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 Expobar Diamant 2 group espresso machine side view white model

Expobar Diamant

Americano icon Americano
Espresso icon Espresso
Hot Water icon Hot Water
Machine Type:Espresso
Environment:Cafe, Coffee Shop, Restaurant
Water Supply:Plumbed
Touch Screen:Yes
Warranty: 12 months warranty
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Expobar Diamant
Commercial Machine | Espresso

The Expobar Diamant is adequately named as its superior quality, just like that of a diamond, is something to marvel at. The product of a handful of Expobar’s hand-picked employees, the Diamant was born from a brief which told them to design the best machine imaginable. With many innovative features and top-quality finishing touches, this machine stands above the others.

With a large steam boiler and individual boilers for each group, this espresso machine is equipped for high performance levels. The advanced PID-sensor system accurately brews at a precise temperature for a consistent coffee quality. By being able to adjust the temperature for each group, you are able to have more flexibility when it comes to brewing your coffee. Each brew group also features a pre-infusion chamber which ensures that each espresso is brewed with the optimal extraction.

The Expobar Diamant boasts a sophisticated control panel which has many capabilities. Able to control many standard features such as the date and time, daily machine auto On/Off settings, and boiler low water warning light, it also controls many other elements of the machine. For example, the two automatic hot water taps, temperature control via PID technology, and brew time and grind setting adjustments can all be operated through the advanced control panel.

Optional extras on this machines allow you to adapt your machine to meet the demands of your business. These include, a Take Away design which has taller groups to accommodate takeaway cups. An Cappuccinatore device which makes creating the perfect milk foam easy. Teflon coated inner filter handles and steam arm with makes cleaning easy. There is also the option for a capsule system with Auto-eject capsule group.

What is most striking about this machine is this exceptional finish. The aluminium frame is embellished with a pearl finish and stainless steel detailing. What is really special about this espresso machine is that is can be order in custom colours and custom designs. By being able to customise your machine with bright unique designed you are able to add value to your business by reflecting your brand and attracting customers. This espresso machine truly stands out for its superior quality and aesthetics.

  • BrandExpobar
  • Weight96
  • Height600mm
  • Depth620mm
  • Width1080mm
  • Cups per day
  • Machine TypeEspresso
  • Drink options
    • Americano
    • Espresso
    • Hot Water

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User Reviews


Date: 09 April 2018

Environment: Cafe

Role: Barista

Reliability 5
Value 5
Speed 5
Ease of use 4
Expobar... just brilliant

The expobar is a great bit of kit for anybody/company who will be making a lot of coffee throughout the day. simple to use. simple to clean and easier than you may think to repair if it ever does break (usually a wire or a split pipe as it's a very sterdy machine)

Beatrice C

Date: 05 September 2018

Environment: Cafe

Role: Barista

Reliability 5
Value 5
Speed 5
Ease of use 5
Good performance

The Expobar Diamant is not a bad coffee machine. Strong features and good quality coffee for customers.

Khalid M

Date: 05 September 2018

Environment: Cafe

Role: Barista

Reliability 5
Value 5
Speed 5
Ease of use 5
Great coffee machine

Expobar is a great machine. The three steam arms are a nice feature that helps make more coffee at busy times. We can cope with getting busier with this machine.