• Kings Head Hotel Bar

    Bibium’s Interview with King’s Head Hotel

    Here at Bibium, we like to discover the unique offerings that other coffee-serving businesses provide to their customers. From the commercial coffee machines they use to the most popular beverages they serve, we’re interested in finding out what exactly makes their customers come back for more – and how they ensure they serve the best […]

  • Woman Drinking a Christmas Coffee from a takeaway cup

    5 Quick & Easy Christmas Coffee Recipes To Make In 2018

    While Christmas may be a time for celebration and spending time with friend and family, there is no denying that for most of us it’s also incredibly busy. In addition to a normal working day, we must also contend with hectic shopping centres, wet winter weather, and the old cough/sore throat combo. Whether you are […]

  • Pod Coffee Machine Pouring A Drink From A Coffee Pod Into A Glass.

    Top 6 Commercial Pod Coffee Machine Reviews

    Pod coffee machines have become a popular addition to many homes and workplaces and we think they’re a great option if you’re looking for a quick coffee machine that offers a variety of hot beverages. Let’s face it - no one likes busy mornings in coffee shops, queuing up like a line of caffeine-deprived zombies [...]
  • Colombian Coffee Beans Cradled In Hands

    Coffee Pot Of The World – Colombian Coffee Plantations

    Colombia is home to 914,000 hectares of coffee farms, which span across 5 main zones and 19 sub-regions. After Brazil and Vietnam, Colombia is the third largest coffee producing country, with its demand providing 800,000 jobs across the country. It’s thought that coffee first appeared in Colombia in the 17th century, but it did not […]

  • Bibium’s Homemade Christmas Coffee Syrups Recipes

    Bibium’s Homemade Christmas Coffee Syrups Recipes

    With about month to go until Christmas, we think now’s a good time to slowly start getting into the holiday spirit. Festive decorations have already begun to infiltrate the Bibium office but to us, Christmas won’t really have kicked off until we’ve had our first Christmas coffee. We prefer to prepare our own than pick […]

  • Brazilian coffee beans growing on plant

    Coffee Pot Of The World – Brazilian Coffee Plantations

    If you’ve ever sat down with a cup of coffee and wondered exactly where it came from, the likelihood is that its beans were grown, processed and produced in Brazil. Home to approximately 300,000 plantations that produce around 2,592,000 metric tonnes of Brazilian coffee a year*, Brazil grows more beans than any other country on […]

  • What does your coffee say about your personality?

    What Does your Coffee Say about your Personality?

    Many people would be surprised to learn that your coffee drinking habits can provide an inkling into your personality and character, with studies being conducted to test the validity of this theory. Studies were conducted as part of the book 'You Are Why You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life', written by clinical [...]
  • The True Cost Of Coffee - Golden balance scales isolated on white background.

    The True Cost Of Coffee

    Let’s face it; we live in a society where we are all virtually dependent on our morning coffees. However, it’s not always that cheap. In fact, some sources have even blamed premium coffees as one of the chief reasons behind the struggle for millennials to get on the property ladder. While that may be a [...]
  • National Coffee Day 2018 – Don’t Miss Out On September 29th

    gets us out of the bed in the morning, it boosts our energy when we’re falling asleep at our desks first thing Monday morning and provides us with the opportunity to socialise with friends all year round. Coffee is great, and I’m sure many ofyou will agree we sometimes take it for granted, with the above [...]
  • How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Machine for Your Office - Featured image

    How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Machine for Your Office

    You've decided to offer your staff coffee? You are a beautiful person! It can be a bit of a minefield sorting out which type of commercial coffee machine to get (and, therefore, what sort of coffee), so we've created a handy guide for you. The device you use to make your cuppa will directly affect [...]