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Founded in 1931 by Leo Henziroh, JURA Elektroapparate AG was named after the mountain range that surrounds the town in which the first factory was built, Niederbuchsiten. This is where the headquarters still stands today. JURA quickly began developing high-end household appliances known for their innovation and quality.

From the early 1980’s JURA has produced automatic coffee machines, becoming a world leader in the domestic market by the mid 80’s. Since then JURA has expanded its knowledge and broken in the field of semi-professional bean to cup coffee machines for the office and foodservice industry. JURA is the only company in world to focus solely on automatic speciality coffee machines and therefore, has become specialists in the field by producing high-quality machines for both the commercial and domestic markets.

Known all over the world, this traditional Swiss brand now has offices in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, the US, the UK Australia, Spain, Sweden and South-East Asia. Core values of innovation, precision, quality, reliability, sustainability and service underpin the fundamentals of the JURA brand. A team of 70 expert engineers focus their efforts on developing high-quality JURA coffee machines that aim to produce perfect coffee results at simply the touch of a button. Barista quality coffee is now accessible to everyone whether they are at home or at work.

JURA’s latest milestone has been reached with the revolutionary Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P®), which achieves unprecedented aroma profiles by pulsing hot water at short intervals through the coffee grounds. On top of technological advances, JURA holds a longstanding passion for responsible use of resources and energy and an awareness of the environment, JURA coffee machines offer excellent energy efficiency and avoid unnecessary material use. The recondition program also helps to reduce waste by recycling and reusing parts.

JURA commercial coffee machines and coffee machines for the home offer simplistic style with unfussy designs that use high-quality materials and Swiss precision and workmanship. Their multi-award-winning designs reflect calmness, power, care, quality and consistency, values in which Swiss design is famous for.

JURA Commercial Coffee Machines

JURA are well known for the large range of high-quality automatic bean to cup machines for the commercial market. Designed to offer choice and flexibility to meet your workplace needs. Striving to produce a perfect, high-quality coffee with just a press of a button, JURA commercial coffee machines can serve anything between 10-200 cups per day. Designed to be simple to use with very little training, JURA bean-to-cup machines are great as a self-service option. Easy to use and able to offer a wide selection of speciality coffees - including milky favourites such as lattes and cappuccinos - JURA commercial coffee machines are more than capable of providing offices with that much-needed caffeine kick.

JURA Coffee Machines For The Home

JURA bean to cup coffee machines for the home allow users to enjoy coffee shop quality coffee without even the need to leave their house. Easy to use and capable of creating a wide range of coffee specialities at the simple push of a button; they are perfect for when you’re in the rush to get out the door in the morning but still need your caffeine boost. Built with aesthetics as well as function in mind, these sleek and stylish fully automatic coffee machines are sure to look fantastic on any worktop.

Here are some of our favourite commercial coffee machines and coffee machines for the home by JURA:


Jura WE8 bean to cup coffee machine black and silver model front view

With a strong focus on speciality coffees, the JURA WE8 features innovative technologies in order to produce high-quality coffees, such as latte macchiato and cappuccino, a touch of a button. The One-Touch functions allow users to create barista style coffee with complete ease. The sophisticated appearance of this commercial coffee machine ensures it looks smart in any setting. Able to serve 30 indulgent coffees per day, this bean to cup coffee machine is perfect for the office environment. To find out more about the Jura WE8, read independent reviews and request a quote head over to our product page on Bibium.


Jura Giga X8 Generation 2 Commercial Coffee Machine for the Office

The JURA GIGA X8 (Gen 2) is built for maximum performance and speed to serve high volumes of barista style coffee. The ability to be tank fed or connected to a mains water supply allows it to be used in any setting. P.E.P® technology enables the JURA GIGA X8 to attain great aromas to result in a quality coffee drink. By featuring an extra bypass which pre-infuses the coffee, this bean to cup machine is able to achieve a proper extraction. The robust and efficient JURA GIGA X8 offers a dual spout to meet the demands of busy environments with speedy deliveries. Its large 4.3” touchscreen display provides intuitive operation, perfect for use as a self-service solution in large offices. With a daily capacity of 180 cups, this splendid commercial coffee machine is a true workhorse and ideal for any office, bar or restaurant. Find out more about this bean to cup machine here.


Jura Giga X3 professional bean-to-cup coffee machine side view silver model

Offering a wide drinks selection and easy operation, the JURA GIGA X3 Professional can offer up to 31 programmable coffee recipes plus a further 12 barista recipes. The ability to provide a choice of high quality coffees will be sure to keep your staff and customers happy. With a 100 cup daily capacity, this bean to cup machine is able to meet the demands of a large workforce in an office and cafeteria. Simple and straightforward to use, the JURA GIGA X3 requires minimal effort when it comes to daily cleans, refilling and maintenance. Its sleek design allows it to blend seamlessly into the most professional of environments. Check out the reviews for the JURA GIGA X3 Professional collected by Bibium.

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Jura E8 domestic bean to cup coffee machine piano black side view

The domestic version of the WE8, the JURA E8 is a fully automatic bean to cup coffee machines whose exceptional functionality meets sleek style, resulting in its recognition at the RedDot Awards in 2016. This advanced coffee machine shares the same technology as its commercial counterparts with Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P®) to maximise the extraction process and an Intelligent Water System (I.W.S®) which ensures that it is running efficiently with a water filter. With its high-quality coffee, large selection and exquisite looks, the JURA E8 is sure to be a conversation starter. Explore the range of features the JURA E8 boasts here.


jura giga 5 bean to cup coffee machine piano black front view

The JURA GIGA 5 is the crème de la crème of bean to cup coffee machines for the home and is able to meet the demands of those who expect the absolute best from their morning coffee. The JURA GIGA 5 has a performance rate that places at the top of its class with the power of two grinders, two heaters, and two pumps. The professionalism of this fully automatic coffee machine is reflected through its appearance with its classy style. Let’s be honest, if we want to splash out on a coffee machine for the home then we want it to stand out and look great. Able to offer everything from espressos and ristrettos to cappuccinos and lattes at a touch of a button, it promises to please every coffee aficionado. Discover more of the JURA GIGA 5’s capabilities on the GIGA 5 product page.


Jura A1 domestic bean to cup coffee machine Piano black side view

The elegant and compact JURA A1 is perfect for those who want excellent quality espressos and black coffee without needing to take up loads of space on the worktop. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P®) ensures a coffee quality that before now only a barista could achieve. By bringing barista quality coffee into the home, JURA will ensure that your day starts off on the foot. This easy to use coffee machine means that absolutely anyone will be able to enjoy a sensational coffee experience. Find out more and purchase the JURA A1 through Bibium.

JURA Coffee Machines on Bibium

Bibium lists a wide range of JURA commercial coffee machines and coffee machines for the home. Our reviews-based website allows you to browse each and every single one accompanied by honest customer reviews to help you decide which bean to cup machine is right for you. Once you have made your decision we will provide you with up four quotes from our handpicked vendors. Each vendor will offer you an easy to understand quote so you are able to choose the best supplier for you. Everything you need for your coffee machine is easily found at Bibium from your milk chillers and cup warmers to your water filters and cleaning tablets. Our helpful team are always on hand for any advice regarding which products you need for your machine. Feel free to give us a call.