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Also known as Barista coffee machines, commercial espresso machines are a massive investment for any business but there are affordable options available that don’t compromise on quality if you’re willing to look a bit. To save you shopping around, we’ve reviewed five quality barista coffee machines by lesser-known manufacturers.

From £14.49 a week

Expobar G10 2 group espresso machine side view black and silver model

The Expobar G-10 is a commercial coffee machine that’s perfect for those on a budget. Made of stainless steel for durability and inclusive of a large boiler capacity and programmable dosage settings, the Expobar does not cut corners on quality. It is reliable, low maintenance and has a coffee capacity of up to 100 cups a day.

From £25.00 a week

Rancilio Classe 5 3 Group espresso coffee machine Front-Side View Silver and Black Model

Rancilio designed the Classe 5 for heavy use. It can make up to 250 beverages per hour and uses a USB system that allows the settings to be managed quickly and efficiently. This powerhouse is an excellent choice. Electronic dose settings give it consistency, and high-grade stainless steel provides reliability. A 3-group machine for under £3,000 is hard to beat!

From £40.00 a week

Rancilio Classe 7 3 Group espresso coffee machine Front-Side View black and silver model

Complying with Rancilio advanced technical requirements; the Epoca Semi Automatic combines traditional hardware with modern electronic features. Stylish by design, this machine boasts a scratch-proof and corrosion-proof exterior, proving its longevity. The steam valve, protected by a Rancilio patent, lets you safely control the steam and improves user experience. A tank version is available in the UK, meaning it does not need a connection to the main water supply. Slightly more expensive but a great long-term investment.

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From £22.90 a week

La Spaziale S2 2 Group Espresso Machine Side View black and silver model

This stylish Italian espresso machine is perfect for those businesses on a budget. It offers basic functionality and a simple design, which means the machine gives you the quality of a top espresso machine without the cost. It is fully automatic, includes La Spaziale’s infamous heat exchange technology and has programmable dosage settings. Great for those starting out or wanting a less expensive but still reliable machine.

From £21.72 a week

Fracino Comtempo hybrid espresso bean to cup coffee machine. Front view, chrome

Fracino is a UK-based coffee machine manufacturer that designs a series of affordable espresso machines. The Fracino Contempo model is semi-automatic and includes large capacity boilers, steam wands, and pressure control. This powerful commercial coffee machine is hand-built using the finest stainless steel, copper, and brass. It is capable of 600 espresso shots per hour; speedy barista not included.

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