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What does your coffee say about your personality

Many people would be surprised to learn that your coffee drinking habits can provide an inkling into your personality and character, with studies being conducted to test the validity of this theory. Studies were conducted as part of the book ‘You Are Why You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life’, written by clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula. She used 1000 coffee drinking participants and looked at their personality and psychological traits, whilst also considering the types of coffee they drink.

This has resulted in a generalised set of personality traits of each particular coffee drinker, we know this is not the case for all people that fall within a category, with many people falling in between categories.



You are a hardworking and determined individual, embracing your natural leadership ability. Not only this but you are efficient and manage to complete tasks swiftly, setting a great example for those around you. You’re ability to keep things simple proves very helpful to people around you, with patience being another attribute you possess further demonstrating your approachability and willingness to help others.. You can be ruthless in the workplace, working your socks off to get what you want, with a tendency to be stubborn and set in your ways. But don’t worry, that’s not a problem, you’re ambitious and you know it, constantly pushing yourself to be the best person you can be, with all these qualities helping you achieve your goals.



Your have a simple style of life, commonly known as minimalistic. You keep things simple and you like it that way, with your straightforward attitude helping you achieve your goals. People love your outlook on life, with your direct honesty and down to earth nature being admired by many. Sometimes you can be considered quiet with the occasional mood swing killing your vibe, but who doesn’t have these days! Although as a result of this you can be seen as quite serious at times you are a hardworking individual who is a great contribution to any team.



You like things that come with ease. With decision making proving a little more difficult for you, you embody the role of a team player rather than a leader. You are happy to go with flow and will go out of your way to help other people and are commonly labelled a ‘people pleaser’ as you enjoy making others feel happy and comfortable. Nothing is ever too much trouble for you and people see you as great fun, friendly and approachable. But remember it is okay to say no sometimes, assert yourself and be more outspoken because it will help you in the long-run.

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The traditional coffee drink for those social butterflies like yourself. You love all things social, meeting up with friends at any opportunity to have a catch-up and enjoy a delicious cup of your favourite brew. Coffee shops are one of your favourite venues whether it be to work, relax or socialise, but any opportunity to connect with someone you embrace with open arms. Your creative flair is evident to those who meet you. Your creativity alongside your kindness and openness allows you to make great relationships with this particular drink selection revealing a classy aspect to your personality as it emulates the image of sophistication.



In my opinion the greatest drink on this list, perfect for those who are not a fan of the bitterness that accompanies a coffee such as an espresso. The balance of the sweet hot chocolate cancels out any form of bitterness, with my recommendation being to add 2 pumps of caramel syrup to provide you with a delicious brew. For some within this category, it might just be that in reality you are not the biggest fan of coffee but simply need a pick me up first thing Monday morning and need to improvise by introducing your tastebuds to a mocha. You’re personality is as sweet as the drink itself – what an awful pick-up line. My apologies. But it’s true you are naturally sweet by nature, with this drink suggesting that you embody innocence.


Instant Coffee

You are very relaxed, but live quite a hectic life. You take life as it’s thrown at you, with your ability to procrastinate being reflective of your coffee choice. You’re relaxed attitude can sometimes be seen as ‘too relaxed’, and can inhibit your ability to make plans and stay organised. Your procrastination can sometimes mean that you become stressed, as a result of disorganisation, with the pile up of responsibilities becoming too much. This can have negative implications on your health, so it’s important to make sure that you don’t neglect this.



You are a trendsetter and a risk taker, who loves to try new things. Your adventurous personality is what people love about you with your strong presence being recognised in any social situation. Being a risk taker you can be seen to be a bit reckless, with your spontaneity sometimes getting you into trouble. Nonetheless you’re socially bold, with your positive outlook shining through, rubbing off on those around you, making you a great person to be around.

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Decaf / Soy

Your personality is that of a perfectionists, with your ability to maintain a routine being something you pride yourself on. As well as ensuring you have a structured day to day routine, you are also more health conscious than most, focusing on your health and body. You typically like to be in control, and as a result you follow a set of rules you have set for yourself to ensure your own comfort in life. When you are not in control, it can cause you to stress as you can be a bit of a worrier and sometimes come across as overly sensitive, but try to relax, because everything works out.