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The Ten Most Expensive Commercial Espresso Machines

Interest in coffee is at an all-time high, and new coffee roasters, bean varieties and brands crop up every week. But it’s not just about discovering the best coffee; it’s about the machines you use to showcase a bean’s quality and flavours. We’ve found the top ten most expensive commercial espresso machines around. Mostly for fun, because no one can afford them.

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1. Synesso Cyncra | £8,300

Synesso Cyncra 3 Group Espresso Coffee Machine Front View

Known for its durability and consistency, the Synesso Cyncra is a barista favourite worldwide. Hand built in the USA, it boasts touch steam wands, three espresso shower heads and individual brew boilers.

A great one for super high-end coffee shops.

2. Nuova Simonelli Aurelia | £8,950

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia 3 group espresso machine front view chrome model

As a mark of its authority, Nuova was the official machine manufacturer for the World Barista Championships 2009-2011.

This Italian machine manufacturer has over 70 years’ experience in the coffee industry, and you can tell they’ve been paying attention for the last seven decades. With unique features such as guaranteed temperature precision and sturdy Italian leather handles, the Nueva Simonelli Aurelia is probably the best machine you’ll get for under £10k.

3. Rancilio Classe 11 | £12,300

Rancilio Classe 11 3 Group espresso coffee machine Front-Side View black and grey model

Roberto Rancilio started the Rancilio Espresso Machine Company back in 1927, in a small village of Milan. Still one of the most popular coffee machines in the industry, it offers stainless steel casing, slick design and topside cup storage to keep them warm. How cool is that?

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4. Slayer Steam | £11,600

Slayer Steam 3 group espresso machine side view chrome model with wooden detail

Looking like something out of a Bond film (this would fit in very nicely on an island lair), the Slayer Steam hails from Seattle. With coffee in it's blood (it is the home of Starbucks after all), the team behind this futuristic machine have been working on it's design and function since 2007.

It boasts some nifty features, such as a barista dashboard and even something called a "Vaporizer", which heats the milk steam until it becomes an invisible vapor. No, we're not sure why either. But it sounds cool.

5. Elektra Belle Epoque | £13,250

Elektra Belle Epoque barista style coffee machine 3 group silver model front view

Looking like a long lost cousin of a ‘Doctor Who’ Dalek, or perhaps an early model R2D2, the Belle Epoque is a throwback to the coffee machines of yesteryear.

With the undoubted elegance of its copper and brass design and the admirable craftsmanship of the individual levers and controls, it’s easy to see why it’s so valuable. Bravo Elektra, Bravo!

6. La Marzocco FB80 4 Group | £15,000

La Marzocco FB80 2 group espresso machine front view chrome model with red and black detailing

After 80 years in the coffee industry, La Marzocco created their FB80 model as a testament to their constant pursuit of perfection and caffeine excellence. A barista and coffee shop favourite, this model lets you adjust brewing temperature and digital thermal stability along with all essentials.

Dubbed “The King of the commercial coffee machine,” we’d have to agree.

7. Ascaso Big Dream - £15,880

Ascaso Big Dream 2 Group espresso machine Front View silver model

Ascaso's Big Dream espresso machine is worthy of its slightly bombastic name. It won the Specialty Coffee Association's "Best New Product" award last year, and its unique feature is that absolutely every component is made of stainless steel.

Despite its high-tech spec, the Big Dream is pleasingly retro in its appearance, so we can see it suiting most coffee shop or office environments. It looks like the Aston Martin of espresso machines. And as it's available in over 250 colours, we're sure even the fussiest interior designer could find a colour they like.

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8. La Marzocco Strada EP | £20,000

La Marzocco Strada EP 2 group espresso machine right side view chrome and black model

The EP stands for Electronic Paddle, which is the super fancy feature that makes this La Marzocco espresso machine so premium.

It's designed to be adjusted by the barista, giving them full control over the pressure level used in the extraction process. For a barista who knows what they're doing, this extra level of ownership is very attractive, and you can even auto program pressure profiles, e.g. a slow or a quick extraction depending on the desired flavour and strength.

9. Sanremo Opera | £12,500

San Remo Opera 2 Group espresso machine Side View silver model

Another mainstream name in the espresso machine world, Sanremo's Opera is their top of the range offering, designed by actual baristas especially for the specialty coffee market.

It really is a gorgeous looking bit of kit. And it's got brains as well as looks - it has display screens, a shot timer and even Bluetooth connectivity. The idea is that you can link a set of Acaia scales to autocorrect each shot, so your coffee is perfectly consistent throughout the day, no matter which barista is making it. Clever, eh?

10. Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech | £13,000

Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle espresso machine 3 groups side view

This machine is so good, it was actually the machine used for the World Barista Championship from 2015 to 2017.

It boasts a lot of features that allow a barista to really make their mark on the cup of coffee they make. There's a push and pull system to influence extraction speed, a cool touch wand and an LED screen that shows real time data such as temperatures, coffee, delivery time... A dream come true for the nerdiest coffee connoisseur.

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