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commercial coffee machines for cafes
  • Having a coffee machine in your cafe is a simple way to generate profits

  • Offering coffee is a useful way to increase upsells on other items such as food

  • Serving coffee in your cafe is a great way to create a social hub for groups of friends or colleagues

  • When choosing commercial coffee machines for cafes you must consider space, budget, and demand

  • The most popular products for cafes are bean to cup machines and traditional espresso machines

Coffee machines are a must-have in any cafe. Whether it be a small compact espresso machine or an advanced bean to cup machine, coffee is a great way to generate profits in both start-up and established cafes. It’s a wise idea to look at all the benefits of choosing commercial coffee machines for cafes, with one being increasing current revenue.

The cost of acquiring a cafe coffee machine can sometimes daunting for those with a smaller budget, but it is a strong investment in terms of profit generation. The coffee market within the UK is currently booming, with the growth rate of coffee shops reaching £9.6 billion, it's something that cafes shouldn't be missing out on. It’s important to understand that cafes and coffee shops are similar, but the perception is that cafes primary focus isn’t coffee and is instead food. Although food is a good opportunity to generate profits, the growth in the UK’s coffee culture is another opportunity to increase these profits further.

But What Benefits Can Providing Coffee In Your Cafe Have On Your Business?

Coffee is also a good tool to increase upsells on other items, coffee and cake is like salt and pepper, they come as a pair. If you don’t currently stock items like cakes, biscuits, etc., commercial coffee machines for cafes are a simple way to increase the range of products you offer and thus increase profits as a result.

We cannot stress the growth of the industry enough, as it really has taken off in the past decade, with its popularity only growing more each year. The UK alone consumes 95 million cups annually, with industry growth expected to reach £13 billion by 2022 and if that doesn’t make you realise the importance of serving coffee in your cafe then we don't know what will!

By choosing to purchase or lease a coffee machine you provide your cafe with the opportunity to become a social hub for a variety of people. These environments are synonymous with social activity whether it's a catch-up or a way of taking a break from the office, cafes are a great place for people to grab a bite to eat and get the afternoon caffeine boost.

Budget Is Something You Must Consider

Although generating higher profit and attracting more customers sounds very attractive, there are factors you must consider when looking at cafe coffee machines to lease or buy, with one being the flexibility of your budget. To produce good quality coffee you need two things; a well-sourced provider and a quality product. Here at Bibium we like to ensure we are able to provide examples that cater for a variety of budgets, with the products we suggest ranging from small models for low budget venues to those built for those larger scale cafes.


Other Factors Influencing Your Decision-Making

It’s not just budget you need to consider when looking for a commercial coffee machine for cafes, you’ve got to look at the space available and understand how this will impact your ability to select certain machines. When choosing a product we would recommend having a rough idea on the measurements of space you have available. However, if you’re a start-up cafe you may not have access to the premises as of yet to determine, but by putting a floor plan together you will gain an idea of what type of product your space can accommodate.

Different offerings have the ability to cope with different levels of demand, so having an idea of what your daily output expectations are would be wise! Some manufacturers have recommended hourly and daily output quantities that are specified within their product brochures. Although these are just recommendations we would suggest not exceeding these suggested outputs as it has the potential to void any warranty on the machine when purchasing or leasing.

But what type of products are the most common cafe coffee machines for both start-up and established cafes? Traditionally many cafes will choose traditional espresso machines. These come in semi automatic and automatic models, with the most frequently chosen being the former. Unlike automatic models, semi-automatic espresso machines require the skill of a trained barista, however, it is fairly easy to get to grips with the machinery dependant on factors such as a number of groups and user interface. Although it is harder to ensure consistency with a semi-automatic espresso machine, the finished product tends to be of higher quality due to human involvement and control in the process.

However, it should be understood that not all cafes select the traditional espresso machines, with other options available for both large and small cafes. One option is selecting a bean to cup coffee machine, that is capable of handling your demand. With the wide variety of models available, finding one that will suit your venue and capacity will be no issue. Choosing to lease or purchase a bean to cup machine could have many benefits for any cafe, particularly start-ups, with it being far less intimidating to those who may not be aficionados. Their simple user interface and display make it far easier to navigate, with quick cleaning guides being a common feature of many products making cleaning far less of an ominous task for beginners. Being easy to use is just one great feature of bean to cup models with many offering a wide variety of drinks, ensuring that customers are still provided with a broad range to suit a variety of preferences.

What Qualities Should You Look For In Coffee Machines For Cafes?

We thought it would be a good idea to break it down into the two recommended machine types, as mentioned earlier: semi-automatic espresso machines and bean to cup coffee machines.

What should you look for when you're looking to buy a bean to cup coffee machine? Well for this particular environment ensuring you have the ability to cater for a wide variety of consumer preferences is a must. Many smaller models are limited to the drinks selection they can provide, but can still produce the ‘classic’ hot beverages, with larger products being able to offer a wider selection catering for lovers of hot chocolates and even milkshakes. Speed and ability to cope with demand are another two qualities to look for when looking to purchase or lease a coffee machine. Customers don’t want to wait long periods of time to receive their order, and with the competitive cafe culture present in the UK, it is important you impress! Bean to cup coffee machines are typically easy to both use and clean, but some have more complicated features that may make it difficult for someone with limited knowledge. Ensuring you select a model with a simple user interface and cleaning routine, will help improve efficiency whilst minimising training.

For semi-automatic espresso machines, the criteria are largely similar to that of bean to cup coffee machines. Although this type of product would require training and a higher level of skill you should still look for qualities such as; speed, ability to cope with demand and a simple user interface (particularly for those start-up cafes with little experience).

Faema E91 Ambassador 3 Group espresso machine Front View black model

Designed in 1991, the Faema E91 Ambassador has become a powerhouse within the industry, continuously evolving to provide the highest quality espresso. Capable of producing up to 400 cups per day, its ability to cope with large demands is undeniable - making it a perfect fit for any busy cafe environment. Faema have designed this model with busy service environments in mind, with the user interface comprising of preset volumes, ensuring that drinks can be dispensed quickly and easily. With easy programming, many elements of the Faema E91 Ambassador are customisable, with one example being the thermal balancing system which can be adjusted per group. With the ability to customise beverages, it enables you to ensure consistency is achieved. Depending on the requirements of your cafe, this product is offered in both semi and fully automatic versions, with the choice of either 2,3 and 4 group models meaning you can select a solution that will be best suited to the capacity of environment.

La Spaziale S5 EK 2 Group espresso machine Side View Silver Model

The La Spaziale S5 is a popular product within the La Spaziale range, with a collection of innovative features and high visual appeal it’s not hard to see why. It has been commended for its reliability and build quality, making itself a frontrunner within the commercial espresso market. Being made from stainless steel, it is not only durable has high visual appeal, remaining sleek, elegant and easy to clean. But it’s not just the cleaning process that remains easy, as servicing the La Spaziale S5 is both quick and simple too. The features of this espresso machine make it well suited to any coffee environment, particularly those which serve a variety of beans. With customisable extraction temperatures the La Spaziale S5 is capable of adjusting its temperatures to suit each roast. With a variety of models within the S5 range, accommodating for takeaway beverages, cafes with limited space and a variety of group numbers - the La Spaziale S5 is the ideal commercial coffee machine for cafes.

La Marzocco Linea PB 2 group espresso machine side view chrome model

The La Marzocco Linea PB should not be overlooked, with its ability to cope with large demands, this model demonstrates itself as a workhorse. With its maximum daily output producing up to 600 cups per day, it is one of the most commercial coffee machines on this list, with its technologically advanced features and mechanically sound engineering making it a top option for the most demanding settings. With these features ensuring that coffee-based beverages are delivered at a consistently high quality, whilst ensuring waste is reduced. With the La Marzocco Linea PB, each espresso experience should be as brilliant and flavoursome as the last, without the need for a labour intensive brewing process. The need for a labour intensive process is eliminated with the use of user-friendly technology, such as the simple user interface making the brewing process quick and easy. This machine definitely encompasses a wide variety of great features whether that be its Dual PID - providing the barista with greater control over steam and boiler temperature, or its saturated groups that help maintain temperature stability. Without a doubt, the La Marzocco Linea PB is an ideal coffee machine for cafes.

Franke A800 bean to cup coffee machine with cup holder silver front view

A product of innovative thinking and quality engineering, the Franke A800 is stylish yet functional, capable of delivering a variety of high quality beverages. Frequently referred to as the ‘master of variety’, it provides a range of beverages both hot and cold. Whilst this cafe coffee machine provides any of the traditional hot drinks, it also provides a selection of cold beverages ranging from iced coffee to milkshakes. This feature makes it a brilliant fit for any cafe, providing a broad variety of high quality hot and cold drinks, helping to ensure that everyone's taste palette is satisfied. With its innovative FoamMaster technology, achieving the perfect milk foam has never been easier, reducing the need for a traditional espresso machine. The Franke A800’s intuitive brewing and cleaning process makes it extremely easy to use, with a simple user interface allowing easy navigation through the variety of beverages this machine provides. With its simple operation, the Franke A800 requires very little training, making it perfect for cafes where hot drinks are not your focal product.

San Marco Series 85 3 Group espresso machine Side View Red and silver model

Being one of San Marco’s most successful products, the 85 Series is not an option to be overlooked. Built from sturdy and reliable materials, the San Marco 85 series is a range that is highly durable, with the use of materials used being both practical and stylish. Selecting a stainless steel exterior allows for an easy clean whilst still ensuring each of the espresso machines within this series fits within the San Marco range. With this range there are three models: Flexa, Electronic and Semi-Automatic, all of which deliver high-quality espresso-based beverages. Both the Flexa and Electronic model has been manufactured with preset espresso doses, with 4 dose settings per group. However, the semi-automatic model requires more knowledge of coffee doses, as it operates under a manual start-stop button system. With limited experience, a semi-automatic model could cause problems with consistency and quality - affecting their overall experience. When being used by a trained barista, however, the San Marco Series 85 is the perfect coffee machine for cafes and is able to create truly exquisite beverages.