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What does your cup of coffee say about you?

January 12, 2016

Types of Coffee

Where do you drink your favourite brew? Are you a coffee aficionado or a grab-and-go instant drinker? Hooked on the office coffee machine like we are?

An observational study into the psychology of why we drink what we drink has been conducted by clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula. The survey assessed the psychological traits of 1,000 coffee drinkers to help find out whether there’s a link between our personality and the coffee we drink.

Black Americano drinkers

Your average americano drinker tends to take a purist approach to decision making and is more of a conservative than a radical. They don’t like it when people over-complicate things but they can be very patient when they need to be. On the flip side, they can be a bit dismissive and resistant to change.

The Black Coffee Drinker Infographic

Latte drinkers

Those who add milk or cream and sugar to their coffee tend to be self-effacing and generous with their time. They have a ‘glass-half-full’ approach to life and do their best to please others. Because they care a lot about others they can fall into the trap of not taking enough care of themselves and can be very indecisive. The Latte Drinker Infographic

Espresso drinkers

Espresso drinkers are self-assured and hard working. They’re often found in positions of leadership and are good at driving new ideas to completion. They know what they want which means that they can be difficult to negotiate with if you have a difference of opinion.

The Espresso Drinker Infographic

Cappuccino drinkers

Share many similarities with their sibling, the latte. Cappuccino drinkers are often creatives who have a good work ethic and remain motivated by a project unless they’re not behind it, in which case, they will easily get bored. They make great friends because of their energy and vivacity.

The Cappuccino Drinker InfographicFrappuccino drinkers

Blended or frozen coffee drinkers are often social extroverts who like to keep up with the latest trends and also make new ones. They can be spontaneous and imaginative but also childlike and reckless. They don’t always make healthy choices but try lots of new things.

The Frappuccino Drinker Infographic

Instant coffee drinkers

Those who prepare coffee from freeze-dried granules are often laid back and don’t worry too much about the future until it’s within their grasp. Because of this, they can often put things off and make poor planners. They can be traditional, and remain optimistic and cheerful by living in the present.

Instant Coffee Drinker InfographicSoya/nut/decaf/very specific coffee drinkers

People who tend to order very specific coffee are sometimes labeled as egotistical and high-maintenance. They are often perfectionists and, as such, can be obsessive and controlling. They are very self-aware and generally make healthy choices but can often worry more than necessary. They often overfocus on rules, control and order.

The Soymilk Drinker Infographic 
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Thanks to Dr. Ramani Durvasula for her survey into the links between personality and the type of coffee we drink and to Ryoko Iwata at ilovecoffee for the excellent infographics.