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 Coffee Queen Cafelino Duo commercial coffee machine front view black model with coloured design panel

Coffee Queen Cafelino Duo Automatic Instant Vending Machine

Coffee Queen
Machine Type:Instant
Environment:Conference, Education, Healthcare, Hotel, Leisure, Retail
Warranty: 12 months warranty
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Coffee Queen Cafelino Duo Automatic Instant Vending Machine
Commercial Machine | Instant

An automatic instant coffee vending machine renowned for its speed and quality, the Coffee Queen Cafelino duo comes with two ingredient canisters and offers up to 4 drink options. The machine’s ingredient canisters can be filled with any instant ingredient, though typically one is used for instant coffee and the other for chocolate powder. Filling them in this way allows the machine to not only offer coffee but hot chocolate too! The machine can also be programmed to use the hot chocolate powder as a topping, making it ideal for cappuccinos.

This Coffee Queen vending machine is built with efficiency in mind, making it perfect for busy workplaces and customer-facing environments alike. The Cafelino Duo is incredibly quick, with just 10 seconds between the moment a drink option is chosen and the beverage being ready to serve. The drink options are also clearly lit and labeled on the machine’s front panel, so there ought to be no confusion when it comes to the drink selection process. Lastly, by offering a maximum of only four hot drinks, the Coffee Queen Cafelino Duo should make it easy for even the most indecisive shopper to pick what they want with very little fuss.

Capable of preparing between 150 and 200 cups of coffee or hot chocolate an hour, this mains-fed Coffee Queen vending machine has an automatic water filling system so that users will never have to worry about having to clean or refill water tanks. In fact, the only thing users will have to think about is keeping the ingredient canisters full and making sure the machine’s mixing system is clean. Fortunately, the Cafelino Duo comes with a convenient cleaning button on the inside panel that will tap the valves and then rinse the mixer and mixer bowl once pressed. Sadly, there is not a button to press that will clean the exterior of the machine, but all you need to do so is a soft cloth and a non-abrasive liquid soap.

  • BrandCoffee Queen
  • Weight
  • Heightmm
  • Depthmm
  • Widthmm
  • Cups per day
  • Machine TypeInstant
  • Drink options

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