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Which parts of the uk have the most caffeine

London is underrepresented by coffee companies

It might come as a surprise to learn that London has fewer coffee-related companies per capita than any other region in the UK, based on statistics from Bibium’s proprietary database.

How do we know?

We collect a lot of data at Bibium in our quest to revolutionise how workplaces buy all the things they need. Sometimes interesting insights come out of that data.

Adding together coffee roasters, coffee companies, and commercial coffee machine distributors, there are only 11.4 coffee-related companies per million residents in the nation’s capital.

What's the UK’s most caffeinated region?

The sparsely populated southwest, including Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, boast 26.2 coffee roasters, coffee companies, and commercial coffee machine distributors per million residents.

Broken down by region, the south west is the clear winner, with London and the north east bringing up the rear. In between, the rest of the UK is pretty consistent around 15 to 19 companies per million.

Why does the southwest overindex so much? Tourism, of course. Unlike the rest of the UK, August is hopping for coffee companies in the southwest, some of which do 3x more volume in the heat of summer than they do in the cold of winter.

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Greater London has fewer coffee companies, coffee roasters, and commercial coffee machine distributors than any other part of the UK on a per capita basis.

London, the south east, and the south west stand out

On a per capita basis, most of the UK is pretty consistent, region-by-region, but three areas stand out.

London and the south east have higher population density and less space, which drives down the per capita figures.

The south west is very open and needs to support of a lot of tourists.


What about overall coffee figures for the UK?

But what about overall figures? Even though London is bottom on a per-million basis, surely they have the overall most coffee companies, coffee roasters, and commercial coffee machine distributors, right?


That honour belongs to the south east, which comprises the southernmost home counties -- Sussex, Kent, and Surrey. The south east features 148 coffee-related companies, just nudging out our per capita winner, the south west, which boasts 142.

In fact, greater London rates a distant fourth with only 109 coffee companies, coffee roasters, and commercial coffee machine distributors.

And if you live in Wales? Oof. Those sixty companies are spread across more than 8,000 square miles, or one coffee company, coffee roaster, or commercial coffee machine distributor per 133 square miles.

There's only one coffee company per 133 square miles in Wales. Poor Wales.

So which postcodes are the most caffeinated in the UK?

Four different postcodes feature more than 40 coffee companies, coffee roasters, and coffee machine distributors per million souls:

  • LD, which comprises the Llandrindod Wells area of Wales, has one coffee company and one roaster spread across fewer than 50,000 people.
  • TR, which makes up the southwestern tip of Cornwall rates a very respectable three coffee machine distributors, four coffee companies, and five coffee roasters. Lots of folks catering to the local tourism industry, and Cornwall does love to shop locally.
  • CB, or Cambridge, has eighteen total companies, including six machine distributors, eight coffee companies, and four coffee roasters. Clever clogs.

SY, which actually straddles the English / Welsh border, and includes Aberystwyth to Whitchurch, tops out the list with over 43 companies per million residents. This postcode splits 15 companies between 342,000 people.

And who’s going without? All in, there are six postcodes shared evenly between London and Scotland with no coffee companies, coffee roasters, or commercial coffee machine distributors. That’s nearly a million people suffering a complete lack of caffeine.