• How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Machine for Your Office - Featured image

    How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Machine for Your Office

    You've decided to offer your staff coffee? You are a beautiful person! It can be a bit of a minefield sorting out which type of coffee machine to get (and, therefore, what sort of coffee), so we've created a handy guide for you. The device you use to make your cuppa will directly affect the [...]
  • Bean To Cup Office Coffee Machine Pouring Coffee

    Top 10 Easy to Use Bean To Cup Office Coffee Machines

    When deciding to lease or purchase an office coffee machine, selecting a machine that’s easy to use is something that is of strong importance to consumers. Nobody wants a coffee machine that requires the same level of nurturing as a newborn baby, particularly in a busy office, which is exactly why bean to cup coffee [...]
  • bravilor bonamat esprecious go main blog image

    Bibium’s Bravilor Esprecious GO Coffee Machine Review

    Bravilor Bonamat have taken the popular Esprecious bean to cup machine and turned it into a sleek looking coffee station. Speed and convenience were in mind when designing this self-contained coffee solution, which is sure to meet the needs of businesses that don't employ staff who specialise in making coffee. All you need is 780 [...]
  • Top 7 Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machines

    The Top 7 Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machines

    Bean-to-cup coffee machines are the best way to make an easy, delicious and fuss-free cup of coffee. These coffee machines can make everything from espressos to macchiatos, hot chocolates to americanos. Whole bean single origin Fairtrade coffee goes in, and delicious coffee comes out moments later. Let's take a look: 7. WMF 1200s From our [...]
  • Punch Today In The Face written on the wall

    The Ten Best Commercial Coffee Machines For Larger Offices

    It’s 2018 and commercial coffee machines come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with all sorts of different features to cater to your unique requirements. For those of you who don’t like being told what they can and can’t have and like to live life without boundaries, check out our top 5 feature-filled coffee [...]
  • Best Filter Coffee Machines Blog Post Main Image

    The 6 Best Filter Coffee Machines For Commercial Use

    Choosing a commercial coffee machine is a matter of coffee preference, price and specific features. Drip brewing (AKA filter) coffee machines have been around since the 1950s and continue to be a favourite in both the commercial and domestic environment. If you are thinking about getting a new coffee maker for the office, then our [...]
  • Bibium's WMF 1500s+ Coffee Machine Review Banner Image

    Bibium’s WMF 1500s+ Coffee Machine Review

    WMF will soon be releasing an updated version of their much-loved 1500S model. The 1500S+ promises a number of new features that help it maintain such enormous popularity and versatility. So, whether you’re an office manager, busy cafe or restaurant, check out our summary of the new WMF 1500S+ and prepare to fall head over [...]
  • How to lease a coffee machine - Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious quote example

    How To Lease A Coffee Machine In The UK: An Introduction

    Leasing a commercial coffee machine in the UK can be a complicated and confusing process, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s fundamentally very similar to a commercial coffee machine rental, except you get to keep the coffee machine at the end. Now that seems like a good reason to lease a coffee machine to […]

  • Bibium’s Jura Giga X8 G2 Coffee Machine Review

    Jura have taken one of their most popular models, the Giga X8, and found ways to make it even better. It's not just the exterior that got a fresh look - the inner workings have received an upgrade as well with new technologies that make the Giga X8 more durable, reliable and capable of brewing [...]
  • The 10 Most Loved Bean to Cup Machines by Office Managers

    Bibium has the largest collection of reviews for commercial coffee machines from people in all kinds of roles. Our aim is to make the process of committing to a new coffee machine much more transparent and risk-free. We know that people of different roles have different requirements for a coffee machine, so here we’re listing [...]