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 Bravilor Bonamat Bolero Turbo instant coffee machine front view

Bravilor Bonamat Bolero Turbo Hot Chocolate & Coffee Machine

Machine Type:Instant
Environment:Conference, Education, Healthcare, Hotel, Leisure, Retail
Warranty: 12 months warranty
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Get your Bravilor Bonamat Coffee Machines For Lease & Purchase commercial coffee machine from Bibium today.

Bravilor Bonamat Bolero Turbo Hot Chocolate & Coffee Machine
Commercial Machine | Instant

Available with either 2 or 4 spacious ingredient canisters, the Bolero Turbo instant hot drink machine is the very best that the Bravilor Bonamat Bolero range has to offer. Designed for busy environments where demand for coffee and other hot drinks is high, the Bolero Turbo has been built with numerous features to help keep it running at optimum efficiency throughout the day. Two such feature are the machine’s A+ energy efficiency rating and energy saving mode, both of which ensure the machine’s basic running cost is kept to a very bare minimum.

While its eco-friendly features are one of this Bravilor Bonamat machine’s key characteristics, the Bolero Turbo is nothing is fast (as its name suggest). Capable of filling two decanters of coffee or hot chocolate at the same time before you know it, the 230V version of this instant hot drink machine can pour upto 350 cups an hour, while the 400V version can prepare an amazing 960 cups an hour! Either way, both versions come with built-in day and cumulative counters so that owners may keep a close eye on their machine’s daily and total output.

While it’s certainly quick at brewing drinks, the Turbo’s name is not due solely to the speed at which it dispenses drinks. The layout of the drink menu and the LED-lit display screen makes selecting a beverage quick and easy, and there are four buttons that can be used to choose how much you want the machine to prepare and pour. In short, every aspect of the Bravilor Bonamat Bolero Turbo has been streamlined to ensure its efficiency.

Like other machines in the Bravilor Bonamat Bolero range, the Bolero Turbo is made with Bravilor’s patented hot water system to reduce its susceptibility to limescale build up. The machine also comes with a descaling signal, rinsing program, and a rinsing function, and together these features can be used to make sure the machine is kept in the best possible working order.

  • BrandBravilor Bonamat Coffee Machines For Lease & Purchase
  • Weight
  • Heightmm
  • Depthmm
  • Widthmm
  • Cups per day
  • Machine TypeInstant
  • Drink options

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