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Vending Machines To Buy, Lease & Rent

A vending machine can bring many benefits to your workplace. Improve morale, increase productivity and bring in an extra source of income for your office with a workplace vending machine.

There a wide range of different machines on the market. You can choose to offer your staff or clients anything from your standard chocolate bars, crisps and cold drinks to hot drinks, fresh sandwiches and healthy snack options. Your staff are sure to be pleased with the wide choice of offerings. Vending machines offer the convenience of not having to nip down to shops whenever they have a craving for something sweet or a cold drink.

Here at Bibium, we are on hand to help you choose the best vending machine for your workplace. We will also help you find a great supplier and most suitable revenue model for your business.

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Necta Melodia Snack Vending Machine


Necta Jazz Snack and Drink Vending Machine


Necta Tango Snack and Confectionery Vending Machine


Necta Samba Snack and Drinks Machine


Necta Canto Hot and Cold Drinks Machine

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Necta Canto Touch Drinks Machine


Coffetek Neo Coffee Vending Machine


Coffetek Step Hot Drinks Vending Machine


Necta Opera Hot Drinks Machine


Crane Voce Media Hot Drinks Vending Machine

Crane Icon Hot Drinks Coffee Vending Machine

Crane Merchant Media Snack and Drink Vending Machine