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 Bestmax 2XL water filter

BWT Bestmax 2XL Water Filter

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Item Type:Water Filter
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The Bestmax is an all-round filtration solution developed to meet the needs of the wide range of requirements of the food industry. Simple yet practical, this solution provides excellent water quality for coffee machines in order to produce a full coffee taste.

New High Efficiency Technology (HET) delivers consistently high quality water and the highest efficiency and safety in water optimisation. A 5 stage filtration process ensures a odourless, clear water without any unpleasant tastes every time. The BWT Bestmax also features a highly efficient hard water treatment for limescale prevention, a filter for the bypass water, connection technology for all filter types and sizes, and automatic shut-off valve when changing filters.
These filters are easy to use with each filter size using the same head, easy installation and the ability to be used horizontally or vertically. This filters are compact as HET allows for the highest capacities in the smallest of spaces.

The 2XL water filter has the highest capacity of the Bestmax range. As general rule, based on a usage period of a year, a Bestmax 2XL would suit a machine with steam in South West England or Scotland (soft water area, estimated hardness <7) with an estimated capacity 16,200 litres a year or more. Or a machine with steam in South East/East of England (hard/ very hard water area, estimated temporary hardness of 13) the estimated capacity is around 8,100 litres.
Machines with no steam:

Temporary hardness Capacity

≤ 7 (slightly hard to soft) ≥ 20,570 litres of water

13 11,075 litres of water

25 (extremely hard) 5160 litres of water

Machines with steam:

Temporary hardness Capacity

≤ 7 (slightly hard to soft) ≥ 17,140 litres of water

13 8275 litres of water

25 (extremely hard) 3640 litres of water

However, please note, temporary hardness cannot be accurately determined without a site test. We would also recommend getting an aquameter to track water uses, this is often underestimated by machine users.

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