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What To Think About When Buying A Coffee Machine

February 1, 2018

What Coffee Machine Is Right For You

Even for those who know exactly what they’re looking for, choosing the right coffee machine can be hard. There are a lot of different machine types available these days and each one comes with its own benefits and pitfalls. To help make the process of choosing the right coffee machine easier, we have put together a handy infographic highlighting the pros and cons of the 5 most popular machine types; bean-to-cup, espresso, filter, vending, and capsule machines.

So, what should you think about when buying a coffee machine?

 Infographic - What To Think About When Buying A Coffee Machine

Of course, there are other factors in addition to those listed above that you could also take into consideration. If you’re still having trouble selecting your next commercial coffee machine, we recommend using the following points to help narrow your choices.

Water Storage Capacity

How much coffee do you actually need? If you need to make a lot of coffee quickly and frequently you do not want to be refiling a water tank regularly. Maybe look at a coffee machine with a larger water tank or maybe even a plumbed-in model if you require an even larger capacity.

Ease Of Use & Speed

How important is the speed of your coffee? If you need a quick turn-around and have little time to spend grinding beans and brewing coffee to perfection each and every time, then perhaps a faster machine type would suit you. Alternately, if you’re in no rush and have the time to put into that perfect cup, why not look at something with more options and choice.

Location & Size

Where are you going to be using your machine? A kitchen is no place for a coffee vending machine, and likewise, an espresso machine is never going to serve a lot of coffee quickly. Think about the type of coffee you need to create and how much of it you shall need to produce.

Colour & Style

Less important than all of the other factors but still worth considering, how do you want your coffee machine to look? Some bean-to-cup coffee machines look incredible sat on your counter, and are available in a range of colours so that they may match your kitchen or office. If the aesthetics of a room are important to you, then you will no doubt want to consider how well a machine will fit in with the rest of your deoré.

Hopefully, the information above helps to make your decision when choosing a new coffee machine much more straightforward. However, if you still are not sure what type of coffee machine would best suit your needs, feel free to call us on 0800 – 955 – 2129. Our friendly staff will surely be able to help point you towards your perfect machine.