simple recipes, focusing primarily on fresh ingredients you already have in your pantry. There are also tutorials and tips. Nothing fancy or complicated. Just life, home and great coffee.

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N/A Handmade Coffee Items on Etsy

23. The Coffee Compass



The Coffee Compass

If you’re enjoying a craft cup of coffee, a lot of people helped make that happen. Somewhere a farmer cared about growing a quality product. When the coffee was sorted and processed someone cared to use more involved techniques to preserve quality. The importer likely employed state of the art technology to keep the green coffee fresh. The roaster developed a roast profile to bring out the salient flavor characteristics of that specific coffee. And finally, someone, whether it was a barista at your local cafe or you in your kitchen, carefully ground and brewed the coffee to ensure proper extraction. Indeed, coffee is a complicated, multifaceted, beautiful craft. The Coffee Compass exists to help you navigate the world of craft coffee.

According to Michael:

The Coffee Compass exists to guide our readers to better coffee. Whether it’s through brew guides, barista interviews, or cafe reviews we want to help people enjoy their daily cup a little bit more. 

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

Five Istanbul Coffee Shops Changing the Turkish Coffee Scene Sourced: A Short Film About Rio Jorco in Costa Rica


24. Coffee Strategies


Coffee Strategies

Coffee Strategies is a great one stop shop for anyone who wants to learn more about the coffee business. It includes all the less-sexy but super important info you need to get started.

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

Kopi Luwak: curiousity kills the civet cat Tips to Start a Coffee Shop


25. Find Me Coffee


Find Me Coffee

Not really a blog, but still super useful, FindMeCoffee finds you the best coffee shops with just a tap of the screen on your smart phone we give you a selection of the shops closest to you, offer deals and provide customer reviews.

You can find exactly the kinds of coffee shops you need, shops with:

  • WiFi
  • drive-thru
  • open 24 hrs
  • filter by almost whatever you want!

Ray from Find Me Coffee, says:

Our goal at find me coffee is to create a website and app where consumers, coffee shop owners, rosters and suppliers can come together.  We beleive in the sustainable environmental fairtrade of coffee around the world and we are active in promoting those beliefs. We write the blog to inform educate and entertain our readers about trends, ideas and new products in the industry.  Our goal for 2015 is to extend our marketing capabilities in a manner where the small coffee shop will be able to reach as many local  customers as his larger  chain rivals.

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

How Coffee Saved a Village in Africa Coffee Trends in 2015


26. Verve Coffee Roasters



One of the few roaster blogs we’re including in the list, the Verve blog includes a wide variety of super useful info from site visits, to how to guides to more theoretical missives on larger issues. Definitely worth a read. Plus, they’re out of Santa Cruz, CA, one of our favourite beach spots.

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

N/A Numbers by the Cup


27. The Coffee Adventures


The Coffee Adventures

The Coffee Adventures is a journey into the coffee world by an “average girl who loves coffee, but more so has a bigger love for the art, and the heart that is put into growing, processing, roasting, and cupping coffee.”

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

N/A Coffee Roasting Chart


28. Edinburgh Coffee Lovers


Edinburgh Coffee Lovers

According to the good folks at ECL:

The best coffee shops combine all, or most of, the following attributes. They:

  • Employ baristas that are superb and very knowledgeable who create beautifully brewed coffee, at the right temperature (not too hot) with perfectly stretched milk (as appropriate) in the right proportions and cup size
  • Source their beans ethically and know all about the origin and procesing
  • Pay their coffee suppliers better than average wages (and give them better conditions) because they ask more from them and need them to be educated and totally committed to every detail from soil to cup
  • Roast the beans themselves, or source them from a local small batch roaster, and serve them to customers within the optimum number of days
  • Change the beans they offer customers on daily/weekly/monthly basis, offering seasonal variety as well as super high quality
  • Offer several, if not all, brew methods with appropriate beans to suit
  • Offer personalised brews and creative coffee concoctions they’ve come up with
  • Take the time talk to customers about what they want and how they want it
  • Offer tastings and other education sessions
  • Are equally passionate about everything else they sell in their shops – organic, locally sourced, high quality food, drinks, products

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

N/A How to Choose your Roaster


29. Corner of the Cafe


Corner of the Cafe

A Table in the Corner of the Cafe is a blog dedicated to specialty coffee and cafe reviews, primarily, but it also features a wealth of information about coffee, my opinions of the goings on in and of the coffee industry, coffee news, and some fun and games along the way.

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

N/A Music to Brew to: Best Albums of 2014


30. Coffee Detective


Coffee Detective

Coffee Detective features a wide variety of content wrapped around a core of coffee reviews. Beyond the standard fare, though, Nick delves into lots of issues in the coffee and coffee growing space calling out trends and trouble spots. He also includes lots of how to guides and places you buy coffee yourself.

Their favourite post

Our favourite post

N/A Three Ways to Make and Enjoy Iced Coffee Drinks at Home


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