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Bean-to-cup coffee machines are the best way to make an easy, delicious and fuss-free cup of coffee. These coffee machines can make everything from espressos to macchiatos, hot chocolates to americanos. Whole bean single origin Fairtrade coffee goes in, and delicious coffee comes out moments later. Let’s take a look:


WMF 1200s bean to cup coffee machine front view

From our manufacturer of choice comes the affordable 1200S, which brings supreme quality with perfectly prepared drinks. Forget reliability worries and inadequate coffee beverages, this machine has got you covered.

From £14/week - Enquire Today


Jura Giga X3 professional bean-to-cup coffee machine side view silver model

The ultra-reliable Jura Giga X3 Pro is one of the best coffee machines you could hope for in an office. Not only does it ensure that each and every cup of coffee has the freshest flavour possible, this bean to cup coffee machines more-or-less cleans itself!

From £18/week


WMF 5000S bean to cup coffee machine model 1 front view

The WMF 5000S provides an efficient and stress-free drink preparation service that the entire office can enjoy. Whether you like your coffee drinks hot or ice-cold, this bean to cup machine is built to cater to every possible taste.

From £32/week

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Jura WE6 bean to cup coffee machine Front View

The Jura WE6 offers an office coffee solution at an affordable price. Good for around 30 cups a day, the WE6 is an excellent option for the budget-conscious who crave an excellent tasting coffee in the workplace.

From £6/week


Bravilor Esprecious bean to cup coffee machine front view with purple LED illumination

A premium bean to cup coffee machine packed with features. The Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious comes with a divided bean canister, which allows the machine to hold two different types of beans so that you can serve even more coffee specialities.

From £18/week


Jura Giga X8 bean to cup coffee machine front view

The popular Jura Giga X8 has had a makeover, both inside and out, and was relaunched as the new and improved Jura Giga X8 G2. On top of the added touchscreen and sleek design, this bean to cup coffee machine uses advanced brewing technologies that are sure to take your favourite drinks to the next level.

From £25/week


WMF 1500s Bean To Cup Office Coffee Machine Model 1

Serving up to 180 drinks a day, the WMF 1500S has been built with functionality in mind but will also look great in any office. Perfect for medium-sized offices, this great bean to cup coffee machine can be programmed to prepare up to 48 different beverages!

From £24/week

These are seven of the best easy to use coffee machines out there now, but we’re adding new machines to our portfolio every month. Check back often or get in touch to learn more or to get a quote for any of the models above.