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hospital vending coffee machine
  • Commercial coffee machines can be placed in various locations in hospitals including; waiting rooms, break rooms and cafeterias.
  • Hospital waiting rooms are a great place for a coffee machine, to help relieve stress and help patients get through long wait times.
  • Coffee machines for hospital waiting rooms should be fast, easy to use and have a varied drink selection.
  • Staff rooms in hospitals are a great place for a coffee machine - providing high-quality coffee for free/low cost is a great way to motivate and show appreciation of healthcare professionals.
  • Hospital cafeterias are a great location for housing coffee machines - providing for both staff and patients. Due to high pressure on the cafeteria to cater food as well as beverages for the entire facility it is important to have a machine which is quick and easy to use.
  • Most common type of commercial coffee machine for hospitals are bulk thermal brewers or bean to cup machines.

Hospitals are environments where both staff and patients spend long periods of time, leaving them in need of a pick me up to help them to the end of their shift or to cope with the wait in A&E department. There are many areas that are capable of housing commercial coffee machines within hospitals including break rooms, waiting rooms and cafeteria, and must provide high-quality coffee to visitors, patients, relatives and staff. For the purpose of this article, we will run through the individual areas that are capable of housing bean to cup machines or espresso machines and discuss their suitability with these areas.

Firstly, what do we think of when we think of hospitals? A&E and long waits, right? Waiting rooms can be a source of stress for many individuals. With particularly high volumes of human traffic, the diverse group of people in different situations can sometimes make the waiting rooms in hospitals and area of panic and nervousness, but how can a hospital coffee machine help? Research has suggested that hot drinks are a great way to reduce stress, with offerings such as these helping to ease these feelings and help to create a welcoming environment.

Areas Perfect For Housing A Hospital Coffee Machine

Due to the high capacity of people present in a waiting room at any given time, the hospital coffee machine must be capable of satisfying a high demand quickly and easily - with the most common type of machine used in this environment being bean to cup machines. Their ability to satisfy high levels of demand are impressive, with swift beverage dispensing and simple user interface allowing for easy navigation, these machines are a perfect choice for an area such as this. With the incorporation of payment systems and additional features, bean to cup machines are highly adaptable and can suit a wide variety of environments, which we will explore later. Espresso machines are uncommon in hospital waiting rooms, due to the requirement of trained baristas who can operate them.

Another recommended area is employee break rooms. Employees work strenuously to ensure that patients receive the best quality care possible whilst working long shifts with little breaks. Hot beverages are a great way to motivate your employees, with coffee being proven to increase drive, focus and positive thinking, which can be difficult to maintain during those 12-hour shifts. Working within the healthcare sector can be a particularly stressful role and alongside the long shifts, stress commonly accompanies the demands of the job. As mentioned earlier, a hospital coffee machine is a great way to help reduce stresses at work, as it provides employees with the opportunity to step away from the job for a minute and relax. As with A&E, the most appropriate models for employees break rooms are bean to cup machines, with a wide selection of beverages on offer, quick drink dispensing and high-quality coffee; machines of this nature cater for everyone and deliver a high-quality solution your employees deserve.

The final area we identified and deemed suitable to house a coffee machine is the hospital cafeteria. A place where both patients and staff can interact whilst enjoying a hot meal and a nice brew, ensuring demand can be met is essential. These types of environments are extremely high volume as the demand for both food and drinks stretches to all areas, with the cafeteria being under high pressure for food, selecting a hospital coffee machine that is quick, easy to use and can deal with large quantities is imperative. Whilst thermal brewers have been also been recommended for this type of environment, their inability to deliver a variety of beverages means that they are unable to cater for a variety of taste palettes, simply preparing black coffee with no variations. That is why it is common for environments such as cafeterias to choose to use bean to cup machines, with their ability to cater for a variety of beverages making them a superior choice. It is also important to consider the staff working within the cafeteria and the level of maintenance these machines require, with many models taking very little time to clean, with guided steps and automated cleaning making it quick and easy. Such commercial coffee machines can also be accompanied by various add ons including; syrup stations, cup warmers/dispensers and payments systems - making these machines highly adaptable with the ability to create self serve products with the use of card proxy or cash-operated systems.

Hospital Coffee Machines Are Ideal For Busy Environments

As mentioned previously, the high volume of human traffic in environments like hospitals mean that whatever commercial coffee machines you choose must be both durable and reliable. These are two qualities that anyone should look for in their system, with bean to cup machines reflecting both reliability and durability. Many models are sold with 12 months warranty, but their quality and innovative engineering makes the need for mechanic visits highly unlikely. However, it is not just these qualities that should be on your criteria when looking for a hospital coffee machines, with others including; speed, ability to cater for high demand, drink variety and ease of use. However, despite this being features you should look for, you need to consider the following in greater detail.


Important Attributes To Consider When Looking For A Hospital Coffee Machine

Ease of use is very important, particularly with products that have technologically advanced features. Obviously, people who use hospitals will vary in age and experience with technology, so it’s important for hospital coffee machines to have a user-friendly interface that is both straightforward and clear. Users will appreciate an interface that is easy to navigate with many of the machines we have recommended being built with the consumer in mind.

Making sure you select a model that caters for all is another important consideration that needs to be made, you must remember that not everyone loves coffee, with some people enjoying other variations of beverages such as tea and hot chocolate. Catering for all types of people, particularly in busy areas of the hospital like the waiting room and cafeteria mean that everyone is able to enjoy the machine, making them feel welcome and comfortable.

But what commercial coffee machines have made it onto Bibium’s recommended list? Look below to find out.

Franke A400 bean to cup coffee machine with payment mechanism black model front view

The Franke A400 coffee machine allows you to serve your guests the best, adhering to even the hardest to please customer expectations. This model has been manufactured by highly professional and experienced engineers, who have incorporated innovative features as well as ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing. With an 8-inch colour touch screen allows an interactive customer-machine experience, with visual aids helping both patient and staff browse through the wide variety of beverages available. Its menu is also highly customisable allowing you to alter the choice of drinks you wish to offer with the addition of programmable preset cup sizes. With the use of graphics, the Franke A400 helps display its wide selection of choices, however it also display the FoamMaster function. Included as an optional add-on it allows you to provide the highest quality milk foam despite periods of higher demand. The Franke A400 is built for busy environments with the integrated cleaning system, incorporated within many models in the Franke family. This system helps minimising the workload needing when cleaning - perfect for the hospital canteen or waiting room. With a choice of two cleaning solutions; the CleanMaster - a fully automated cleaning system which operates efficiently for maximum convenience. The other being EasyClean - using the manual addition of cleaning fluid, this system requires more human intervention than the CleanMaster, but is still simple and easy, taking just 5 minutes of your day. What truly sets this Franke coffee machine apart is the use of a modular system enabling you to incorporate a cup warmer, payment system and milk fridge to adapt this machine for even the busiest of hospital spaces.

WMF 1500s Bean To Cup Office Coffee Machine Model 1

An example of quality German engineering, the WMF 1500s emulates class and sophistication, with a sleek and innovative design. The sleek nature of this product makes it a perfect suit for the addition of extra drinks machines of optional add-ons including; milk coolers and cup warmers which alleviate the need for manual labour and boost performance. The addition of extra systems will help increase the recommended daily output of 180 cups per day, perfect for those busy waiting rooms or cafeterias. However, it is not simply its aesthetics that make the exterior of the WMF 1500s impressive, it has also been built to be durable and is highly functionable. With a beautifully designed touch screen interface, browsing the 48 programmable beverages has never been easier. With a wide range of beverages available, we’re sure that both staff and patients will find something they love, whether its a latte, cappuccino or hot chocolate, this machine has it all. Surrounding the touch screen is an LED illuminated side panel, whilst being aesthetically pleasing it is also functional, indicating any action that is needed. This makes cleaning or re-filling noticeable to those watching over it, meaning staff and patients will never go thirsty whilst your machine will never go uncared for. In regards to maintenance, WMF have ensured that the cleaning routine of this bean to cup machine takes little previous experience and is time efficient. They have achieved this by providing a guided cleaning process, perfect for busy hospital cafeteria workers.

La Cimbali S30 bean to cup coffee machine front view black and silver model

A recipient of the Red Dot award, the La Cimbali S30 was praised on a number of criteria including; innovation, quality, functionality and environmental compatibility - this being just a few things that make this model a great hospital coffee machine. It design is highly innovative with its 10.4 inch touchscreen user interface making selecting any beverage a quick and easy task, with the use of customisable images, films and sounds creating a more interactive experience for the user whilst still remaining easy to use. We know that not everyone has experience with technology such as this, but with its simple operating system it is functional for even the biggest of technophobes. This super automatic bean to cup machine has distinctive features, with high levels of customisation helping it establish itself as a leader amongst other super automatic espresso machines. This level of customisation has been carried through the beverages the S30 is capable of providing, with a wide selection ranging from espressos to hot chocolates. This product caters for all tastes palettes with all drinks being customisable ensures that the best in cup quality is achieved. The La Cimbali S30 helps deliver this level of quality consistently with the incorporation of innovative grinder technology or PGS (Perfect Grinding System). Regrinding doses when necessary this machine is built to ensure that every cup produced is perfect for both staff and patient alike. Cleaning is as simple as the rest of its operation, with its automatic daily wash cycles being programmed for your convenience you need not worry about high maintenance. This system La Cimbali have developed an innovative cleaning programme that cleans both deeply and efficiently, complying to the highest hygiene standards. Having little to no need for human involvement in the cleaning system, makes this perfect for a busy environment like a hospital.

Jura Giga X3 professional bean-to-cup coffee machine side view silver model

The Jura Giga X3 Professional is an impressive product that demonstrates the skill of engineering and the level of intuitiveness that we have come to expect throughout the Jura range. When looking for commercial coffee machines suitable for a hospital environment, this model is a great option with its recommended daily capacity of 120 cups, being slightly lower than other alternatives covered thus far, with its capabilities being more suited to a breakroom or small waiting room. The Jura Giga X3 offers everything needed for an environment such as this, with multiple features making it highly suitable. One example is the beverage selection, which unlike previous models doesn’t offer speciality drinks such as hot chocolate, however, it does offer a range of traditional coffee-based beverages including flat whites. These drinks are all presented on a simple interface making it easy for all staff and patients to use, with a perfect brew being ready at the touch of a button. However, it’s not just its display and capability to cater for a small-medium capacity that is impressive, but it’s intuitive integrated cleaning system. Jura has taken into consideration the time available of busy working environment such as these, by ensuring the work required for maintenance remains minimal. Whilst one element of the technology helps minimise the need for human involvement in the cleaning process, the use of the Aroma G3 grinder ensures high performance, delivering a consistent level of quality when producing all beverages.