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 Bravilor Bonamat FreshGround XL bean to cup coffee machine front view black and silver model

Bravilor FreshGround XL

Machine Type:Bean to Cup
Environment:Cafe, Education, Healthcare, Hotel, Large Office, Leisure, Restaurant, Retail
Warranty: 12 months warranty
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Get your Bravilor Bonamat Coffee Machines For Lease & Purchase commercial coffee machine from Bibium today.

Bravilor FreshGround XL
Commercial Machine | Bean to Cup

Built with 5 ingredient canisters, the Bravilor Bonamat FreshGround XL is a high-performance hot drinks solution that offers users a variety of different coffees and chocolate drinks. Like the Bravilor Bonamat FreshGround and FreshOne G, the FreshGround XL comes with a built-in coffee grinder that allows it to prepare coffee to order. This guarantees that the coffees served by it are always as fresh and flavourful as they can possibly be. The machine’s coffee bean canister has a capacity of 2.8kg, while the four instant ingredient canisters can hold up to 1.3L each.

While the Bravilor Bonamat FreshGround XL does use coffee beans like a bean to cup coffee machine would, it also makes use of filter paper as filter coffee machines do. Essentially a ‘bean to cup filter coffee machine’, the FreshGround XL is a rare creature indeed and manages to combine the best of both in order to create superior quality coffee. Capable of preparing between 140 and 240 drinks an hour depending on the ingredients that are used, this machine must be plumbed directly into the mains supply so that it always has access to a sufficient amount of water.

Bravilor Bonamat are serious when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility, which is why they build their machines to be as energy efficient as possible. The Bravilor FreshGround XL filter coffee machine is no exception to this and has been awarded an A-rated energy efficiency certificate. This makes it ideal for commercial use, as not only does it offer a wide selection of beverages in order to suit any and all tastes, the machine is also able to keep its running costs as low as possible.

Like other Bravilor Bonamat FreshBrew machines, the FreshGround XL is available with a number of optional features. These include a payment system that allows the machine to charge for drinks before serving them, a selection of cabinets for the FreshGround XL to stand on, a cold water tap, and customised branding. Please note that models with the cold water tap will not be able to offer moccachinos. If you’re interested in the Bravilor Bonamat FreshGround XL Filter Coffee machine and would like to find out more, please submit an enquiry or contact a Bibium representative.

  • BrandBravilor Bonamat Coffee Machines For Lease & Purchase
  • Weight
  • Heightmm
  • Depthmm
  • Widthmm
  • Cups per day
  • Machine TypeBean to Cup
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