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 BWT Bestmax large water filter

BWT Bestmax Large Water Filter

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The production of an excellent coffee relies on the quality of the water used. The BWT Bestmax water filter series offers a practical solution to a filtration systems that provides excellent water quality that meets the requirements of the coffee industry to produce full flavoured coffees.

Highly efficient and safe water optimisation is achieved through the use of HET, High Efficiency Technology, that implements a 5 stage filtration system as well as a bypass water filtration process. The result is crystal clear water free of any unwanted odour or tastes for outstanding coffee quality. The Bestmax range helps to maintain the efficiency of your coffee machine by treating hard water and tackling limescale build ups to ensure your machine continues to perform at its best.

Bestmax water filters are designed to be user friendly to make installing and changing them as simple as possible. Features such as universal filter heads, automatic shut-off valves and the ability to be installed either vertically or horizontally all make these filters easy to use.

The Bestmax Large has a reasonably high capacity making it useful for medium to high volume environments with a maximum capacity of 8910 litres on a machine with no steam in a soft water area such as the South West, Scotland and North West England. In hard water areas such as the South East, Newcastle area and East of England users could except a lower capacity with this filter.

Machines with no steam:

Temporary hardness Capacity

≤ 7 (slightly hard to soft) ≥ 8910 litres of water

13 4800 litres of water

≥ 25 (extremely hard) ≥ 2235 litres of water

Machines with steam:

Temporary hardness Capacity

≤ 7 (slightly hard to soft) ≥ 7425 litres of water

13 3585 litres of water

≥ 25 (extremely hard) ≥ 1575 litres of water

However, these are just estimates and exact figures could not be known without a site test. For more advice please feel free to contact us.

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