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Top 5 Coffee Machines for the Office

July 10, 2018

Bibium has the UK’s largest selection of commercial coffee machines on offer to its valued clients. We understand that it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed amongst our amazing selection (sorry about that), so here are five of the top commercial coffee machines we have an offer for your office.

Black and Silver triple bean canister WMF 1500 Coffee Machine

WMF 1500S Office Coffee Machine

WMF, the leader in premium commercial coffee machines, proudly presents its versatile all-rounder – the 1500S. This particular coffee machine can be specified with two grinders, hot chocolate, and a milk foaming system that delivers truly unique beverages with a cold milk foam. Despite its ability to program in 48 entirely unique beverages with your chosen drink names, operating the WMF 1500S day-to-day couldn’t be simpler. Drink preparation is as easy as the push of a button on the beautiful media screen and daily maintenance is headache-free, meaning the 1500S is sure to be loved by even the most worrisome technophobes.

Black WMF 1100 series touchscreen bean to cup coffee machine

WMF 1100s Office Coffee Machine

WMF’s entry level commercial coffee machine means premium coffee and a host of high-end features are now more achievable than ever. The WMF 1100S comes as standard with a beautiful touch screen and a steam jet for the optimum drink temperature, but can also be specified with hot chocolate, a manual steam wand and a variety of colours for a truly unique touch. With a compact design and the stamina to prepare up to 80 beverages a day, this machine works perfectly in environments such as medium sized offices, restaurants or hotels. The touch screen means everything is customisable – want to create your own speciality drink and label it as your own? No problem.

Jura JX8 Office Coffee Machine Front With 2 Milky Coffees

Jura JX8 Office Coffee Machine

Fresh from the Coffee Connoisseurs of Switzerland, the Jura JX8 has already flown off the shelves at Jura. Having established themselves as a household name in both commercial and domestic coffee machines, the Jura brand is an assurance of trust and quality. Replacing the much-loved Jura XJ9, this particular machine comes with a fresh new look for 2018 and the capability to produce up to 100 hot beverages a day. The Jura JX8 is perfect for offices with a variety of personal preferences – having 21 unique drink options means the whole office can enjoy anything from espressos, to cappuccinos, to latte macchiatos! The best part about this great commercial coffee machine? It’s available from as little as £11 a week on a five year lease.

Schaerer Coffee Prime bean to cup coffee machine with milk front view black model

Schaerer Coffee Prime Office Coffee Machine

Based on the enormously popular WMF 1500S and sharing some of the same internals, the Schaerer Coffee Prime already has a cracking resumé. We’re a huge fan of the professional and more conservative looks of the Coffee Prime – something which we believe makes it a superb addition to any office in 2018. Manufactured by the coffee experts in Germany, this super reliable workhorse comes with either the ability to produce powdered milk drinks, or a large capacity 8 litre milk fridge for fresh milk! That means fewer trips to and from the fridge.

Coffetek Vitro-X3 bean to cup coffee machine Front View

Coffetek Vitro Office Coffee Machine

The modern-day office comes with a variety of different tastes and preferences, which is why the Coffetek Vitro is such a good fit. The Vitro is one of the most versatile machines out there; you can spec it up with a beautiful media screen, extended ingredient canisters and a variety of payment modules. Pleasing everybody in the office comes as standard with the ability to prepare teas and hot chocolates, all with the convenience of powdered milk. So, if you’re an office manager worried about how on Earth you’re going to find a solution for everybody, look no further than Coffetek’s Vitro.

At Bibium we pride ourselves on offering the widest selection of commercial coffee machines with thousands of independent user reviews. This gives our team the knowledge an insight to ensure we can recommend the best machine for your needs. Just to give you a little more reassurance we also offer price match guarantee, free installation and a minimum 12 month warranty*

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