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 Bestmax XL water filter

BWT Bestmax XL Water Filter

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Using High Efficiency Technology (HET), the BWT Bestmax XL water filter is an all round filtration solution designed to provide the excellent water quality needed to produce an aromatic coffee. This simple yet practical solution meets the demanding requirements of the catering industry.

Delivering reliably high efficiency and safety in water optimisation, HET implements a 5 stage filtration process and a bypass water filtration that removed odours and unpleasant tastes to produce crystal clear water perfect for all coffee creations. Protect your machine from limescale with consistently efficient hard water treatment, keeping your machine performing at its best.

With ease of use in mind, each filter size fits the same universal head, offers simple installation, automation shut-off when changing filters and can be installed either horizontally or vertically to fit any space. HET means that these filters provide high capacity in a continently small model.
The Bestmax XL has a large capacity of up to 11,655 litres depending on machine type and water hardness. Soft water areas such as the South West, Scotland and North West England can expect a higher capacity. Hard water areas in the South East, East of England and Newcastle Areas will experience a lower capacity. Higher volume sites will be required to change the filter more often or use a larger filter size.

Machines with no steam:

Temporary hardness Capacity

≤ 7 (slightly hard to soft) ≥ 11,655 litres of water

13 6275 litres of water

≥ 25 (extremely hard) ≥ 2925 litres of water

Machines with steam:

Temporary hardness Capacity

≤ 7 (slightly hard to soft) ≥ 9,710 litres of water

13 4690 litres of water

≥ 25 (extremely hard) ≥ 2060 litres of water

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