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Coffee: Culture, Caffeine & Calories: An Infographic by Bibium

May 12, 2018

Culture Caffeine and Calories

We all know the world’s favourite coffees right? Latte, Cappuccino, maybe a Macchiato if we’re feeling adventurous. Well, not so fast! 

In certain parts of the world, if you ask to try the local speciality you might find yourself coming face to face with some rather bizarre beverages!

So if you want to find out where in the world people like to indulge in a mix of coffee and cheese, or you’re just looking to expand your global coffee knowledge, then look no further.

We’ve put together a round-up of the world’s favourite coffees so take a look at the map below to find out more about coffee culture, caffeine and calories worldwide!

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So two cups of coffee really can be as different as chalk and cheese. And if a cheesy cup of Joe isn’t exactly top of your coffee wishlist, you might want to give Sweden a wide berth.

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