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 jura Claris water filter pro blue

Jura Claris Blue tank filter (ENA Micro 1, F8 & F9)

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Item Type:Water Filter
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The Jura CLARIS Blue water tank filter is suitable for all types of mains water thanks to a pioneering formula. The modified granule filters limescale to the optimum levels and efficiently reduces the levels of all harmful substances whilst retaining all minerals and fluorides that are vital in developing the flavours of the coffee.

Great quality water provides the basis of a great coffee, the Jura CLARIS Blue tank filters only ever filters the required amount of water for each preparation, providing freshly filtered water for a freshly brewed coffee. By using a Blue tank filter the need for descaling is reduced, if not eliminating, making maintaining your machine much easier as well as extending the machine’s life and retaining its value. A build up of limescale will negative impact your machine and effect the quality of the coffee produced by leaving an unpleasant aftertaste and compromising the development of coffee aroma.

The Jura CLARIS Blue tanks filter is suitable for the following Jura machines:

Giga series (Giga 5)
Impressa F-series (F7, F50 New Generation)
Impressa  C-series (C50, C55, C9/90 New Generation)
Impressa J-series (J7, J9.2, J9.3, J9.4, J90, J95, J500)
Impressa Z-series (Z7, Z9)
ENA-series (Ena 5, Ena 7, Ena 9 One Touch)
ENA micro-series ( Ena micro 1, 5, 9)

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