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bulk commercial coffee machines

Used in a variety of environments, commercial bulk brew coffee machines are a great way of producing high volumes of coffee for high demand environments. Typically used in the catering industry - there are a wide variety of options available, ranging from low to high capacity models - with varying machine types ranging from thermal brewers to decanter coffee machines. But what are the benefits of these type of machines and where are they typically used?

Perhaps stating the obvious, but the main benefit of selecting bulk coffee brewers is their ability to produce extremely high quantities of coffee in short periods of time. Some bulk brew coffee machines are capable of producing up to 130 litres of coffee an hour, making them the perfect fit for any high demand environment. This makes them ideal for use within the catering industry, where large quantities of coffee are required for day to day serving or high capacity events. With coffee being available at the turn of a tap, it has never been easier for users to dispense high-quality coffee rapidly - helping to serve the masses.

Since commercial bulk brew coffee machines are typically used within the catering industry, it is important to make a note of why this is; with its ease of transport being just one reason. Bulk coffee brewers are particularly easy to transport to a variety of locations as they don't have as many components as other types of coffee machine. They also require fewer accompanying accessories like grinders or milk fridges being required.

Bulk coffee brewers are not only suitable for catering environments, however, as they also prove popular in both office spaces and canteens. Solutions such as these are great for busy offices and canteens, due to their ability to provide coffee quickly and easily - perfect for those in need of a swift caffeine boost on their morning and afternoon breaks. It is important to note that they are only capable of preparing black coffee, making them perfect for those who love an original cup of joe. However, if you’re environment is full of coffee fanatics requiring a range of coffee based beverages it might be a better idea to acquire a bean to cup machine instead. Why not take our quiz and find out which model might be best for you.

One worry of having a bulk coffee brewer that produces such high volumes rapidly is the implications on quality. Fortunately, modern machines of this type incorporate numerous technologies that effectively ensure that coffee is delivered to a consistently high standard and offers a superior flavour every single time. Many - if not all - commercial bulk brew coffee machines ensure that quality is never compromised whilst providing the most superior coffee brewing technology.


It is important to understand the financial costs of bulk brew coffee machines as they can range significantly from several hundred pounds all the way to several thousand pounds. This depends of the type of bulk brew coffee machine you choose, with the cheaper alternatives typically being glass decanter or filter coffee machines. With this machine variation, users are able to produce up to 100 cups per day, making it perfect for those low-mid level demand environments. For the price, these machines offer great features and are explored below in greater detail. More expensive models typically come with more advanced features, with one example being more dispensing taps - these can range up to £8000 in price and are highly suitable for high capacity events or dining areas. These are explored in greater detail below.

There are various types of commercial bulk brew coffee machines available, from high to low capacity, single and dual brewers. We understand it can sometimes be confusing when deciding which machine type will be the most suitable for you. For the purpose of this article, we have deemed it wise to break these down into the different types of bulk coffee brewers that fall within this category and take a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of each - helping provide you with a better understanding of bulk coffee brewers.

Bunn Twin Urn commercial filter coffee machine with drip trays left side view chrome model

Pictured: Bunn Twin Urn

Coffee urns are particularly popular within the catering industry, with their large size meaning that high volumes of coffee can be produced at any given time. These come in various sizes, meaning that they are capable of holding anywhere from 10-100 cups of coffee. So whether you’re looking for a small urn for your meeting room or staffroom or a larger option for corporate events, one thing is certain - there are a number of different solutions available to suit a variety of demands. Many of these bulk brew coffee machines are made out of stainless steel in order to help preserve the coffee's temperature, with a typical characteristic of urns also being their ease of transportation.

Bravilor Bonamat Mondo Matic Twin round filter coffee machine front view silver model

Pictured: Bravilor Matic Twin

Commonly seen in school canteens and offices, filter coffee machines are a great option for those looking for machines that can satisfy up to 100 cups per day - brewing each batch of coffee to the perfect temperature. Many of these models also have hot plate features, with some even having multiple hot plates - allowing for a great volume of coffee to be premade, perfect for those busy environments.

Marco Qwikbrew Twin commercial filter coffee machine close up left side view silver model

Pictured: Marco Qwikbrew Twin

Thermal coffee brewers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and similar to urns, are capable of producing large volumes of coffee in short periods of time. Small thermal brewers typically dispense coffee into a vacuum flask or an airpot and are typically used for low coffee consumption. Larger alternatives also have various taps to accommodate for tea drinkers in any environment by including hot water dispensing. These bulk brew coffee machines are an ideal suit for a variety of environments ranging from offices to staff rooms, with larger alternatives also being great for any hotel dining room or catering event.

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