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Schaerer Brand Spotlight

May 21, 2018

Schaerer Logo

Schaerer Logo

It all started in Bern, Switzerland, in 1892. The company’s founder, Maurice Schaerer, opened a small retail store selling surgical and hospital equipment, showcasing the engineering competencies and knowledge deeply rooted within the brand. Satisfying the desire for luxury and indulgence caused by the deprivation of World War I, Schaerer decided to design his first ever coffee machine in 1924, leveraging his expertise in steam and metal engineering and combining it with finest coffee know-how. This decision laid the foundation for what is now over 125 years of successful company history.

Following the development of fast-food restaurants in the 1970s, Schaerer developed their first fully automatic coffee machine in 1977. The Schaerer KM77 allowed brewing of perfect coffee in a short time. This coffee machine was designed to be completely automatic, take up relatively little space and be easy to use, making it perfect for any self-service counter.

Throughout their development of various coffee machines, Schaerer has always been characterised by their sophisticated and modern design, combined with revolutionary technology and individual modular components. This focus on versatility and quality has earned them a place in restaurants and offices all over the world, and while its headquarters is still based in Switzerland, Schaerer now has subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium and the US as well as more than 100 partners in its network all over the globe.

What started out as a development and technology cooperation with WMF in 2003, resulted in the integration of Schaerer into the WMF Group in 2006. Today, both are part of ‘Groupe SEB’ and form an independent part of the business together. This unique partnership allows both companies to exchange and synergise the competencies of all employees, resulting in a mutually benefiting cooperation that encourages innovation and technological expertise. If you want to find out a little more about WMF, give our WMF Brand spotlight a read.

Schaerer Coffee Art Plus Coffee Machine

Schaerer Coffee Art Plus Coffee Machine

First launched in 2007, the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus offers the largest variety of technologies for milk processing by introducing the Schaerer Milk Universe. Designed for restaurants, coffee-shops, hotels and self-service stations, the Coffee Art Plus allows maximum individualisation of coffee creations. The Milk Smart systems add hot milk to the coffee fully automatically, while Best FoamTM can produce hot, cold and creamy milk foam in the best barista-quality.

Schaerer Coffee Prime Coffee MachineSchaerer Coffee Prime Coffee Machine

With the Coffee Prime, Schaerer launched a first-class coffee machine in 2011 that allows for the highest quality of coffee creations with maximum flexibility while requiring minimal maintenance, low running costs and easy cleaning. Moreover, the environmental-friendly NcFoamer (con cleaning foamer) disposable concept makes the daily cleaning of the milk system redundant.

This machine is perfect for self-serving environments. If larger beverage sizes are required, Coffee Prime can be upgraded with the Schaerer Powerpack to allow for more power, producing higher volumes faster.