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The Top 7 Easy to Use Office Coffee Machines

June 24, 2018

JURA JX8 office coffee machine

Looking for a commercial coffee machine but worried they’re all far too complicated to even bother?

Here we’ve got the 7 best office coffee machines that are easy to use, meaning you don’t have to worry about an infinitely long instructions manual filled with technical jargon. Whether you’re an experienced barista or completely new to the world of coffee preparation, these machines will effortlessly deliver an excellent cup of coffee.

Let’s take a look:

1. Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious Fresh Milk

Perfect for fast and effortless drinks, every time

Want to be able to make two perfect espressos in 33 seconds? Then this coffee machine is the one for you! The addition of two instant ingredient canisters also means you can make chocolate drinks and even add your favourite toppings.

From £18.30 per week

2. Jura Giga X3 Pro

A great office coffee machine for medium-sized offices and hotels

This is one of the best office coffee machines you’ll find and it’s super reliable. Plus, it’ll more-or-less clean itself!

From £17.99 per week

3. Jura JX8

Jura X8 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine - Front On ViewA premium bean to cup coffee machine for large offices and restaurants

This is the perfect option for those making the step up into commercial coffee machines and will do an excellent job of providing your small business with perfect coffee.

From £14 per week

4. La Spaziale S2 EK

A cracking entry level barista style machine ideal for cafes, pubs and restaurants

This reliable machine is the best option for those looking to venture into the world of barista-style coffee machines.

From £19.22 per week

5. Bravilor Bonamat Mondo

The industry standard in filter coffee

It’s no surprise that you’ll find these filter coffee machines everywhere; they’re reliable, convenient and excellent quality.

From £1 per week

 6. WMF 1100S

wmf 1100s commercial bean to cup coffee machineWMF’s most up to date machine is brimming with features

The 1100S is WMF’s entry-level office coffee machine, which means no office is too small to be able to enjoy the supreme quality of WMF with options for soluble milk, hot chocolate and a separate steam arm!

From £19.50 per week

7. WMF 1500S

Bringing the latest technology together with flawless usability into one great machine

This technologically advanced machine is packed with features and its mini touch display will walk you through cleaning processes, repairs and other housekeeping bits, so you’re never left looking for the manual.

From £29 per week

These are seven of the best easy to use office coffee machines out there now, but we’re adding new machines to our portfolio every month. Check back often or get in touch to learn more.

If you’d like to know more about any of the machines above, or to get a FREE quote, please get in touch.

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