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Pod coffee machines have become a popular addition to many homes and workplaces and we think they’re a great option if you’re looking for a quick coffee machine that offers a variety of hot beverages. Let’s face it – no one likes busy mornings in coffee shops, queuing up like a line of caffeine-deprived zombies – seriously, who enjoys that? No one. Whether you’re grabbing your early morning coffee fix or making a round for the office, the cost of visiting a high street coffee chain adds up, costing the average Briton upwards of £2210 per year. In this post, we’ll explore how commercial pod coffee machines can be a great alternative and review some of our favourites.

Nespresso Gemini 220 Pod Coffee Machine

Nespresso Gemini 220

Many people associate pod coffee machines with domestic use and whilst it still remains popular within the home, Nespresso have disproved this association by introducing the Nespresso Gemini 220. This commercial coffee machine uses coffee pods to prepare beverages and has been designed to meet the needs of professional environments, with its double extraction head allowing the preparation of 2 hot drinks at once. By being able to prepare two different drinks from two separate coffee pods simultaneously, this Nespresso coffee machine helps to ensure customer, employee and client demand is satisfied. Whilst on the topic of ease of use, it would be criminal of us not to comment on the Nespresso Gemini 220’s user interface. The intuitive button layout means that absolutely anyone can walk up to it and order a drink without any hassle. Complete with clearly labelled drink choices, this pod coffee machine offers espresso, ristretto, and lungo whilst using milk frothing technology to prepare specialities like latte macchiatos and cappuccinos. What’s more, it also caters for those tea drinkers in the office with a high speed hot water dispenser allowing a cuppa to be ready in seconds.

It is impossible to deny the impressive aesthetic of this commercial model and users can rest assured that the machine has plenty of substance as well as style, thanks to the high-quality materials used to build it. With the Gemini 220, Nespresso have undoubtedly delivered on their hopes of providing the ultimate coffee pod experience. Based on our customer reviews, 82% of users would recommend this commercial pod coffee machine and we have included a few customer reviews below so that you can see wha people are saying about it:

“Love them, so easy to use, great tasting coffee”

“Really quick and easy to use; perfect for my office”

Nespresso Zenius Pod Coffee Machine

Nespresso Zenius

Nespresso has impressed us once again as another one of their commercial pod coffee machines has made it onto this list: the Nespresso Zenius. Don’t be fooled by its size, the Zenius may be small but it is definitely mighty with its ability to fulfil the needs of any business environment. Designed for use with Nespresso coffee pods, this coffee machine is extraordinarily easy to use, with a simple user interface displaying the options for espresso, ristretto and lungi beverages. Despite its compact nature, the Nespresso Zenius possesses a level of reliability and durability that are as impressive as its aesthetically pleasing exterior. The sleek and stylish design of this commercial coffee machine makes sure it fits perfectly within the Nespresso family. Looking at user feedback, 93% of customers would recommend this the Nespresso Zenius and below are just a few of its user reviews:

“Working in a busy office, there’s no time for waiting for coffee to brew. This machine gives me hot fresh coffee at the touch of a button – what more could you want?”

“Really sleek looking machine! The coffee is done really quickly, and full of flavour. I would definitely recommend this machine”


Franke Capsule

When it comes to modern design and high functionality, the Franke Capsule is hard to measure up to. Despite its high end design, this commercial coffee machine remains simple and easy to use thanks to its clear user interface. The Franke Capsule takes minimal prior knowledge or understanding to setup and operate, with its automated notifications informing you when maintenance tasks must be carried out. Not only are the maintenance notifications automated but the cleaning is completely automatic too. After a drink has been dispensed, the coffee pod is ejected to avoid contamination of the brewing unit. The spout and brewing unit is rinsed between beverages to ensure no remnants of previous drinks are left, thereby ensuring each cup of coffee has the purest flavour possible. The Franke Capsule has a closed cleaning circuit that eliminates the need for any human involvement in the cleaning process, making it a fantastic low-maintenance office coffee machine.

There are two models of the Franke Capsule; the C200 and the C250FM. The Franke Capsule C200 is the more basic of the two and is capable of offering users the following drink options; Espresso, Coffee, Chocolate, and tea. The Franke Capsule C250FM takes things a step further by offering users the choice of Espresso, Filter Coffee, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Milk Coffee, Cappuccinos, Lattes, and Tea Lattes. It is important to note that this Franke pod coffee machine makes use of milk foam technology that is extremely impressive, with it producing the perfect foam based drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. Both models are great and which one you choose depends on the preferences of your customers/employees. Looking at customers reviews, this commercial pod coffee machine scores very highly with strong scores across the board. It has a rating of 4.8/5 for ease of use, 4.7/5 for speed, and 4.7/5 for reliability. These positive ratings are reflected in the high percentage of individuals that would recommend the Franke Capsule, as it achieved a 98% recommendation rating. The following are just a few of its reviews:

“The machine is really easy to use, and really simple to navigate! This is one of the best coffee machines I’ve used in a while, and I would definitely recommend it”

“It looks amazing and the chrome effect makes it easy to wipe clean after use. The coffee also tastes really good and is very frothy”

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Nespresso Aguila 220 Pod Coffee Machine

Nespresso Aguila 220

Yet another Nespresso has made it onto our list, and this time it’s the Nespresso Aguila 220. A perfect example of a compact commercial coffee machine with a high performance output, Nespresso have included various advanced technologies in the Aguila 220 and this is reflected throughout its many features. Built to satisfy the demand of any busy workplace, the Nespresso Aguila 220 has two extraction heads so that it can prepare and dispense drinks from two separate coffee pods at the same time.

Capable of offering 3 pre-set black coffee sizes (espresso, ristretto and lungo), 4 milk-based recipes and hot water dispensing, this pod coffee machine has a beverage to suit everyone’s tastes. Despite the advanced technologies incorporated within this machines, operating it remains incredibly straightforward and its clearly displayed buttons and semi-automatic cleaning functionality make it an easy machine to maintain. Another great feature of the Nespresso Aguila 220 is its zero energy function. With sustainability becoming increasingly important within business environments, this feature ensures a reduction in energy wastage and turns on after a period of inactivity. Looking at users opinions, this commercial pod coffee machine has great reviews for reliability (4.8/5), ease of use (4.7/5) and speed (4.7/5). Seemingly perfectly for those on the hunt for a highly adaptable coffee solution with great features and optional add-ons, the Nespresso Aguila 220 is a fantastic all-round option. Don’t just take our word for it! Check out some of its user review below:

"This machine is really easy to use. The taste of coffee is excellent."

"I think the machine is great, makes lovely coffees in seconds ready to go"

Magimix Maestria Pod Coffee Machine

Magimix Maestria

The next entrant to make the list is the Magimix Maestria, a collaborative commercial pod coffee machine resulting from a team-up between Magimix and Nespresso. The Magimix Maestria was created with visual appeal at its forefront, with a size and design that ensures it fits well within any workspace. The compact nature of this pod coffee machine ensures it doesn’t take up too much counter space, allowing it to be placed in a variety of locations. It’s curvaceous and sleek design is what we have come to expect from Nespresso, with the Maestria embodying a more retro style than previous models.

With an aluminium body and a robot-esque aesthetic, this coffee machine is not only striking and pleasing to the eye but also durable and built to last. The Magimix Maestria is incredibly straightforward to use, making it great for those who are unfamiliar with coffee machines. With clearly displayed adjustable drink quantities and a pivoting cup tray, it allows both large and small drinks with professional crema to be made quickly and easily. Another benefit of this professional coffee machine is the incorporated milk frothing wand, allowing you to create the perfect top for your latte, it’s like you have your own compact barista machine! Looking at user reviews of the Magimix Maestria, the coffee machine scores remarkably well with an overall rating of 8.2. Below are just two of many reviews that succinctly sum up what users of the Magimix Maestria think about it:

"This Nespresso Magimix coffee machine is easy and simple to use. Good tasty coffee and easy maintenance."

"I would definitely recommend this machine. Great flavours and selections, really fast, option of cup sizes and overall the general quality of the drinks produced."

Nespresso Latissima Pro Pod Coffee Machine

Nespresso Lattissima Pro

Lastly, Nespresso have collaborated with De’Longhi to bring you the Nespresso Lattissima Pro – a truly innovative commercial pod coffee machine offering a great experience for all users. The Nespresso Lattissima Pro is great for those looking for a compact hot drink solution that provides high quality beverages. Nespresso coffee pods contain unique coffee blends that are able to satisfy anyone’s palette, while the machine’s integrated milk system ensures that both espresso and milk-based coffee drinkers are well looked after. Capable of preparing both single and double espresso as well as lattes and cappuccinos, the Nespresso Lattissima Pro is a perfect example of modern technology that requires very little maintenance and is easy to use. With a touchscreen user interface, operating this machine is very simple, so technophobes can rest assured this machine is far from intimidating. Looking at user reviews, the Nespresso Lattissima Pro has been scored very highly, with its ease of use scoring 4.7/5 and its reliability scoring 4.6/5. Overall, this advanced commercial pod coffee machine received a score of 9/10, with below being just a few examples of user feedback:

"The Nespresso Lattissima is an easy to use and operate instant coffee machine. The coffee quality is great and the decafs are useful too"

"The Nespresso looks really snazzy, the size is ideal so it’s good for our small coffee making facilities area. Popular with the clients and staff also!"