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 Astoria Sabrina 3 group espresso machine front view chrome model
Astoria Sabrina
Astoria Sabrina alt-1

Astoria Sabrina

Americano icon Americano
Espresso icon Espresso
Hot Water icon Hot Water
400Cups per day
Machine Type:Espresso
Environment:Cafe, Coffee Shop, Pub, Restaurant
Product groups:2, 3, 4
Warranty: 12 months warranty
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£39.28 a week
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Astoria Sabrina
Commercial Machine | Espresso

A reflection of 1960’s vintage style, the Astoria Sabrina has an eye-catching design that embraces elegance and personality. With smooth lines and flashes of light from subtle light features. Marrying unique style with professionalism, the Astoria Sabrina boasts attractive chromed group covers for a unique finish.

This electronic espresso machine is available in two versions: the SAE without a display screen and the SAE TS which does feature the display. The SAE version features volumetric dosage with each group able to support up to 6 different programmable doses. The SAE TS version also has volumetric dosing with 6 programmable settings but with the addition of a colour touchscreen display.

The touchscreen display is designed to be intuitive for a clear icon menu and immediate browsing. All the machine parameters can be easily adjusted through this interface to achieve the best extraction. A flowchart provides real time information about the infusion throughout the extraction for accurate results. Usage statistics can also be viewed through this display.

Both versions of this espresso machine feature backlit 6-dose control buttons, an additional manual switch for semi-automatic brewing, automatic water refill (A.W.R), and warming light for water level check. These coffee machines also support an automatic hot water tap and an electronic cup warmer as standard.

There are numerous optional extra to choose from in order to customise your espresso machine to meet your individual needs. These include raised groups, built-in motor pump, counting systems, and a serial interface for external connection. The steam system can also be upgraded to include a cappuccino maker, ‘Cool touch’ wands or a 2-selection autosteamer (only on the SAE TS).

With its high quality finish and striking appearance, this espresso machine is sure to be the heart of any coffee bar. With many advanced features as standard, this coffee machine is built to be the ultimate barista tool.

  • BrandAstoria
  • Weight181
  • Height582mm
  • Depth582mm
  • Width1070mm
  • Cups per day400
  • Machine TypeEspresso
  • Drink options
    • Americano
    • Espresso
    • Hot Water

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User Reviews


Date: 16 April 2018

Environment: Cafe

Role: Barista

Reliability 4
Value 5
Speed 5
Ease of use 4
Great for cafes

A great coffee machine that makes life more easier in our cafe. Recommend for cafes!


Date: 15 April 2018

Environment: Office

Role: Manager (of a venue of office)

Reliability 3
Value 3
Speed 3
Ease of use 3
Astoria Sabrina

We've had no problems so far with our Sabrina but haven't used it that much. Seems to make drinks fine and is easy enough to use.

Mitch S

Date: 20 April 2018

Environment: Cafe

Role: Barista

Reliability 5
Value 5
Speed 5
Ease of use 3
Runs out hot water, prefer pull downs dials

Makes a great cuppa, but the water dispenser breaks down a lot which can be an issue when serving at busy hours.