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The WMF 5000s Commercial Coffee Machine is Here!

August 15, 2015

WMF 5000S bean to cup coffee machine touchscreen

WMF have introduced a brand spanking new commercial bean to cup coffee machine – the WMF 5000s. Very exciting stuff! We sat down with the good folks at WMF to find out what’s new, what’s great, and how the WMF 5000 s fits in with the rest of their product line.

Bibium: Why is the WMF 5000s is great?

WMF: Packed full of functionality, its takes what’s good from the WMF 8000s (High capacity – 250 cups per day, large 1.1kg coffee hopper, stainless steel surround, fast flow hot water output, touch screen technology, etc) and it takes what’s good from the WMF 1500s (stainless steel grinders, proven brewer unit, led illumination, cup steamer etc). This makes the 5000s extremely good value for money and has opened the door to many new opportunities.

Bibium: What’s new with the WMF 5000s?

WMF: A few exciting things:

  • Dynamic milk – Dynamic milk provides hot & cold milk foam – fully automated through the beverage spout.
  • Clean in Place – The new cleaning process ensures time-saving HACCP-compliant cleaning without having to remove the milk foamer from the appliance and dismantle it
  • Auto Steam Arm – Hot drinks, hot milk foam in three different quality grades – using the steam wand. Fully automated, switching off using the integrated temperature sensor

Bibium: Why has it been introduced?

WMF: We have introduced this machine as we were missing a machine that had a higher capacity than the 1500s, the performance of the 8000s and the functionality of both machines. This machine sits right in the middle in regards to the performance and also the price.

Bibium: Sounds like this replaces the WMF 8000s then, is that right?

WMF: Not exactly. The WMF 8000s has high-performance grinders; also, its larger boilers with heat exchange coils will produce constant hot water (no downtime). Further, the 8000s is designed to produce around 350 drinks per day so if you are in a large site or cafe the WMF 8000s may be more suitable than the WMF 5000s.

Update: The WMF 8000s is now discontinued and has been replaced by the formidable WMF 9000s.

Bibium: Do you have a super fun corporate video introducing the WMF 5000S?

WMF: Absolutely

 Bibium: Riviting stuff, thanks WMF! Keep ’em coming!

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