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 bestmax soft XL water filter

BWT Bestmax Soft XL Water Filter

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The BWT Bestmax SOFT XL is designed to filter perfect water to produce aromatic espressos in particularly soft water areas with low carbonate hardness. Providing effective odour and taste filtration, pH maintenance and limescale optimisation, this filter produces a perfect balance water for coffee and help protect your machine against limescale build up.

A five stage filtration system and High Efficiency Technology (HET) guarantees crystal clear water free from unwanted odours and taste through the use of an active carbon membrane. Particle retention is maintained through a fine filter. Bypass water is also filtered through the active carbon membrane. Limescale protection and the retention of the vital mineral content ensure that a full flavoured coffee is produced whilst ensuring the ongoing maintenance of the machine.

Like with all WMT Bestmax filters, the Bestmax SOFT features a universal filter head and a stop valve that makes changing filters easy. This also makes changing to a Bestmax SOFT an low cost option for those who are in soft water areas and wish to get the most from their machine.

As this machine is intended to be used in soft water areas this machine has a high capacity of up to 20,400 litres in a machine with no steam system in an area with a temporary hardness of 4ºdKH. Equally, on a machine that does feature a steam function the Bestmax SOFT offers a maximum capacity of 17,000 litres in the same water hardness.
Machines with no steam:

Temporary hardness Capacity

4 (Soft) 20,400 litres of water

10 8160 litres of water

≥ 25 (extremely hard) ≥ 2925 litres of water

Machines with steam:

Temporary hardness Capacity

4 (soft) 17,000 litres of water

10 6800 litres of water

≥ 25 (extremely hard) ≥ 2060 litres of water

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