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office commercial coffee machines

There are many reasons why getting a commercial coffee machine for the office is a brilliant idea. With employees needing their morning caffeine fix, having fresh coffee in the office means less time is spent on coffee shop runs and that leads to higher productivity and a happier working environment. It may be tempting to pop down to the local John Lewis and purchase a domestic pod coffee machine for a couple hundred quid. Small investment, happy staff, it’s a win-win right? Well, not necessarily.

Here we explain why it is worth investing more money in commercial coffee machines, and explore the many benefits of doing so.

Commercial Coffee Machines Are Durable…

One of the most beneficial reasons for investing in an office coffee machine is their durability and longevity. These machines are built to last and designed to withstand the demand for constant on the go coffee. Consider how many hot drinks your office would require a coffee machine to make if everyone used it every day. If you have 25 people in your office and each drink two coffees a day, that’s 50 drinks a day. If you have a lot of client meetings then this number will be higher, so it’s essential that commercial coffee machines are able to consistently deliver optimum performance in the face of such high demand. Coffee machines designed for the home were not intended to withstand this level of use and will begin to show signs of wear after a short amount of time. By initially paying out a bit more for a commercial coffee maker, businesses can be safe in the knowledge that they have invested in a reliable piece of equipment that is capable of meeting their requirements. Best of all, there won’t be any office riots brought on by a broken coffee machine and caffeine withdrawals.

The environmental impact of constantly having to throw out and replace cheap domestic machines also needs to be taken into consideration. With domestic coffee machines liable to breakdown every few months due to overuse, disposing of broken machines only adds to the waste epidemic we are currently facing. By choosing a commercial coffee machine that is designed to withstand high volumes of use and last 5 years or more, you are actively reducing the waste produced by your office.

…And Built To Perform

As touched on above, you will be expecting a lot from your office coffee machine, often upwards of 50 coffees a day in a medium-sized office and significantly more in larger offices. In short, businesses require coffee machines that have the ability to produce high numbers of drinks per day. Bean to cup coffee machines and instant hot drink vending machines can easily produce upwards of 200 cups per day depending on the model. For instance, the WMF 1500s, one of our highest rated bean to cup coffee machines, can produce up to 250 cups a day. Designed specifically for busy environments, this bean to cup coffee makers of this calibre have high-performance levels easily capable of meeting the challenge of keeping an entire office caffeinated, happy and productive.

Coffee production relies heavily on water and investing in commercial models introduces the option of having coffee machines plumbed directly into the main water supply. This is far easier than many believe it to be and means no one will have to worry about refilling water tanks every couple of hours. Even businesses in hard water areas can take advantage of this feature, as limescale build up can be managed through professional water filters that ensure plumbed in coffee machines continue to perform at their best. Filter coffee machines with thermos containers allow you to keep large volumes of coffee hot at once, so there is no waiting time for a hot strong coffee to power your staff through the day. For example, the Bravilor Bonamat Aurora Twin can brew up to 11.4 litres in just 15 minutes.

Commercial Coffee Machines Offer Variety

Home coffee machines don’t offer much in terms of variety and with coffee these days being so diverse, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the type of coffee they like, how strong they like it, and their favourite type of roast. Bean to cup coffee machines and instant coffee machines offer far more in terms of variety; from lattes and cappuccinos to ristrettos and macchiatos. With many bean to cup coffee machines supporting two coffee bean hoppers, businesses are able to offer their staff two coffee bean options. Coffee strength, water volume, brew time and heat can easily be adjusted on most commercial models, allowing employees to easily adapt their coffee brew to meet their personal tastes.

Beverage options can be improved further by choosing a commercial coffee machine that also features a chocolate powder hopper, which allows for the creation of a wide variety of cocoa/coffee recipes such as mochas and, of course, the classic hot chocolate. Many bean to cup coffee machines also feature a hot water tap, allowing tea drinkers to also be catered for without the need of a separate kettle.

Commercial Coffee Machine Beverage Options
Coffetek Vitro Espresso, chocolate, cappuccino, mocha, latte, americano, café au lait, tea
Bravilor Esprecious Crema coffee, café au lait, cappuccino, espresso, espressochoc, hot chocolate, latte macchiato, moccachino, hot water
WMF 1500s Espresso, latte, cappuccino, latte macchiato, café crema, chocolate
Bravilor Sego Coffee crema, café au lait, cappuccino, espresso, espreschoc, americano, latte macchiato, moccachino, hot chocolate, hot water
WMF 1100s Espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, café crème, espresso macchiato, caffè latte, hot water
Jura Giga X3 Professional Latte macchiato, cappuccino, caffè latte, espresso macchiato, espresso, ristretto, flat white, hot water
Schaerer Prime Ristretto, espresso, coffee, milk coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, chociatto, hot milk, hot water, instant beverages (tea, soup, etc)

Enjoy Professional Milk Foam

Create the perfect milk foam for your cappuccinos with just a press of a button. Many commercial coffee machines produce barista-quality milk foam internally with integral cappuccino makers, removing the need to faff around with an aeroccino milk frother. Coffee expectations are high within the modern workplace so it is essential that any office coffee machine should meet these expectations. Failure to do so would result in staff continuing to nip out to the local Starbucks or Costa, rather than make use of the facilities provided. Businesses can bring professional quality coffee to their employees – complete with effortlessly steamed frothed milk – thanks to office coffee machines such as the Jura WE8 with its One-Touch function. Many commercial coffee machine models give users the option to choose between fresh or powdered milk. Powdered milk is simply freeze-dried milk, so the quality of its taste is almost as good as fresh milk. Other differences between the two types of milk include their cost, shelf life, and storage requirements. See our FAQ page on the difference between powdered and fresh milk to help you decide which would be the best option for you.
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Commercial Coffee Machines Are Easy-To-Use…

Many people are put off from commercial coffee machines by the fear that they will be difficult to operate and maintain. However, most machines are designed around a user-friendly interface that makes these machines easy to be used by absolutely anyone. Many machines, such as the WMF 1100s bean to cup coffee machine, feature clear LED screens that display beverage options and deliver prompts when the machine requires refilling, cleaning or servicing. Other machines use intuitive graphical displays, making the selection of desired coffee specialities as easy as ordering it from your local coffee shop.

Looking after office coffee machines is made easy as most models make parts that need regular cleaning with modular designs, allowing them to be easily removed and put back together. Programmable automatic cleaning cycles can also be used to speed up daily cleaning routines. Coffee machines that use powdered milk, like the Coffetek Vitro, require much less cleaning than those that use fresh milk, thereby saving time.


There are many convenient coffee machine features available, with new ones being created:

  • LED Displays
  • Touch Screen Menus
  • Graphical Icons
  • Multiple Grind Fineness Settings
  • Programmable Drink Recipes
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Automatic Cleaning Cycles
  • Easily Removable Modular Designs
  • Low Ingredient Warning Lights

…And Adaptable

Unlike most coffee machines for the home, commercial coffee makers offer lots of different add-ons to meet the unique requirements of each individual office. Storage requirements can be met with some machines offering base cabinets, turning a tabletop machine into a free standing machine. Optional cup dispensers and cup warmers allow cups to be stored either beside or on top of a machine, as well as keeping them warm and ready for use. The option of a larger coffee bean hopper for a bean to cup coffee machine means higher volumes can be served without having to refill as frequently. Additional refrigerated storage allows milk to be stored and accessed by machines all day without the risk of it going off. There are a variety of milk systems available to give users more options when it comes to the type of milk they wish to use and the type of drinks they wish to make. With different machines offering different coffee options – such as bean to cup coffee machines, brewers, liquid coffee machines, and instant powder vending machines – the possibilities are endless! Fortunately, there will always be a coffee machine out there that meets your requirements.

Commercial Coffee Machines Help Save Money

Many coffee machines for the home use pod capsules that do produce great quality coffee. However, the costs begin to creep up when you’re are supplying enough pods to serve an office, especially if staff are provided with coffee for free. Businesses will want to keep costs to a minimum, and the cost per coffee when using domestic pod brands such a Nespresso and Tassimo range from 30p-50p per cup. Factor in the cost of additional milk and costs start to soar.

The cost of running bean to cup coffee machines are far lower than pod coffee machines, as coffee beans cost between 16p-20p per cup and produce full-bodied aromatic coffee that any coffee connoisseur would appreciate. Powder coffee is around 15p per cup but the cost of powder milk is higher than fresh milk so this needs to be taken into account when choosing an instant coffee machine.

Milk costs are an important consideration with milk based coffees, such as lattes and cappuccinos, as these kind of drinks are amongst the most popular. Fresh milk costs around 7p per cup but coffee machines that use it require more cleaning time. Powdered milk can be nearly double the price per cup but saves a load of time cleaning and is much easier to store.

Many commercial coffee machines have energy saving modes making them both economical and eco-friendly. Some allow users to programme an automatic heat-up time so that coffee is ready to be served when people start to arrive at the office in the morning. This same feature will turn the machine off when the working day is over, thereby saving money on running costs.


When investing in an office coffee machine, businesses have the option to lease in order spread the cost over a 6 month to a 5-year period. This option allows offices to invest in a commercial grade machine without having to worry about getting all the money together up front, thereby alleviate some of the financial pressure. Coffee machine leases allow the leaseholder to purchase the machine at the end of the agreement by paying off the remaining value. This gives businesses the opportunity to choose a better model than the one they may have gone for if they had had to pay the full amount up front. By paying in manageable, tax-deductible monthly payments, businesses are able to budget efficiently, making investing in a commercial coffee machine a far less daunting prospect. There are also options to upgrade the coffee machine within a lease if, for instance, the size of a company suddenly expands or it is decided that a coffee machine with even more capabilities is required. Leasing gives businesses the flexibility to adapt according to their needs, and you can find out more by taking a look at our Pros and Cons of Leasing FAQ Pages.

To summarise, the benefits of leasing a commercial coffee machine include:

  • Spread the cost
  • Invest in a better model
  • Ability to upgrade
  • Easy monthly payments

Service Options:

By purchasing or leasing a commercial coffee machine, businesses will receive a comprehensive warranty period where breakdowns or faults are both covered. It is worth mentioning that if a domestic coffee machine is bought for use in a commercial setting, such as an office, any warranty will be void. Even if the fact a domestic machine had been used incorrectly were ignored, the office will be without coffee for a period of time as repairs are made or the machine is replaced. When a commercial coffee machine breaks down, on the other hand, a specialised technician is sent out to it and they carry out any repairs that are needed then and there.

There are many reasons why offices should consider purchasing a commercial coffee machine over a domestic one, and there are many so many options available that there is sure to be at least one to suit all possible requirements. Take the Bibium quiz to see what coffee machine would best suit your needs, but as a general guide we would recommend the following machines:

Premises: Coffee Machine Recommendation
Small Offices (Fewer Than 50 People) WMF 1100s, Bravilor Sego, Coffetek Vitale, Jura WE8
Medium Offices (50 – 200 People) Bravilor Esprescious, Coffetek Vitro, WMF 1500s, Jura JX8, WMF 1100s
Large Office (Over 200 People) Coffetek Vitro, Schaerer Prime, Franke A800, WMF1500s, Jura Giga Z8

Commercial Coffee Machines Improve Aesthetics & Morale

Lastly, coffee machines quickly become the heart of the office, so why not make sure it looks the part? With many sleek stylish designs, classic looks and ultra-modern customisable LED panels like those on the bean to cup WMF 1500s, office coffee machines can set the mood of an entire office. Aesthetics are particularly important if clients are likely to come into the office, and the ability to offer a client a quality cup of coffee from a machine that not only produces a great coffee but also looks great will make a big impression and create a professional appearance.

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