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big commercial coffee machine
  • What criteria make a coffee machine ‘large’? It is not just its size but also it’s drink capacity and drink variety.
  • ‘Large coffee machines’ will typically be larger in size due to the need for larger technological components that will provide it with sufficient power to satisfy higher levels of demand.
  • Large coffee machines usually have a greater range of optional add ons - which can help increase the machines adaptability to a greater number of environments.
  • Larger coffee machines are usually built with more technologically advanced incorporated in their design, with multi-boiler functions being just one example.
  • The number and variety of beverages also helps define what makes up a large coffee machine, with many of the large alternatives offering a greater number of speciality beverages.
  • There are a number of recommended large commercial coffee machines; Bulk thermal brewers, bean to cup machines and traditional espresso machines.
  • Popular environments for large bean to cup machines include; large offices, hotels, cafeterias and hospitals
  • Popular environments for large espresso machines include; coffee shops and cafes.

It is all well and good discussing ‘large commercial coffee machines’ but before we explore which machines have made our recommended list within this category, it is important to understand what we mean by ‘large’ coffee machines. Here at Bibium, we believe large machines to be those that are not only large in size but also in their daily capacity and even drinks selection. For the purpose of this article, we will explore these in detail and look at why selecting a machine that fits within this bracket might be suitable for you and what type of environments these machines are typically found in.

Defining what attributes make a large coffee machine

Firstly looking at size, the seemingly obvious term associated with large coffee machines. Typically most sizeable machines require greater levels of power than smaller alternatives due to the expectation of these machines to be able to cope with an increased demand. With greater power being commonly associated with larger internal components, there is a need for a larger space to accommodate this. However, it should be noted that not all commercial coffee machines that are able to produce a high volume of beverages fit within the large commercial coffee machine bracket, with some manufacturers compressing their internal components into smaller housing units to create a compact but high capacity machine.

But what are the benefits of having a sizeable coffee machine? Well, large commercial coffee machines usually have a greater range of optional add ons that help increase their adaptability to a number of environments. Whether these add ons come in the form of syrup stations, milk chillers or optional payment systems, the available configurations allow the customer to customise dependant on budget allowance and user requirements. Although smaller machines allow customisation in the drink manufacturing process, the level of customisation is not as high as large commercial coffee machines.

Another benefit of having a large commercial coffee machine is that typically these machines have a repertoire of more advanced features than those smaller alternatives. Large coffee machines can be used as a centrepiece, a tool to impress visitors customers and guests, not only making a range of high-quality beverages but having been designed to be modern and stylish, ensuring the highest visual appeal. Many machines that have made our recommended list of large commercial coffee machines are technologically advanced, with a collection of highly innovative features that make the machine highly functional, guaranteed to impress any users, whilst still ensuring they fit perfectly within any working environment. Whilst this typically comes at a higher cost it is important to remember the various payment options available, to help you obtain the best machinery for a price that suits you.

Another attribute that helps define what we mean when talking about large commercial coffee machines is the volume of beverages it can produce. Many of the smaller alternatives are not able to produce a similar quantity of beverages, this is as a result of simpler technology and lower levels of power. But how many drinks must a machine produce to be classed as a large coffee machine? Within the list of machines that have made our recommended list, the lowest output machine is able to produce up to 250 cups per day - with this simply being a recommendation by the manufacturer to ensure that consumer warranty is not voided. The highest quantity producing machine on our list is capable of producing up to 600 cups per day - great for those busy environments that require a machine that can not only produce high quantities swiftly but ensure consistent levels of quality are upheld.

It’s Not Just About Size & Cups Per Day

The benefits of having a commercial coffee machine that is able to produce a greater number of beverages are pretty self-explanatory, with significant quantities being necessary for environments with greater needs. However, large models can also be categorised by the range of drinks they offer - with smaller models offering basic coffee recipes whilst larger options offer a greater range. This is a typical quality of large coffee machines models and should be something you consider when making a choice of whether this type of machine is the right choice for you and your working environment. This quality is only applicable to the bean to cup machine variety and is important when choosing which type of machine you wish to select.


What Type Of Machines Are Considered To Be Large Coffee Machines?

Leading on from this, it is wise to mention the types of machines that make up our list of recommendations and the environments that large commercial coffee machines are suitable for. Our list of recommendations are made up of a collection of bean to cup coffee machines and traditional espresso machines, although thermal brewers and round filter coffee machines are capable of producing high volumes of coffee, their ability to provide a variety of beverages, superior power and larger housing units has meant they haven’t made our list of recommended large coffee machines.

When looking at environments these types of machines are suitable for, it would be wise to first seperate the two machine types. First exploring machines of the bean to cup variety, these are typically found in large office spaces, busy cafeterias and hospitals to name a few. The qualities of large coffee machines make them a perfect suit for environments such as this, due to their ability to produce large quantities and varieties of beverages swiftly. Typically machines of this nature are both easy to use and clean, making them a great choice for those environments that have limited time available to dedicate to upkeep.

On the other hand, typical users of traditional espresso machines tend to be those environments where producing quality coffee is of high priority, as it tends to be a large part of the businesses product offering. These espresso machines are most commonly found in environments such as cafes and coffee shops. Although offices with cafe areas may also use an espresso machine, they are far less common than self-service coffee machines. Having said that, they are great for any flourishing cafe and coffee house, with each grouphead helping to produce large quantities of authentically produced espresso. With many models containing at least one steam arm, the barista is able to produce the perfect milk foam for drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos. Whilst espresso machines may take greater training, once mastered they have the ability to produce a greater quantity of beverages at a rapid pace comes with ease.

WMF 5000S bean to cup coffee machine model 1 front view

The WMF 5000s is a prime example of WMFs innovative engineering. Built with components you’d expect to find in large coffee machines, the WMF 5000s has a slim housing unit that makes it unique within the industry. Capable of offering a number of high tech features, the small physical size of the WMF 5000s makes it a great option for those looking for high-quality machinery with limited available space. It has not only been built with space availability in mind, however, as it takes into consideration the importance of speed and high volume coffee production. Capable of producing up to 250 cups per day, this machine can provide any busy environment with a number of customisable beverages, ensuring there is something to satisfy everyone's taste palette with a range of coffee offerings. With drinks ranging from hot chocolates to lattes, cappuccinos to espressos - this bean to cup machine offers it all. With the use of technologically advanced features, the WMF 5000s is able to handle the high demand and range of beverages with ease, with the use of a high-performance brewer. Although there are high tech aspects of this machine, operating and cleaning this machine remains easy with a simple touch screen interface.

WMF espresso barista style coffee machine 2 group black and silver model with cup storage and adjustable cup height feature

Although WMF has become renowned for their range of high-quality bean to cup machines, it is important to remember they also produce a high tech espresso machine that has been built to impress. WMF have continually looked to improve their espresso machine since its introduction in 1995 - with high levels of innovation resulting in the WMF Espresso we see today. Whilst it has many features you would expect in a traditional espresso machine, it has a modern twist that helps to ensure consistency and reliability are never compromised. A good example of this is the WMF Espresso’s built-in grinder and automatic tampering technology, both of which help to provide a superior coffee experience. The WMF Espresso is a fully automatic espresso machine, making it a great coffee machine for those who aren’t as experienced as trained baristas, allowing easy operation. Although it uses automatic processes to reduce the need for a trained barista, there are manual elements such as the manual steam arm, which allow the user to provide drinks that meet individuals specific needs.

Franke T600 barista style coffee machine 2 group silver and black model side view

With a choice of 2,3 or 4 group models, the Franke T600 is an espresso machine that demonstrates many of the qualities you should come to expect when looking for a large commercial coffee machine. With a range of machine configurations this machine is capable of suiting a variety of businesses, helping to satisfy the highest demand. The Franke T600 has one of the highest coffee outputs in our recommended list, capable of producing 550 cups per day - this is a heavy duty machine, making it perfect for those busy coffee shops or cafes! This machines ability to cope in environments such as this is the built in boost function. This operates by boosting Despite its high daily cup count, this machine remains fairly easy to use, with each group containing 4 individually programmed dose settings as well as a manual stop/start button. For this reason we would recommend that users have some form of espresso machine experience to operate the Franke T600 with ease.

La Spaziale S5 EK 2 Group espresso machine Side View Silver Model

The La Spaziale S5 has proven to be a popular choice amongst a range of different environments with some examples including; restaurants, coffee shops and bars to name a few. This machine is very suitable for environments such as these, with a variety of machine configurations to suit differing business needs. Available in 1,2,3 and 4 group models, the La Spaziale S5 is extremely adaptable to both low and high capacity environments, with takeaway configurations also available - perfect for any coffee shop or cafe! Looking specifically at the most commonly purchased model, the 2 group EK variation is capable of producing up to 150 cups per day. Although this may not be as significant as other machines mentioned on this list it is important to bear in mind that the larger configurations of this model are capable of producing greater quantities. The La Spaziale S5 is a perfect large coffee machine for those who may be beginners who lack a extensive knowledge of espresso machine technology. La Spaziale have understood the need for a basic layout that is still technologically impressive, and have achieved this with the S5 series.

WMF 9000s bean to cup coffee machine front view

The WMF 9000s+ is a perfect example of a large commercial coffee machine, with its size, drink capacity and various drink offerings all being significantly greater than smaller alternatives. Providing the most individual coffee experience, the WMF 9000s+ is capable of being customised with a series of optional add ons as well as offering tailored beverage dispensing to suit each individuals needs. Commonly labeled the ‘maestro of perfect taste’ - this machine offers unparalleled performance and quality - making it a perfect suit to large working environments. Not only this, but the WMF 9000s+ has the ability to produce up to 350 cups per hour, proving this machine to be a workhorse within the coffee industry - helping satisfy even the highest levels of demand. This is helped with the use of innovative technologies such as the high performance brewer, with its ease of use being demonstrated through an interactive touch display and surrounding LED illumination - helping to alert users of required maintenance tasks. If you’re looking for a large commercial coffee machine that is guaranteed a warm reception in any working environment, the WMF 9000s+ is a great option for you.

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