We strive to provide you with an all-in-one solution to guarantee convenience and peace of mind that we have everything you need. Whether you’re an office manager looking to provide your workers with a little motivation or a cafe owner seeking out the best options to serve your loyal customers, you’ll find the answers here. We have everything you need for coffee machine vending, including soluble milk and hot chocolate power, but also a variety of different flavoured coffee syrups for an extra treat.

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  • Canderel Sticks (1000 per case) No ratings yet.

    1000 x Canderel sweetener sticks


    Canderel Sweetener sticks (singles) are specifically formulated to complement hot beverages. The Canderel Sweetener comes in a small sealed stick perfect for use in hotels, restaurants and cafes, even great for use in mobile units.Each Canderel Sweetener stick has the sweetening power of approximately 2 teaspoons of normal sugar. The additional bonus of using the Canderel Sweetener sticks are the health benefits that they provide 10 times fewer calories than that of a normal sugar.

  • Classic Soluble Skimmed Milk (No HVO, 5kg) No ratings yet.

    Berry Callebaut granulated skimmed milk no HVO
  • Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sticks (1000 per case) No ratings yet.

    1000 x Fairtrade brown sugar sachet 700 x 700


    Any establishment that serves teas, coffees and other hot drinks cannot manage with the little bits on the side, especially sugar. Sweetness is, after all, a personal preference. Wrapped in easy to open packaging that is printed with the Fairtrade logo, these really are the ideal accompaniments to your selection of hot drinks. The sugar used in these sticks is sourced solely from the Kasinthula Cane Growers' Association. Formed in the mid-1990s, in conjunction with the national government, the cooperative converted previously unused and unproductive land in Malawi into a dedicated sugar plantation in order to provide an income for local farmers.

  • Fairtrade White Sugar Sticks (1000 per case) No ratings yet.

    Fairtrade white sugar single sachet 700 x 700


    Fairtrade sugar is sourced ethically, providing the producers with a fair wage, improving the quality of life for the farmers and aiding sustainability. This sugar is supplied in individual sachets, providing you with the perfect portion to sweeten your drink. Perfect for use in hospitality, catering, meetings and conferences. This bulk pack contains 1,000 white sugar sachets.

  • Van Houten Hot Chocolate Sachets (100 x 23g sachets ) No ratings yet.

    Van Houten Chocolate Sachet and Box


    Van Houten's chocolate sachets are perfect for anyone who wants to experience the great taste of Van Houten without the need for a coffee or vending machine. These instant sachets are paired greatly with some frothed milk, promising sweet chocolatey flavours and a delightful foam that will leave you wanting more each time.

  • Van Houten VH10 Vending Hot Chocolate (10 x 1Kg) No ratings yet.

    VanHouten Chocolate Drink


    Van Houten's VH10 is perfect for anyone who owns a coffee or vending machine that's capable of preparing hot chocolates. When prepared with frothed milk from a coffee machine, the sweet chocolatey flavours and delightful foam will leave you wanting more each time.

    AllergensMilk, Soya
    Pack size1KG
    Case size10 Bags