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commercial bean to cup machines for 2019

Whether you prefer cappuccinos, lattes, mochas or americanos, no cup of coffee tastes as fresh as one made using freshly ground coffee beans. Bean to cup coffee machines are designed to grind coffee beans on demand and use them to immediately prepare whatever drink has been ordered, thereby ensuring the best possible flavour while also minimising wastage. This makes them ideal for commercial use, as they can be relied on to provide a consistent level of quality and can be easily operated by those with absolutely no barista training or experience.

The Best Commercial Bean To Cup Coffee Machines According To Bibium Reviews

Commercial bean to cup coffee machines are a popular choice in professional environments from offices and hospitals to schools and hotels. With the popularity of bean to cup coffee machines in the workplace expected to rise even further in 2019, we have used verified user reviews collected on our site to compile a list of the top 5 commercial bean to cup coffee machines for 2019.

Score: 9.4

Jura WE8 bean to cup coffee machine black and silver model front view

A bean to cup coffee machine that has been popular since its introduction, the Jura WE8 is a small yet powerful commercial bean to cup coffee machine that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. With the use of stylish and durable materials, the Jura WE8 fits perfectly within the Jura range – emulating style and sophistication. However, this coffee machine is far more than a pretty face; with a collection of innovative features the Jura WE8 stands out amongst the crowd. With a daily recommended cup count of 25 cups per day, this machine is a perfect fit for both domestic use or use in smaller business environments.

It is certain that no one will go unsatisfied; with 12 specialities this commercial coffee machine can dispense a variety of high-quality beverages at the touch of a button, making use of the one-touch-function present throughout the Jura range. This Jura coffee machine ensures that each beverage produced is of an unfailingly high quality, this is as a result of the innovative extraction technology. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) feature ensures that expertly ground coffee is produced, ensuring barista quality coffee is dispensed consistently. We would recommend this machine to anyone looking to lease or purchase a coffee machine for a smaller capacity environment.

To find out more, visit our Jura WE8 product listing where you can find product information and a collection of independent reviews.

Score: 8.6

Melitta Cafina CT8 bean to cup coffee machine Front View black and silver model

With a sleek and elegant design, the Melitta Cafina CT8 is beautifully crafted and guaranteed to steal the show within any working environment. Built with high quality, robust materials, this bean to cup coffee machine is not only aesthetically pleasing but highly durable. With a 10.4” touch display, browsing the Melitta Cafina CT8’s many options is quick and simple – with the use of visual imagery to help ensure clarity for consumers. This user interface can be used to produce a single beverage, group together beverages, and dispense rapidly one after the other or be set to the self-service mode for your customers to use on their own.

The ability of this Melitta coffee machine to adapt to any environment and cater to high levels of demand is highly impressive – helping it stand out to us as an industry superstar. However, it is not just its adaptability that is customisable, but its milk consistency as well, this helps ensure the milk foam for those speciality beverages such as cappuccinos or lattes is delivered to the highest quality and the perfect temperature. Able to satisfy high consumer demand, this commercial coffee machine has a stylish exterior and highly functional interior; making it a great solution for any business in 2019!

To learn more, visit our Melitta Cafina CT8 product listing where you can find product information and a collection of independent reviews.

Score: 8.4

WMF 1500s Bean To Cup Office Coffee Machine Model 1

The WMF 1500S is a commercial bean to cup coffee machine that provides the user with a variety of specialities that are produced to the highest quality. WMF pride themselves on providing high-quality German engineering, offering technologically advanced coffee solutions to suit a variety of business environments. Typical of WMF, the 1500S has been designed to fit perfectly with the WMF product range – with a touchscreen display, illuminated side panels – that indicate required maintenance action and a sleek design allowing the incorporation of optional add-ons, this machine is built with user convenience in mind.

With each machine being made to order, the WMF 1500S is perfectly suited to all working environments whether they be an office, hotel or staff room. This commercial coffee machine is also available with a number of optional add-ons that help to make it one of the most adaptable and flexible models in its class. The WMF 1500S is an exemplary machine, with great features sleek design and a daily recommended cup capacity of 180 – it is a perfect fit for environments looking to satisfy a medium level of demand. This machine has proved very popular with our previous clients and it’s not hard to see why it has made it onto our recommended commercial bean to cup coffee machines for 2019.

To learn more, visit our WMF 1500s product listing where you can find product information and a collection of independent reviews.

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Score: 9.2

WMF 5000S bean to cup coffee machine model 1 front view

This machine has been built for the purpose of high speed coffee production, with hot beverages taking significantly less time that other machines, the WMF 5000S is a true workhorse in any working environment. Through high quality German engineering, this machine is able to cope with a large demand of up to 250 cups per day despite remaining fairly small in size. The interior engineering of this machine is typical of larger commercial bean to cup coffee machines, with one example being its high performance brewer. This high performance brewer helps dispense beverages quickly and to high volumes whilst ensuring quality is never compromised. However, it’s not just drink dispensing that is quick, but the cleaning process and maintenance tasks are time efficient as well.

With a guided cleaning process, the WMF 5000s remains a simple and quick machine to clean, with maintenance task taking next to no time out of your day, this is helped by the machines simple user interface. Perfect for a variety of professional environments, this commercial bean to cup machine has a simple interface that allows users to browse through the many drinks specialities offered by the WMF 5000s with ease. The drink specialities it offers are fully customisable and can be tailored at the touch of the button – allowing individuals to create their ideal brew. Its collection of impressive features are what make the WMF 5000 a great commercial bean to cup coffee machine, that we would recommend to those busy environments in 2019.

To find out more, visit our WMF 5000S product listing where you can find independent reviews and product information.

Score: 9.3

Schaerer Coffee Art Plus bean to cup coffee machine Front View

Lastly on our list of recommended commercial coffee machines for 2019 is the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus. Common within high street coffee shops, this machine is a great example of impressive mechanical engineering, with this machine being built to provide barista style coffee at the touch of a button. However, this machine requires greater levels of human intervention with the incorporation of the supersteam arm, helping the user to create the perfect milk and milk foam, using the methods of a true barista. Despite the need for greater human involvement in the milk foaming process , this machine uses traditional bean to cup methods to produce the espresso shots – with integrated hoppers and on demand grinders helping achieve the highest quality espresso.

When producing espresso shots, this commercial coffee machine is able to produce not just one, but multiple drinks simultaneously, ensuring maximum efficiency – increasing its ability to cope with large demand. Being able to cope with up to 500 cups per day, the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus has been built to satisfy those busy environments that require a heavy duty coffee solution. It is clear why the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus has made it onto our recommended commercial bean to cup coffee machines for 2019, with innovative cleaning systems, a touchscreen user interface and the need for little staff training – this machine is an example of quality swiss engineering that exceeds even the highest of expectations.

To learn more, visit our Schaerer Coffee Art Plus product listing where you can find product information and a collection of independent reviews.

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