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 Coffetek Neo commercial bean to cup coffee machine left side view black model

Coffetek Neo Automatic Coffee Vending Machine

Machine Type:Instant
Environment:Conference, Education, Healthcare, Hotel, Leisure, Retail
Warranty: 12 months warranty
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Coffetek Neo Automatic Coffee Vending Machine
Commercial Machine | Instant

A stylish coffee vending machine with a sleek exterior, the Coffetek Neo is ideal for public-facing environments with a modern style of decor. Complete with a glossy ebony smoked glass front panel and a customisable wallpaper graphics system, you could be forgiven for thinking that this coffee vending machine is all about looks, but you’d be wrong. As a matter of fact, the Coffetek Neo has been designed to capture the ambiance of a high street coffee shop and bring the quality and variety associated with them along with it.

Built to be as convenient as it is stylish, the Coffetek Neo Vending Machine delivers a streamlined process from start to finish. The drinks menu is displayed on a LED-backlit touchscreen, which presents the available selection to customers clearly and allows them to personalise their beverage to best suit their taste. These options don’t only include the usual ones that you’d expect, such as whether or not to include milk or sugar, as customers are also given the opportunity to determine the strength and size of their drink.

As a modern coffee vending machine, the Coffetek Neo has been designed to accept payment in numerous ways, including by cash or card. Once a drink has been chosen and paid for, all a customer needs to do is place their cup under the pourer, or pick one from the machine’s cup dispensary. The Coffetek Neo’s I-Detect system will then engage and actively ensure that drinks are prepared and poured properly each and every time. As an additional option, the Coffetek Neo’s spacious serving area can be fitted with LED lighting that will change colour to let customers know that their drink has finished being served.

While Coffetek has undoubtedly built the Neo coffee vending machine with the needs of any possible customer in mind, they have not forgotten to consider the needs of the machines’ owners. The Coffetek Neo has been developed using the most advanced energy-saving technology available and was the first independently tested coffee machine to meet the EVA-EMP standards; using just 86 WH per litre consumption. This feature alone will help to minimise the machine’s ongoing running costs.

  • BrandCoffetek
  • Weight
  • Heightmm
  • Depthmm
  • Widthmm
  • Cups per day
  • Machine TypeInstant
  • Drink options

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