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Commercial coffee machines for offices
  • Those who have access to a coffee machine at work are said to be more productive, focused and motivated.
  • Having an office coffee machine can put employees in a positive frame of mind.
  • Providing a coffee machine in the office helps reduce lost work time by eliminating the need for an employee to leave the office.
  • Offering speciality coffees as a workplace perk can reduce staff turnover levels, attract new employees or impress office visitors.
  • Bean to cup machines are the most common type of coffee machine in office environments.
  • The ideal office coffee machine should be easy to use, low maintenance, quick, and offer a selection of beverages.

Here at Bibium, we pride ourselves on our love of all things coffee, whether it be our own brand of coffee - Underdog Coffee - or our expert knowledge within the field of domestic and commercial coffee machines.

‘Commercial coffee machines’ is a very large umbrella term, as it refers to all the different kinds of coffee machines used in any professional setting. It goes without saying, however, that there would be a very different set of expectations between an office coffee machine and a restaurant coffee machine.

On this page, we’ll provide an in-depth insight into office coffee machines and suggest a range of both small and large capacity models that are sure to meet the needs of any sized office.

But what are the benefits of having a coffee machine in your office?

Before exploring these examples, it’s important to understand why office coffee machines are an asset. First and foremost, these days employees expect jobs to come with a few perks, and one of the most popular workplace benefits is access to high-quality coffee. Fortunately, this is a win/win situation, as the effects of drinking coffee have been the focus of much scientific research and its ability to increase levels of creativity and information retention has been proven time and time again!

Those who have access to coffee at work were found to be more productive, focused and motivated, with significant improvements in both mood and overall performance being noted. Studies have also shown that providing employees with the opportunity to step away from their desks can help reduce stress and help them adopt a positive frame of mind.

Not only do coffee machines in the office provide psychological benefits for employees but have been shown to improve overall office efficiency. With reports suggesting that 68% of employees consume coffee during the workday, it has been argued employee coffee cravings result in an increase in wasted time at work. This makes a degree of sense, considering those with a strong hankering for a latte, cappuccino, or any other speciality coffee will have to leave the office and head to a coffee shop if there is no way for them to make one at work. The average time taken by an employee to go out and get a coffee is at approximately 15 minutes, which can have a significant impact on individual employee performance and thus overall business performance. Not only does sourcing coffee from out of the office waste valuable working time it can also prove costly for individuals, or a company if it offers free coffee to its staff. Choosing to purchase or lease an office coffee machine can help to reduce these problems and prove to be more cost-effective than those ‘quick’ coffee runs to Costa or Starbucks.

You might not realise just how beneficial it is for employees to have access to a commercial coffee machine, but offering workplace perks such as high-quality coffee have been shown to help reduce staff turnover levels. Although it is not an overwhelming deciding factor on whether to accept a job or not, it does contribute to potential employees decisions as it will provide an insight into how your organisation cares for their staff. Employees feel more valued if they are being given something in return for their hard work, however, we understand that it is not always cost-effective to offer free coffee, which is why some office coffee machines we recommend come with optional payments systems.

Although office coffee machines provide many benefits for employees, it also reflects positively on your organisation to potential clients. Offering a courtesy beverage whilst they wait will portray your organisation in a positive light and may increase the likelihood that clients will deal with you again.

It is clear that there are many direct and indirect benefits of purchasing or leasing a commercial coffee machine, but what particular qualities or attributes should you be looking for? You might be thinking, “where do I start?” and that’s where Bibium are here to help! We have found that nearly all offices we’ve worked with select ‘Bean To Cup’ machines over other alternatives such as commercial filter coffee machines, traditional espresso machines or pod coffee machines, and why is this?

What Type Of machine Should You Look For In An Office Environment?

Commercial bean to cup coffee machines are incredibly versatile, with various models capable of satisfying both low and high demand while offering an assortment of hot drinks and speciality coffees. Another great feature of bean to cup machines is that they can provide a higher level of personalisation than other types of office coffee machines, with optional add-ons including extra coffee bean or cocoa powder hoppers, milk chillers and cup warmers. As mentioned above, many models also allow the incorporation of a payment system, with some being able to use both cash and proxy card payment methods. This makes them a great option should you wish to reduce the amount of time wasted visiting surrounding coffee shops while also providing a cost-effective way for employees to satisfy their caffeine craving. A cup of coffee produced by a bean to cup machine costs an average of £0.23/cup, so even if a business wanted to add a small margin on top, the total cost would still be considerably less than coffee from high street chains.


What Attributes Should You Look For In An Office Coffee Machine

Attributes you should be looking for when searching for your ideal bean to cup coffee machine for the office are as follows:

Easy To Use - You need to bear in mind that not everyone is a lover of technology and in fact, there are some real technophobes out there. Ensuring you select an office coffee machine that is easy to use is essential and while getting one with all the bells and whistles can be tempting, your primary concern should always be making sure that everyone in the office can operate it.

Low Maintenance - We understand that office environments can be hectic and that any spare minute between finishing one task and starting another should be spent on rest and recuperation, rather than giving the office coffee machine a deep clean. Many commercial bean to cup coffee machines come with automatic cleaning programmes as standard, and others are built using modular designs that allow them to be quickly taken apart and thoroughly cleaned in a matter of moments.

Multiple Drink Variations - It is practically impossible to please everyone but by ensuring that the office coffee machine caters to a wide variety of taste palettes, it is possible to please the vast majority. From espressos for those in need of an early morning boost to mochas for those that aren’t coffee fanatics but still need a bit of pep in their step, being able to offer an assortment of hot beverages reflects positively on a business.

Speedy - If an office experiences frequently high footfall then the office coffee machine needs to be able to cope with the high demand and thus needs to be speedy. Some bean to cup machines have a dual dispense feature that allows two beverages to be prepared at once, reducing the average wait time for employees.

One of the most important and often overlooked considerations is the size of the operation that the coffee machine will need to service. Is the business small, big or looking to expand? If the organisation has the potential to grow or if it is looking to grow significantly over a relatively short period of time, it is recommended that you select an office coffee machine that will cater for this increase in demand with a significantly higher cup count. Many commercial coffee machine manufacturers advise an average daily cup count, with some recommending that this is not exceeded as it can potentially void the warranty. With this in mind, you can see why it is important that you take size into account when making your decision.

Below are some popular examples of office coffee machines that might be suitable for your workplace:

WMF 1500s Bean To Cup Office Coffee Machine Model 1

An exemplary machine, encompassing quality German engineering and technologically advanced features, the WMF 1500s is perfect for businesses looking to satisfy a high demand. Capable of serving an average of 180 cups per day, the WMF 1500s boasts some impressive features; including a steam jet that acts as a cup warmer, an LED illuminated panel surrounding the touchscreen display indicating when action is needed (e.g. changing coffee beans), and a total of 48 programmable beverages with a separate hot water outlet for tea drinkers. This WMF coffee machine also provides its users with the option of selecting a fresh or powdered milk model, depending on their preference. Powdered milk requires less cleaning, however, it is always recommended that you clean an office coffee machine every day. As we say here at Bibium “if you look after your coffee machine, it will look after you”. Keeping on the subject of cleaning, WMF have ensured that cleaning the WMF 1500s is far from time-consuming thanks to its simple daily care process that makes it easy for anyone to clean it in a matter of minutes.

Jura WE8 bean to cup coffee machine black and silver model front view

A highly popular office coffee machine, the JURA WE8 may look dainty but it packs quite a punch! Ideal for smaller offices, it offers a simple coffee selection including; americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, flat whites and a separate hot water function. Despite its simple menu, we guarantee it will have something to appeal to everyone thanks to its 12 customisable drink specialities. Built with the number of potential users in mind, the JURA WE8 has a customer-friendly user interface that allows individuals to alter the quantity of coffee grounds and water to make their perfect brew. Cleanliness is always a priority when it comes to JURA coffee machines and the JURA WE8 is no exception. Complete with integrated rinsing programmes and specially developed cleaning products, adhering to hygiene standards has never been more simple or straightforward. If you’re looking for an office coffee machine that is highly functional alongside being aesthetically pleasing, the JURA WE8 will not disappoint.

DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite bean to cup machine with coffee front view chrome model

The Delonghi PrimaDonna Elite is the definition of an office coffee machine that is small yet mighty, and there are various reasons for this. One reason is that it offers a wide variety of beverages, including classic coffee selections as well as hot chocolate for those who might not be crazy about coffee. When it comes to commercial coffee machines, we don’t know many that can also produce coffee-based alcoholic beverages, but the Delonghi PrimaDonna Elite is capable of doing just that. It may not be a suitable feature for the typical 9-5 office hours but is a great feature for those office parties whether it be festive or achievement based. Enough of alcohol, let's get back to coffee! The Delonghi PrimaDonna Elite is technologically advanced with a variety of useful features; including a thermoblock system to ensure the perfect brewing temperature, a patented brewing unit and an aroma saving cover protecting the coffee stored in the container. With all these features what’s not to love about the Delonghi PrimaDonna Elite.

WMF 1100s bean to cup coffee machine black and silver model front view

Another WMF model has made it onto our list of recommended office coffee machines. The WMF 1100s is the result of WMF’s commitment to consistently providing high quality machinery that is as impressive aesthetically as it is functionality. Referred to as ‘The Office All-Star’ the WMF 1100s is the perfect commercial coffee machine for an office looking to satisfy a medium level of demand, and like its big brother - the WMF 1500S - it is packed full of thoughtful features that make it a great choice for any workplace. With a 7-inch touch display, users can navigate their way through its many drink selections quickly and easily. The WMF 1100s also allows its users to rename and customise drinks options, letting them create their own signature brew that perfectly suits their taste. These customisations can also be backed-up and saved to a memory stick.

Jura JX8 bean to cup coffee machine black and silver model front view

Another Jura coffee machine making it onto the list is no coincidence and just goes to show how perfectly suited to the workplace JURA bean to cup machines are. The Jura JX8 improves on the capabilities of its siblings whilst maintaining the same aesthetically appealing exterior found across the JURA range.Capable of producing 2 drinks at the same time, this highly efficient commercial coffee machine is the perfect option for large office spaces and is able to produce up to 100 cups per day. Designed to provide a wide selection of beverages, the JURA JX8 has 21 programmable drink specialities so that users can customise their favourite hot drinks to suit their individual preferences. Capable of preparing everything from espressos to latte macchiatos, the JURA JX8 makes use of various technologies to enhance the taste of the coffee it produces. Its integrated Aroma G3 coffee grinder, for instance, creates the perfect ground coffee whilst ensuring its aromas and tastes are preserved throughout the brewing process. Not only does it possess an impressive grinder, the JURA JX8 is also manufactured with intuitive maintenance and automated cleaning systems that has achieved TUV-certified hygiene and cleanliness. Complete with fantastic cleaning systems, a wide drink selection and an easy to navigate user interface, the Jura JX8 is the ideal office coffee machine and will provide a consistently flawless coffee experience without the need for a trained barista.

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