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Here at Bibium, we like to discover the unique offerings that other coffee-serving businesses provide to their customers. From the commercial coffee machines they use to the most popular beverages they serve, we’re interested in finding out what exactly makes their customers come back for more – and how they ensure they serve the best coffee possible. This week, we’ve interviewed King's Head Hotel in Cirencester to find out about their coffee offerings.

1. Which coffee do you use, and where do you source it from? In the bar we use decaffeinated coffee pods, which are Fairtrade – but not organic. The beans we use are espresso beans by Piacetto, and, in addition to the decaffeinated beans, are Rainforest Alliance certified.

2. Which commercial coffee machine do you use, and why did you choose this particular machine? We have a Tchibo coffee machine in our bar, since this is compatible with the Piacetto beans that we use. We make a range of coffee beverages for our guests, including lattes, macchiatos and cappuccinos. In the restaurant, we make ground coffee with Eduscho beans in cafetières.

3. Which of your coffee beverages are the most popular? Lattés are the most popular coffees we sell, all of which we can make as decaffeinated beverages. We also offer vegetarian and vegan options, which involve using soya or almond milk.

4. How important is coffee to you as a product? Offering good quality coffee is extremely important to us at Kings Head Hotel, as it provides that ‘foot in the door’ that can lead to additional custom.

5. Do you have any unique Food & Beverage/coffee offerings for your guests? We offer both vegan and vegetarian options, which are just two of the ways that we adapt our offerings to the individual. We also provide brochures that contain all of the teas we have available.

6. As a hotel, how are you using coffee to boost your business propositions? We don’t hugely rely on coffee to boost our business offerings. We do, however, advertise our coffee and cake offerings on A Boards at the front of the hotel. We find that this really improves our footfall.

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We believe that nowadays it’s expected that a hotel has a commercial coffee machine, as it’s more professional.

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7. Are your coffee offerings a central part of the Food & Beverage department? If not, would you consider upgrading the service and equipment? Yes, they are a central part of the F&B department and we would certainly consider improving the service and equipment. It’s very important to us to continue improving our offering. We have coffee machines in each bedroom, which really highlights our attention to detail for all of our customers. All coffee machines are compatible with coffee pods.

8. Does your coffee machine improve the quality and speed of your service? Why? Our hand-held operated coffee machine is popular amongst guests, as they like to see employees perform the ritual that is involved in making each coffee. This adds a more personal touch.

9. Do you use Fairtrade or organic coffee? If not, would you consider using these? We use Fairtrade coffee, but not organic. We would consider using organic if it wasn’t so expensive, and this is something we would then promote widely if it was an affordable option.

10. Would you recommend a commercial coffee machine to other hotels to support and boost their business? Why? We would absolutely recommend a coffee machine to other hotels. We feel that they are highly sustainable to any business, whilst making the work environment more successful and less challenging. We believe that nowadays it’s expected that a hotel has a commercial coffee machine, as it’s more professional. Additionally, having a coffee machine in each bedroom adds a nice touch for our guests.

11. What is most important to you when selecting a coffee supplier/brand for your guests? We’re passionate about providing our guests with high-quality coffee, which is why we use a Tchibo coffee machine. It allows us to serve speciality coffee, since it’s compatible with the Piacetto beans that we use.We choose to work with Piacetto coffee beans since they are both Fairtrade and high quality. Despite not being organic, they allow us to serve our coffee at an agreeable price. Our Tchibo coffee machine is compatible with these beans, allowing us to serve speciality coffee to our guests.