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Seeing as how commercial coffee machines are our bread and butter, there are few things we enjoy more than finding out how businesses use them to benefit their customers, clients, and employees. In our first interview of 2019, we spoke to Headlam Hall, an award-winning luxury 4-star hotel in Darlington, to find out how they use coffee to keep their guests happy.

1. Which coffee does Headlam Hall offer and where do you source it from?

We use Ringtons of Newcastle. Ringtons offer high-quality coffee that is both ethically and sustainably sourced. Many of their coffee blends have won Great Taste Awards, making them an ideal choice for a hotel like Headlam Hall.

2. Which commercial coffee machine is used at Headlam Hall, and why did you choose this particular machine?

We use a Casadio Undici coffee machine, which is compatible with the Ringtons of Newcastle beans. We chose a Casadio coffee machine as it allows us to make a variety of great tasting coffees, including lattes and cappuccinos.

3. Which of your coffee beverages are the most popular?

We offer a variety of coffees; not just from our Casadio coffee machine. Our filter coffee is most popular amongst our guests due to its versatility and great taste.

4. How important is coffee to Headlam Hall as a product, and why?

Coffee is very important to us as a business. We make and serve beverages in our brasserie, which people visit specially to enjoy a coffee. It provides our guests with an opportunity to sit and socialise, adding to the warm and friendly atmosphere that we strive to create.

5. Does Headlam Hall have any unique Food & Beverage/coffee offerings for its guests?

We don’t have any offerings specifically for these departments, as we feel that our coffee service in the brasserie creates a great return in footfall. However, our general offers and events give existing and prospective customers the perfect opportunity to try our coffees.

6. As a hotel, how are you using coffee to boost your business propositions?

We don’t use coffee as a focus for boosting our business propositions as such; however, our variety of coffee offerings mean that guests take us seriously as a coffee-serving establishment and enjoy visiting us regularly for a beverage.

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7. Are your coffee offerings a central part of the F&B department at Headlam Hall? If not, would you consider upgrading the service and equipment?

We would certainly consider coffee a central point of sale in our brasserie, but not so much in the restaurant. We like to see our guests enjoying a coffee together in a social environment, and as our guests are happy with our current service, we aren’t considering any upgrades at this moment in time.

8. Does your Commercial coffee machine improve the quality and speed of your service?

We do believe that our Casadio coffee machine improves the quality of the coffee we serve. It makes high quality, great tasting coffee that’s enjoyed by our guests.

9. Does Headlam Hall use Fairtrade or organic coffee? If not, would you consider using these?

We’re not using Fairtrade or organic coffee at the moment, but if costs allow, we would potentially consider incorporating this into our coffee offerings in the future.

10. Would you recommend a commercial coffee machine to other hotels to support and boost their business? Why?

Without a doubt, we would recommend coffee machines to other hotels. Not only do they make serving coffee a faster process, but they create professional, high-quality coffees that simply can’t be achieved by hand. Coffee machines alone help to improve footfall rates, so they are definitely worth the investment.

11. What is most important to you when selecting a coffee brand/supplier for Headlam Hall’s guests?

The most important aspects we consider are how the coffee tastes and the price of the coffee. We aim to select coffee beans that are within our budget whilst being a pleasurable taste experience for our guests.