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Storrs Hall Luxury Hotel

At Bibium, we believe that for every business there is a perfect coffee machine and that it’s our job to match the two up. That’s why we love finding out how different businesses use their commercial coffee machines to treat their customers and improve the working lives of their staff.

This week, we’ve interviewed Storrs Hall, a 4 -star luxury hotel on Windermere, to find out how their coffee offerings augment the already startling service they provide to their guests.

1. Which coffee does Storrs Hall use, and where do you source it from?

In our bar, we use Penningtons coffee beans – which are based in Kendal, Cumbria.

2. Which commercial coffee machine do you use, and why did you choose this particular machine?

We use a La Spaziale coffee machine, which is compatible with the Penningtons coffee beans. We like to use this particular coffee machine because it has electronic temperature control, meaning that it’s safe to use and creates quality coffees for our guests. It’s also very versatile, allowing us to make a variety of coffees.

3. Which of your coffee beverages are the most popular?

We offer cafetière coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites – all of which are equally popular.

4. How important is coffee to Storrs Hall as a product?

Coffee is a very important part of our offering as we use it throughout the whole day – from breakfast through to dinner. It also creates a warming atmosphere for our guests, which helps us to boost our footfall.

5. Does Storrs Hall have any unique Food & Beverage/coffee offerings for your guests?

The most unique coffee offering that we provide our guests with is our liqueur coffees – which are particularly warming for the winter months.

6. As a hotel, how are you using coffee to boost your business propositions?

We don’t consider coffee to be a USP (unique selling point) in our hotel, and we don’t really use it as a marketing strategy. As coffee is a national favourite, we don’t believe that using it as part of our marketing is necessary – but we do believe that it enhances our food and drink offerings.

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If we didn’t have a coffee machine, we’d likely lose out on custom.

Unsure as to which commercial coffee machine is the right fit for your business? We've put together a handy guide on the Top 7 Low Cost Commercial Coffee Machines. Alternatively, if you'd like to discuss further, please contact us today.

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7. Are coffee offerings a central part of Storrs Hall’s F&B department? If not, would you consider upgrading the service and equipment?

We believe that coffee is most certainly a central part of our department. It’s a crucial part of our offering since coffee is widely enjoyed – and we like to ensure that our guests are provided with staple beverages. If we didn’t have a coffee machine, we’d likely lose out on custom.

8. Does your La Spaziale coffee machine improve the quality and speed of your service? Why?

Our coffee machine doesn’t really affect these aspects of the business. It does make good quality coffees, so it boosts customer satisfaction in that respect. Nevertheless, we do believe our coffee machine is an important part of our food and beverage offerings since it can make a variety of coffees to suit individual needs.

9. Does Storrs Hall use Fairtrade or organic coffee? If not, would you consider using these?

The coffee we use is Fairtrade – but not organic. We find that the coffee we use provides a good enough product to our guests, which are enjoyed daily. However, if costs allowed, we would certainly consider using organic coffee.

10. Would you recommend a commercial coffee machine to other hotels to support and boost their business? Why?

We would definitely recommend that all hotels invest in a commercial coffee machine, since they are so beneficial to F&B offerings as well as footfall. Coffee machines also add a more professional touch to the bar, serving up better quality coffees that you might otherwise make at home. Coffee machines also allow the use of coffee beans, which create better tasting and better looking coffees as opposed to using the instant varieties.

11. What is most important to you when selecting a coffee supplier/brand for your guests?

We choose Penningtons coffee beans because they are Fairtrade and provide our guests with great quality coffees. They’re also compatible with our La Spaziale coffee machine; the combination creates coffees that both look and taste good.