• What Does your Coffee Say about your Personality?

    Many people would be surprised to learn that your coffee drinking habits can provide an inkling into your personality and character, with studies being conducted to test the validity of this theory. Studies were conducted as part of the book written by clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula, he used 1000 coffee drinking participants and looked [...]
  • The True Cost Of Coffee

    Let’s face it; we live in a society where we are all virtually dependent on our morning coffees. However, it’s not always that cheap. In fact, some sources have even blamed premium coffees as one of the chief reasons behind the struggle for millennials to get on the property ladder. While that may be a [...]
  • National Coffee Day 2018 – Don’t Miss Out On September 29th

    gets us out of the bed in the morning, it boosts our energy when we’re falling asleep at our desks first thing Monday morning and provides us with the opportunity to socialise with friends all year round. Coffee is great, and I’m sure many ofyou will agree we sometimes take it for granted, with the above [...]
  • How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Machine for Your Office - Featured image

    How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Machine for Your Office

    You've decided to offer your staff coffee? You are a beautiful person! It can be a bit of a minefield sorting out which type of coffee machine to get (and, therefore, what sort of coffee), so we've created a handy guide for you. The device you use to make your cuppa will directly affect the [...]
  • The Evolution Of Coffee Machines

    The Evolution of Coffee Machines Throughout the 20th Century

    Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage, and more than 500 billion cups of the stuff are consumed each year. This means there’s loads of interesting history behind making a tasty brew – especially the machines themselves. In the last 100 years, the development of commercial coffee machines has changed the way we make our [...]
  • 7 Of The Lowest Cost Commercial Coffee Machines Available Featured Image

    7 Lowest Cost Commercial Coffee Machines

    A coffee machine is a great purchase to make, particularly for commercial use. However, an issue that many people encounter is finding one that is both well built and good value for money. We have solved this problem by putting together a list of commercial coffee machines that we believe are not only the best [...]
  • Bean To Cup Office Coffee Machine Pouring Coffee

    Top 10 Easy to Use Bean To Cup Office Coffee Machines

    When deciding to lease or purchase an office coffee machine, selecting a machine that’s easy to use is something that is of strong importance to consumers. Nobody wants a coffee machine that requires the same level of nurturing as a newborn baby, particularly in a busy office, which is exactly why bean to cup coffee [...]
  • The Rise Of Artisan Coffee

    The Rise of Artisan Coffee

    Artisan coffee is a trend that is currently increasing in popularity within the UK and around the world, with consumers shifting from the typical high street coffee shops in favour of a more authentic coffee shop experience. Businesses of this nature have become increasingly popular within densely populated cities, with commuters across these areas acquiring [...]
  • bravilor bonamat esprecious go main blog image

    Bibium’s Bravilor Esprecious GO Coffee Machine Review

    Bravilor Bonamat have taken the popular Esprecious bean to cup machine and turned it into a sleek looking coffee station. Speed and convenience were in mind when designing this self-contained coffee solution, which is sure to meet the needs of businesses that don't employ staff who specialise in making coffee. All you need is 780 [...]
  • Top 7 Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machines

    The Top 7 Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machines

    Bean-to-cup coffee machines are the best way to make an easy, delicious and fuss-free cup of coffee. These coffee machines can make everything from espressos to macchiatos, hot chocolates to americanos. Whole bean single origin Fairtrade coffee goes in, and delicious coffee comes out moments later. Let's take a look: 7. WMF 1200s From our [...]