Franke A400 4/5 (1)

Franke A400 bean to cup coffee machine with payment mechanism black model front view
  • Warranty: 12 months warranty
  • Installation: Free Installation
  • Purchase Options: Buy, Lease

Lease From: £44.00 a week

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It’s a very easy machine to use.

Franke A800 is a very good machine. Very easy and fast to use. Also easy to clean.


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The Franke A400 brings the premium technology of its professional to a wider audience with this new class of bean to cup coffee machines to allow every business premises to enjoy the finest coffee. Offering the latest technology in the A series of professional coffee machines, the A400 boasts versatility and flexibility, making it a secure long-term investment for any business.

Easy operation allows everybody to make the most of the exceptional technology featured on the A400 through an interactive touchscreen that uses images and symbols to easily guide customers through the process to create their perfect coffee moment. The intuitive user interface provides a seamless interaction to deliver exactly what the customer wants. The large 8-inch touchscreen display offers a simple and efficient operation. The menu selection offers a range of beverage varieties that can be easily customised to meet the customer’s requirements. Each menu item can be personalised with your own imagery. Capable under high demands, the A400 can create large orders one after the other in some simple step making it useful for serving large groups by minimising the workload of the service personnel. The screen can also be adapted to show advertising messages and branding, making it a useful marketing tool.

By optimising the extracting process, the A400 produce exceptional cups of coffee with excellent taste and aroma. The state of the art system features an ergonomically designed bean hopper, ceramic grinders, precision grinding discs and a choice of brewing units the meet the individual needs of each business. The robust, hardwearing part guarantee a long service life and continued high quality coffee production.

Outstanding mil foam is an essential aspect of a perfect coffee. The Franke FoamMaster™ edition delivers exceptional milk foam every time to give the best finish to any coffee speciality. The milk foam can be adjusted for different consistencies and textures to meet personal preferences. The ability to serve a range milk based beverages is sure to please your customers and give them a true barista style drink. Available in either a 5 or 12 litre version, the Franke A400 can serve all business sizes and can also be fitted with a refrigerator to give you even more flexibility.

CleanMaster is a fully automatic cleaning system that makes this bean to cup machine not only easy to use but also easy to maintain. Automatically executing the milk cleaning process when the cleaning sequence is started, the A400 ensures that the upmost hygiene standards are retained. Once the cleaning processes are complete, the machine will then enter standby mode. By reducing the effort required to keep a coffee machine clean, the A400 allows you to invest your time into more important tasks relating to your business.

This smart coffee machine can be easily adapted with a range of optional extras, such as payment systems, a second bean hopper and steam spout, to customise the machine to meet your every need. Due to is advanced technology, easy to use interface and adaptability, the Franke A400 is well suited to a range of environments from offices and shops, to hotel and restaurants.