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We Deliver Gourmet Fairtrade Coffee to Your Office

June 6, 2015

Gourmet Fairtrade Coffee Delivery

Hi! We’re Bibium, and we deliver gourmet Fairtrade coffee to your office (and/or home). You may already know us by one of our previous names – Honest Coffees or Empty Pocket Traders – and you may also be aware of our sister company, Underdog Coffee. We’re part of the same happy family, so if you’re just looking for some bags of tasty coffee, head on over there. We won’t get jealous. But FYI, you can also order Underdog Coffee on Bibium.

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Right, back on track. Our job here is to help people and organisations doing amazing things do them just a bit better. Whether you’re changing the world at a startup, creating stunning art and campaigns at your agency, or doing something completely different and unique, we’d like to help. Everyone needs coffee to get the job done, and we’d like to think your most valuable assets–your people–deserve something a bit special. Our aim is to bring a different Fairtrade coffee to you each month, and it’ll always be top of the line stuff. Bigger companies have a hard time sourcing Fairtrade coffee that’s speciality grade because there’s just not that much of it out there. Because we’re deliberately quite small, it’s no problem for us. Which isn’t to say it’s easy: we blind taste over a dozen coffees each month to make sure you get the best brew. If you’re a trade customer–a pub owner, you’ve got a spa, or you run a restaurant–please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can help you out as well.