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Review of WMF 1500s Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

WMF will soon be releasing an updated version of their much-loved 1500S model. The 1500S+ promises a number of new features that help it maintain such enormous popularity and versatility. So, whether you’re an office manager, busy cafe or restaurant, check out our review of the new WMF 1500S+ bean to cup coffee machine and prepare to fall head over heels in love.

What's new with the WMF 1500S+

Big Touch Screen

The biggest change you’re likely to notice when you sit the WMF 1500s+ coffee machine next to the original WMF 1500s is the media screen – and wow, doesn’t it look great? The new 10-inch touchscreen now makes navigation even simpler and smoother, giving you more room for manoeuvre. You can also take advantage of its increased size by showing off company videos or promotional banners to highlight the latest events, or perhaps just remind people not to leave their dirty coffee mugs everywhere.

Milk Excellence Sensors

The rise of popularity in Flat Whites and Latte Macchiatos is why WMF have devoted much of their research into guaranteeing the best quality milk drinks in the industry. The WMF 1500s+ coffee machine’s new ‘Milk Excellence Sensor’ uses ultrasonic-technology to monitor the flow and temperature of milk and adjusts itself accordingly if it detects any changes. This promises consistently great milky drinks and maintains hygiene throughout the day.

Dynamic Coffee Assist

WMF’s revolutionary Dynamic Coffee Assist is similar to the Milk Excellence sensor because it’s constantly monitoring all of the factors that make your perfect coffee. Once the settings are perfected, the system makes any necessary adjustments to make sure extraction and brewing time remain consistent so that you can enjoy the same premium coffees every time.

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The WMF 1500s+ new touch screen is very large

The new WMF 1500s+ comes with some bonus features

Clean In Place

Getting a new coffee machine in the office should be exciting, an no one really wants to spend time cleaning their new bean to cup machine. WMF has this covered with the Clean In Place system that means regular maintenance requires very little human interaction. A couple button-pushes a day is usually all it takes. Because the machine sorts out most of its own cleaning, you actually see far fewer blockages and other unsightly and annoying problems.

Steam Jet

Nope, this is not a gimmick. Although I started off thinking it was, I now in fact get very sad when I forget to use our built-in Steam Jet. Steam your cup before use and enjoy warmer drinks for longer. It really does make difference.


Popular features the new WMF 1500s+ has kept

Many of the features that made the original 1500s so popular have been carried over to the WMF 1500s+:

Dynamic Milk

The Dynamic Milk option from WMF is a unique system that creates superior quality milk foam for those cappuccino and latte lovers. Enjoy hot and cold milk drinks as well as drinks with hot or cold milk foam.

Higher Capacity

Three hoppers

Being able to opt for up to three hoppers opens up a world of opportunity, especially when you can mix and match different options. Looking for easier maintenance with powdered milk? Have one hopper dedicated for milk, another for coffee, and the third for hot chocolate! Or, for those coffee connoisseurs, opt for two grinders and serve two different coffee roasts. Be picky, it’s allowed with the WMF 1500s.

180 cups a day

Just when you think a coffee machine with so many features surely compromises on performance – think again. The WMF 1500s+ & 1500s will both prepare up to 180 cups a day, giving you the freedom to please plenty of people day-in, day-out.

48 Different Drink Selections

That’s right, forty-eight. The freedom to save so many unique beverages means you can cater to so many different tastes in the office. Why not create your own speciality and name it after your own establishment for customers to enjoy! ‘The Bibium’ – hmm…

The new WMF 1500s+ retains the same side and rear profile as the WMF 1500s classic.

Bibium Says

The new WMF 1500s+ looks promising and if it's anything like its predecessor, we're sure it'll make for an indispensable addition to any office. While we're keeping an eye out for a launch date, have a look at our current range of WMF coffee machines. Bibium covers a lot more than just this though - check out our full range of commercial coffee machines.