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Baobab Honduras – Montecillos

Orange, Apricot, Plum, Dark Sugar, Tangerine


Baobab's Montecillos roast is sourced from Marcala, Honduras. A smooth coffee with floral notes in the dry smell, orange acidity and round body, this coffee has a pleasant aroma of apricot, plum and orange. Dark sugar and tangerine on the residual taste. Certified Organic. Speciality Q Grade score: 86.

Grind Options:Freshly Ground, Whole Bean
Roast Type:Medium
Coffee Strength4
Origin Specifiction:Single

At A Glance

The Montecillos, sourced from Honduras is a smooth coffee with a round body, it has an aroma of apricot, plum and orange. Dark sugar and tangerine on the residual taste. Certified Organic. Speciality Q Grade score: 86.
Baobab Honduras - Montecillos is grown in Honduras

About the grower

It is the second year we work with the COMSA organization, located in the region of Montecillos. This organization produces certified "Marcala" coffees, which own a Denomination of Origin (4th of Latin America and 1st of Central America) since 2005. Marcala is a town located in La Paz County, in the south-west of Honduras. The certified coffee must be produced at more than 1100m of altitude, on 19 referenced towns, and obtain more than 80 points. A few years ago, Marcala used to own a big cooperative that gathered many small producers which, after its breaking, left all the members without mill. This is why about sixty producers decided to get together to form the private society COMSA (Café Orgánico Marcala). Today, it is more than 700 producers constituting this society with a cooperation spirit, in which all employees are producers. They all follow cupping and biological agriculture classes. In addition, the cooperative subsidizes the community children's education. Besides producing organic coffees, they really highlight the organic agriculture model and the consumption of organic food. There is even a market of organic products each week in Marcala. Maria Dolorez Zealaya works with her whole family on the coffee production since more than 25 years, with an organic mode of production. Coffee producers for more than 3 generations, the Zelaya family cultivates 4 hectares of coffee bushes in Musula, in the region of Marcala (La Paz County). The family, besides coffee, owns horticultural productions, flowers, but also some fowls. The coffees are processed on site and sun-dried on cemented areas. Maria Dolorez, her husband and their 5 children work together. In order to economically help her family, she decided a few years ago to specialize herself in all the areas that would help her feed her family. Therefore she started training classes with COMSA, the cooperative locally implemented and processing organic coffees.

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