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hotel commercial coffee machines
  • Great coffee means happy hotel guests
  • Hotels need a variety of coffee machines to suit the different environments in each property.
  • Most popular coffee machines for hotels are traditional espresso machines, with some exceptions based on location.
  • Having an espresso machine in your hotel may require the skill of a trained barista and a number of accessories including tampers or grinders.
  • Could have liquid, bean to cup or traditional espresso machines in your hotel

Choosing to get a commercial coffee machine for your hotel is a great investment, but did you know that various areas within a hotel can benefit from different types of coffee machines? From liquid coffee machines that use concentrated ingredients to traditional espresso machines that brew using grounds, hotel coffee machines are the perfect tools for adding value and enhancing the overall enjoyment of a guest's stay.

We will explore the coffee machines that might be suitable for you further down this page, but it is first important to understand why you might look at leasing or purchasing a commercial coffee machine for your hotel.

What Are The Most Popular Type Of Hotel Coffee Machine

There are many different locations you could choose to position a coffee machine, but there are certain considerations that need to be taken into account, for example; budget and the size of the establishment. A high-end hotel may benefit from having multiple coffee machines situated in different areas - such as in bedrooms, the foyer and the breakfast/dining room - which could mean selecting a combination of different commercial coffee machine models. One thing's for sure and that's guests will undoubtedly appreciate the accessibility and variety of coffee on offer. If said coffee also happens to be complementary, it will almost certainly enhance the overall experience of coffee-loving guests.

Bibium has supplied countless coffee machines to hoteliers over the years and we've found that the most popular type of coffee machines for hotels are traditional espresso machines. Having said that, there is the occasional variation and the intended location of a coffee machine cannot help but influence the type you wish to choose. It’s important to understand the benefits of each type of hotel coffee machine and below you will find examples of several popular options, as well as where you would typically find them within the walls of any given establishment.

We'll start by taking a look at semi-automatic espresso machines, the most frequently used coffee machines for hotels. These commercial coffee machines are ideal due to their diversity, as they offer a wide range of choice in terms of practical features, aesthetics and costs. We understand that too much choice can complicate the decision-making process but when it comes to this kind of investment, it's best not to rush. Typically we would recommend that espresso machines are placed in either the foyer/reception or the breakfast/dining room. This may not seem like the most intuitive place for them, however, even the faintest smell of freshly brewed coffee can be incredibly enticing to those who have just spent who knows how long travelling. It also doesn't hurt that espresso machines are often as attractive as they are functional, making them the perfect statement piece to impress guests.

Creating good consumer perceptions is just one benefit of selecting a traditional espresso machine, with another being higher quality beverages. While they will require a trained barista to operate, choosing this type of commercial coffee machine allows hotels to produce truly authentic espressos due to greater human control. Both a coffee grinder and tamper are required in order to prepare coffee when using a traditional espresso machine, which allows for even greater levels of customisation. Despite being more hands-on than any of the alternatives, this option is still remarkably practical, easy to use, and more than capable of satisfying high consumer demand. Whether you're a coffee machine novice or professional barista, with the correct barista training getting to grips with traditional espresso machines is not at all difficult.

Another option for hotels to consider is a super-automatic commercial espresso machine. Requiring little to no active input from a barista, this type of coffee machine is reliable but its ability to satisfy high demand is limited as it has a significantly lower daily output in comparison to semi-automatic espresso machines. The super-automatic espresso machines you generally find in hotels tend to be in guest rooms and are intended for personal use. Having said that, smaller establishments that house relatively a few guests often find them ideally suited to breakfast or dining rooms.

What Are The Benefits Of Super-Automatic Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines?

Being able to access premium-quality coffee in the comfort of their room is a novelty that many guests will enjoy, however, you must be aware that regular cleaning will be required. Despite the simple cleaning process, hotels with a lot of rooms might find properly maintaining a coffee machine in each one to be a very time-consuming task.

Looking at the benefits of super-automatic espresso machines, consistency is a key selling point. They are a fantastic option for those who know how they enjoy their coffee, as many models allow the strength of the coffee they produce to be raised or lowered depending on a drinker's preference. These commercial coffee machines are rapidly increasing in popularity thanks to their ability to produce speciality coffee at high speeds, making them highly desirable to both businesses and domestic users. Hotel coffee machines must be able to meet customers expectations, particularly in regards to speed and taste, and that is why super-automatic espresso machines are the perfect fit.


What Are The Benefits Of Liquid Coffee Machines For Hotels?

Lastly, the use of liquid coffee machines is also a viable option. These are not as common as the options but they do look good and are incredibly reliable, which alone makes them ideal for use in the hospitality sector. Able to satisfy a medium level of demand, these commercial coffee machines are arguably a more suitable option for hotels than super-automatic espresso machines due to their consistent output. Unlike semi-automatic espresso machines, liquid coffee machines can guarantee the same great taste every time, whereas the delivery of a perfect espresso from a semi-automatic espresso machine is down to the talent of the barista.

On the topic of baristas, liquid coffee machines also don’t require any previous knowledge or training and are extremely easy to set-up, use and clean. They are also known for being incredibly fast, with many models taking under 5 seconds to dispense a cup of coffee. Having said all that, it is worth noting that upkeep can be expensive, due to limited competition. Trying to find a competitive price can be difficult and the liquid coffee concentrate ingredients that they rely on are not available from all suppliers.

Now that we have explored the different types of hotel coffee machines available, we’re going to take a look at a handful of commercial coffee machines that are known to excel when it comes to hotels.

La Pavoni Crema Espresso Coffee Machine 2 group silver with red side panel

A beautifully crafted espresso machine, the La Pavoni Crema S is guaranteed to make a statement in any foyer or breakfast bar. With its sleek exterior and stainless steel bodywork, this commercial coffee machine is sure to stand out and impress your guests. Falling within the semi-automatic range, some training is required to operate the La Pavoni Crema S effectively and it is at its best when worked by a skilled barista with experience operating without pre-set doses. Operated via a lever and microswitch, the quantity of coffee, milk and water to use is completely at the barista's discretion and can vary from cup to cup. If the correct training is provided, this La Pavoni espresso machine is capable of providing all guests with high-quality coffee beverages. Available in 2, 3 and 4 group models the La Pavoni Crema S is a reliable and durable hotel coffee machine that will fit perfectly within any hospitality setting.

La Spaziale S40 Suprema 3 Group espresso machine Side View Black and Silver Model

La Spaziale has created the perfect commercial coffee machine for hotels, with it ticking all boxes - attractive, functional and reliable. Based on the same design concepts the La Spaziale Seletron, the La Spaziale S40 Suprema has received a number of thoughtful upgrades that have made it easier to manage and much more accessible. These are not the only improvements, as its vast array of technical features and simple programming make it a great option for skilled baristas. The programming of this impressive espresso machine is highly beneficial to the user as it helps to reduce maintenance time whilst ensuring maximum efficiency. Its technologically advanced features, on the other hand, ensure consistently impressive results, with flavourful coffees and enticing aromas all but guaranteed. Certain to catch the eye of every guest that walks by, the highly functional interior of the La Spaziale S40 Suprema is complemented by an attractive exterior that emulates the high-class aesthetic typically found within the La Spaziale range. La Spaziale has considered far more than its appearance and functionality, however, with environmental considerations also having been incorporated. The La Spaziale S40 Suprema has been built with an eco-saving function, meaning that after 20 minutes of inactivity it will automatically switch to standby mode - reducing energy consumption.

Franke T600 barista style coffee machine 2 group silver and black model side view

A sleek design and state of the art technology, the Franke T600 is a feature-filled espresso machine that is built to impress. Available in 2, 3 and 4 group models as well as a variety of colours, this espresso machine is perfect for both large and small establishments as it is able to easily cater to low and high demands. Built with state of the art extraction technology, control electronics and user-friendly interface, this commercial coffee machine also takes into consideration the skill of the barista as well. One particularly interesting feature of the Franke T600 is its ability to adjust boiler temperature, thereby being able to cater for busier periods throughout the day. A great feature for those busy hotel dining rooms at breakfast, lunch or dinner! Commonly referred to as the ‘perfect instrument for the perfect espresso’, we think this Franke espresso machine would fit well within any hotel environment and with the capability of satisfying a high demand of up to 550 cups per day, it’s certainly not one to be overlooked.

Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Excellence coffee dispenser side view

The Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Excellence is an award-winning liquid coffee machine that provides a great brew in just 12 seconds, making it one of the fastest coffee machines on the market. Not only does it prepare coffee-based beverages at a rapid speed and to a high-quality, it also offers both hot chocolates and indulgent teas to help ensure that all guests are catered for.

The Cafitesse Excellence has been recognised for more than its ability to dispense a variety of drinks swiftly and has also been praised for its design, craftsmanship and commercial appeal. There are also a number of impressive technical aspects that have led to this Douwe Egberts machine receiving the level of recognition that it has. For instance, the Cafitesse Excellence simple user interface allows users to browse the wide variety of beverages quickly and easily, eliminating the need for any form of barista training, saving on training and labour costs.

With regards to maintenance, this liquid coffee machine requires very little attention and has been made with ‘Carefree Operation’ to make sure that it's exceptionally easy to operate, fill and clean. Taking just moments to change the pre-brewed coffee and 2 minutes weekly to clean, this commercial coffee machine is a great option for busy hospitality settings where spare time simply isn't a thing. Using pre-brewed liquid coffee concentrate manufactured to the highest possible standards, the Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Excellence delivers delicious, aromatic coffees quickly and consistently. With many different liquid roasts available, as well as tea and hot chocolate, this is the ideal coffee machine for hotels.

DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite bean to cup machine with coffee front view chrome model

Small but mighty, the DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite is an exemplary commercial coffee machine for hotels that would look great whether placed in the breakfast room or in individual rooms. Dependant on your budget, offering a coffee machine such as this in individual rooms will go along way toward improving the experience of hotel guests by providing high-quality coffee in the comfort of their rooms. Offering the coffee free of charge as a value-adding extra is not always cost-effective, however, the benefits it can reap can be highly rewarding for establishments. Just one example of this is a greater likelihood of positive customer reviews. They say first impressions count, and thanks to its modern, stylish exterior, we’re sure that guests won't be disappointed when they step into their room and see the DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite.

The exterior is not the only impressive thing about this commercial coffee machine, as it also boasts a variety of convenient technical features. With built-in conical grinders to ensure that the perfect grind is achieved each and every time, this hotel coffee machine creates the best-tasting brews effortlessly. Ensuring the perfect grind is not the only important consideration, however, as it's also essential that the aroma is preserved. This is why the DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite has been built with an aroma-saving cover that protects the grounds stored within its container. Preparing the best possible brews is a piece of cake with DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite, and if its features have not already done enough to impress then the broad selection of beverages available definitely will! The DeLonghi PrimaDonna is capable of providing all the traditional coffee-based beverages, as well as flat whites and hot chocolates, making sure all guests tastes are catered for. With all of these features what's not to love?