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Fun Alternative Options For Office Deliveries

November 6, 2015

Office Supplies Delivery

Obviously, the most important thing to have delivered to your office is coffee. But once you’ve got your office coffee delivery sorted, perhaps it’s time to look further afield. What else can you get delivered at the tap of a button or the click of a mouse? We’ve found six fun / delicious / healthy / sartorially useful options. Check them out!

Delicious Fresh FruitFruits In The City Logo

Fruits in the City – Edinburgh

Wish you had something delicious AND healthy to snack on in the office? Live in Scotland? Fruits in the City could well be the answer! These guys offer an extensive selection of delicious, fresh fruit and bespoke boxes based on company size and budget. This Edinburgh based fruit supplier will help you achieve your 5-a-day. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace!


Tasty Beer

Desk Beers – London & throughout the UK

It’s a Friday; it’s been a long week, and all you want is an ice cold craft beer. We’re delighted to introduce the folks of Desk Beers! Whether it’s Friday beers, office parties or Tuesday at 10:30am locked in the supply closet hiding from the boss, Desk Beers delivers what you need to make the workday more delightful. Offering free delivery and no ongoing contracts, you can kick back and enjoy some of the UK’s best breweries. CEO Adam Rogers promises same day deliveries are coming soon for that immediate fix for a horrid day.


All Your Clothes, Cleaned

Laundrapp Banner

Laundrapp – London

Laundrapp offers a same day laundry service that’s collected and dropped off for free. With special deals on shirts and suits, it is perfect for all you city bigwigs (and it makes the walk of shame Friday mornings simpler too!). Washed, dried and folded – Laundrapp will completely change the way you look at your laundry basket!

From Joe at Laundrapp:

Ever wished someone else would do your laundry and dry cleaning? That’s why we built Laundrapp, London’s most popular dry cleaning and laundry app. Download Laundrapp for iPhone or Android and we’ll collect, clean and deliver your clothes anywhere in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. We make on-demand laundry convenient and affordable, with FREE collection and delivery at a time you choose – so clean clothes are always just a few swipes away!

British Independent Snacks

Office Pantry Banner

Office Pantry – UK wide

Looking for a super tasty midday snack that’s not come from the bowels of a vending machine? Maybe something locally sourced and independently produced? Office Pantry may be the answer to your snacking prayers. According to founder Giles Mitchell:

At Office Pantry we deliver super foods to super offices. As well as our British independent snacks (which shame any vending machine), we deliver fresh fruit and even cater for conferences and provide corporate gifting. Currently delivering to a whole host of companies from Deloitte to Lovehoney and almost everything in between.

Sounds like they do a bit of everything. Splash out for independent producers!

Deliverance LogoActual Full Meals

Deliverance – London & UK

Do you suffer from mid-afternoon cravings in the office? Working late and want a fresh, wholesome meal? Deliverance is a modern takeaway service aiming to save Londoners from hunger. It boasts a wide variety of global food options made fresh to order and delivered in under an hour. Crème Brulee delivered direct to your desk – yes, please! No word on when they’re going to introduce an in-office hog roast option.

Update: Sadly, Deliverance closed in May 2016, due to “rapid changes in the food delivery market”.

Juice without the Juicer

Raw And Juicy Banner

Raw & Juicy – UK-wide, free delivery in London

The worst thing about making your own juice is the massive mess/cleanup afterwards. Have no fear, we’ve got a prepackaged single serve shortcut for you! If you’ve overindulged recently or fancy testing out a highly recommended Juice Detox, Raw & Juicy can sort you out. They’re the UK’s first delivery juice “detox” company and have opened to rave reviews from the likes of Vogue & Men’s Health. All the ingredients are fresh and 100% organic to help boost your immune system and see the best results possible.

Office Delivery in Action

There are too many delicious options, you say? How do we choose/combine them all to maximum effect, you ask? Here’s one potential use case:

  • Thursday 19:30, working late: Ring up Deliverance to sort out a delicious supper; line that stomach with something healthy before heading out for Thursday (it’s the new Friday) drinks.
  • Friday 09:30, tottering in with a sore head wearing the same thing you had on last night (no judgment): Grab a freshly pressed shirt and tie (blouse/skirt) off the rack and dial up a Laundrapp pickup to take away the evidence for cleaning.
  • Friday 09:37, questioning your decisionmaking processes: crack open a delicious Raw and Juicy drink to begin the detox.
  • Friday 10:35, craving vitamins: tuck into an organic banana from Fruits in the City to replace much-needed potassium and settle the stomach a bit before the mandatory two-hour Friday lunch
  • Friday 15:13, realising you drank more than you ate at lunch: time for a delicious snack from Office Pantry, preferably something from an independent producer!
  • Friday 16:30, realising you’re going to head out to happy hour soon, and you need to get back on the horse: Stealthfully nick a tasty craft beer out of the office fridge for a bit of hair of the dog. Hiding under your desk while drinking the mana from Desk Beers is optional.

Is this all too much, and you just want some delicious coffee? Try Our Coffee