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commercial coffee machines for schools and universities
  • Variety of locations available for housing coffee machines for schools; staff rooms, lunch rooms, receptions areas or sixth form common rooms.
  • Coffee has been proven to increase productivity and reduce stress and what better place for this than a school.
  • Coffee machines in school staff rooms: reduce stress, motivate staff and allow staff members to build relationships (coffee is commonly referred to as a social tool).
  • Bean to cup machines are great for school staff rooms because of their ease of use, speed and ability to provide variety of drinks.
  • Coffee can be great to students and staff alike, with the age of drinkers decreasing - post-millennials could also do with a daily caffeine kick to start the school day.
  • Bean to cup machines are great for sixth form common rooms, with the ability to incorporate payment systems and their ease of use being just two appropriate features.
  • Other school environments that could benefit from a coffee machine are reception areas; providing a positive impression for guests or school canteens.

Coffee machines are a great addition to any school, with a variety of locations available to house coffee machines. From staff rooms to lunch rooms, reception areas to sixth form common rooms, the possibilities are vast. Whilst hot drinks may be unsuitable for those younger students for older students and staff it is a great way to improve productivity and kickstart your day with a well-needed caffeine boost.

Housing A Coffee Machine For Schools

Staff rooms are a great location for housing coffee machines, allowing staff a well deserved break from the days stresses. Reports have suggested that teaching can be one of the most stressful professions, with the long hours spent marking and planning we can't say we’re surprised. This is why we believe every staff room should facilitate a coffee machine for schools, with research suggesting this can reap many potential benefits for any workforce. Coffee has been proven to help reduce stress, encourage feelings of positivity and improve productivity - all of which are beneficial to helping teachers make it through the working day. Providing the teachers in your facility with hot beverages allows them to step away from the working day and socialise with colleagues, encouraging them to build positive relationships with one another. By facilitating this you will be viewed positively by your employees, as you are seen to be rewarding them for their hard work and dedication. We understand that offering free drinks might not always be cost-effective for your educational facility, however the psychological benefits for employees are worth taking note of.

Typically in staff rooms, bean to cup machines are a great option if you’re looking to provide coffee solutions which offer a variety of beverages. Ensuring you have something that caters for all taste palettes is something of great importance to employees, whilst some employees may not be coffee drinkers it is important to provide an alternative to ensure they are catered for. There are a variety of commercial coffee machines that offer specialities like hot chocolate or separate hot water dispensers for tea drinks amongst the staff, with others offering traditional espresso based beverages. It’s not just its ability to provide a variety of beverages that make the best coffee machines for schools: their speed, ability to provide consistently high quality beverages and optional add ons mean that these machines can cater to any staff room - whether it be a nursery, primary school, secondary school or college facility.

It's not just staff that can benefit from the psychological effects of hot drinks, with sixth form students finding these beneficial as well. Whilst the school day can be stressful for teachers, trying to balance multiple subjects and large quantities of information can sometimes be overwhelming for students, with coffee being a great motivator and energy boost for individuals this age bracket. With the age of coffee drinkers decreasing, caffeine based beverages are becoming highly popular amongst post-millenials.

Similar to staff rooms, sixth room common rooms are great locations to place school coffee machines. With the ability to incorporate proxy card/cash based payments systems, it enables you to create a simple self serve machines offering high quality beverages at an affordable cost. One great feature that makes these machines incredibly easy to use is the simplicity of the user interface, with many models incorporating one-touch technology meaning a selection of drinks are available at the touch of a button. Other models incorporate touch screen interfaces, allowing you to browse the specialities quickly and easy with visual aids to increase user interactivity. Their ease of use extends from usability to cleaning programmes, with many products using automated cleaning systems requiring little maintenance, perfect for the sixth form common room. Optional add-ons including cup dispensers and extra product holders can also be selected to create the perfect hot drinks station, ideal for students looking to relax in their free period.

Coffee’s Ability To Bring Staff & Students Together

Whilst common rooms and staff rooms are great locations for hot drinks, coffee is commonly referred to as a social commodity and where’s more social than the school canteen? A social hub where students and staff mix, coffee solutions would make the perfect addition to this area of the school. Whether it be first thing in the morning, break time or lunchtime, hot drinks are craved by students and teachers alike and where more accessible than the school canteen? Placing it in a location such as this allows prefects or staff to grab a quick brew whilst on duty.


Give Your School’s Visitors A Warm Welcome

Lastly reception areas are a great place to house a coffee machine for schools, with visitors including governors, parents and ofsted inspectors, they are a great way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Not only this, but offering a complimentary beverage can be a great way to give a great first impression of your educational facility, with school open evenings being a prime example of an event where first impressions count. Large school events such as these would require a machine that is capable of handling a high demand, whilst also providing a variety of beverages including specialities such as mochas or hot chocolates for those who aren’t aficionados.

We have talked about the popularity of bean to cup coffee machines for schools, and have briefly touched on the qualities to look for in your choice of commercial coffee machines. However it would be wise to look at the ideal qualities in greater detail whilst touching on why this is the most appropriate choice for this environment over other machine types.

Bean to cup machines are great commercial coffee machines, with particular qualities to look for. One being its ease of use - as with other environments it is important to take into account the technical experience of its users. Within a school there are individuals both old and young, so ensuring the system’s user interface is easily navigated with a simple display is imperative. Another quality to look for is the ability to cope with demand. The high frequency of human traffic in school canteens means that whatever product you select should have the capability to cope with large demands. However, not every area requires a heavy duty model, with areas such as sixth form common rooms and staff rooms serving a lower capacity of individuals, a model with a lower recommended daily cup count might be more suitable.

Jura JX8 bean to cup coffee machine black and silver model front view

Manufactured in Switzerland, the Jura JX8 has been deemed a perfect self serve coffee machine, making it an ideal commercial coffee machine for schools. It is capable of producing a range of high quality beverages, ranging from black coffees to cappuccinos. The level of quality is achieved through the incorporation of state of the art technology, with its Aroma G3 grinder helping achieve the perfect level of fineness of the grounds whilst ensuring the aroma remains intact. This model has been designed with other impressive features, such as its milk foam creating technology, creating the perfect topping your speciality drinks - great for those latte and cappuccino drinkers in your educational facility. With a daily recommended output of approximately 100 cups per day, the Jura JX8 is a perfect choice for those looking to satisfy a low-medium level of demand, with its dual-spout dispense function enabling it to produce two speciality beverages at any given time, helping to ensure the highest level of efficiency. Whilst the basic features of the Jura JX8 coffee machine make it a workhorse, the additional add ons are a great way to adapt it to fit many different areas within your educational facility, whether it be staff rooms, common rooms or reception areas.

Jura Z6 domestic bean to cup coffee machine black side top side view

Jura have continued to impress us here at Bibium with another one of their systems being highly suitable for an educational environment. You should not be fooled by this model’s seemingly compact size, with its technological features making it an incredibly high performing bean to cup coffee machine for schools. With its exterior fitting perfectly within the existing Jura range, the level of consistency of the interior is of equal if not of higher quality than its predecessors. The Jura Impressa Z6 engineers have been truly innovative, creating one of the most impressive coffee solutions that emulates style and sophistication whilst ensuring a set of unique details have been incorporated to differentiate it from other models within the range. It is these features that help produce, what is argued to be the ‘highest quality espresso’ made by a bean to cup coffee machine, but how is this achieved? One feature incorporated within this model is Pulse Extraction Process (PEP), created specifically for this model. This technology helps to extract every element of the coffee’s aroma, producing a drink that is of similar quality to high-end coffee bars - a perfect way to enrich your staff with high quality beverages available at the touch of a button. With its range of drink selections, finding something to suit every member of your staff shouldn’t be of difficulty - producing the perfect ristretto to perfectly brewed cappuccinos and lattes, topped with a perfect layer of milk foam. The Jura Impressa Z6 coffee machine has the ability to switch from hot milk to milk foam automatically, reducing the need for human intervention in the brewing process - helping users operate it with ease. The Jura Impressa Z6 has been built to impress and with its design, speed, and list of highly impressive features, we think it’s a great option for any staff room or reception area within the educational environment.

Jura Giga X9 bean to cup coffee machine front view

The Jura X9 is another example of high quality engineering, built to handle large capacities in environments with greater human traffic. With a recommended daily output of approximately 180 cups per day this model is a perfect fit for those busy school cafeterias or sixth form common rooms. Not only does the X9 have the capability to provide a large quantity of beverages, but it also has the ability to produce two at the same time. This helps to ensure that your drinks station runs efficiently, helping to provide both your staff and students great quality products at a swift pace, helping to make sure no one will be late to their next lesson! Many environments require a fast paced product, with speed being a high priority for many individuals looking at purchasing or leasing a commercial coffee machine for schools. However, the Jura X9 coffee machine offers more than speed, with beverages not only being dispensed swiftly but quietly as well, ensuring both staff and student activities and conversations are not interrupted or disturbed by noise. Its ability to produce high quality drinks with little to no noise disturbance is as a result of two ceramic grinders that have been included in the interior. Its ceramic grinders are the not the only impressive technologies in this machine, with the incorporation of a steam wand helping create the perfect milk foam. This feature is great to use for those that use other forms of milk including soya or almond milk, helping you cater for the wide variety of individuals within the school environment.

Bravilor Esprecious bean to cup coffee machine front view with purple LED illumination

The Bravilor Esprecious is a commercial bean to cup coffee machine with high visual appeal and number of great features that demonstrate impressive functionality. To begin it is wise to consider the various Bravilor Esprecious available, with the technical specifications differing from model to model. This enables you to compare models and select what you deem to be the best commercial coffee machine for schools. The various models include the Esprecious 11 & 22 that offer fresh milk solutions and the Esprecious 12 & 21 offering powdered milk solutions. But what is the difference between fresh and powdered milk in coffee solutions and how does this impact which model you should select for your facility? With powdered milk solutions, the maintenance required is far less than that of fresh milk solutions, whilst cleaning is still important, powdered milk solutions require less cleaning than other milk types - which might make this model suitable if there are stricter time restraints on your staff. However, it should be noted that the cleaning of fresh milk models does not take up long period of time, with automated rinsing systems running in between beverages, providing your students and staff with consistent high quality beverages. With the Bravilor Esprecious coffee machine range, there is also a difference in the number of additional canisters their are built in. With each model offering multiple instant product holders or additional extra bean holders, the variations mean that at least one of the four models will be a great fit for your school.

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