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Coffee Grinders

The coffee grinder is an essential piece of kit for any owner of a filter or espresso coffee machine that’s not already equipped with one, or anyone looking for the ability to freshly grind their own beans everyday for use in a compatible coffee maker. More than just a way to granulate beans, a coffee grinder can also be used to keep ground coffee fresh for longer and to dispense it to ideal portions for various coffee drinks. Most models can be programmed to different levels of grind coarseness to suit different coffee makers and offer precise dosage options allowing you to brew anything from a classic French Press to an authentic Turkish coffee. Whether you’re looking to make the perfect cold brew or a shot of espresso that reveals the full aroma of the beans, we can recommend a coffee grinder for any job. To find the right coffee grinder for your requirements feel free to give us a ring at 0800 955 2129 and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Mahlkonig Home Vario Coffee Grinder

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